Voting Power – Super Power..!!

So, finally it's the time to blog for Phase 3 of #CrashThePepsi IPL activity. Should I be saying the long waited moment has finally come? Oh Yes, Abhi! Yes, this is the moment. Oc course I did wait for the phases of this activity as it is fun to watch the videos made by such talented … Continue reading Voting Power – Super Power..!!

#CrashThePepsi IPL Phase 3

This activity, #CrashThePepsi IPL has been real fun all this while. Honestly, it was an amazing experience viewing the varied ad's and being able to understand the viewpoints and perspectives of some random strangers as to what Pepsi means to them or rather put it as what is their theory or philosophy about Pepsi. Ranging … Continue reading #CrashThePepsi IPL Phase 3

Ad’s with social messages

I am participating in #CrashThePepsiIPL and this write-up is a part of Phase-2 of this activity. Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda. I don't own any credits to be commenting or judging the creativity and innovative thinking of anyone, nor am I doing so. As a part of the … Continue reading Ad’s with social messages

11 Ad’s that turn you Mad.

1. Burrrp  - A great idea for all the male cricket fans (boyfriends/husbands for that matter)  who aren't allowed to watch matches by their female counterparts as they have some silly (from a male perspective, though I do not watch, still) daily soap of theirs lined up. I mean like, wow, does this really work? … Continue reading 11 Ad’s that turn you Mad.