G says “Girl VS Boy”

In response to A-Z April Challenge Girls, truly angels in human form but then why aren't they valued? Forget about the value, they are treated worse than one would treat even an animal. Doesn't she even a right to take birth? How can a mother, who herself was once a girl treat another girl that … Continue reading G says “Girl VS Boy”

It’s MEE… :)

Some things about me-1. A Girl - describes it all. 2. Self - Esteem 3. Individualistic 4. Crazy & Fun - Loving 5. Independent 6. Perfectly Imperfect7. Empathetic 8. Princess..Every girl is..!! THINGS I LOVE TO DO - To list a few out of a veryyyyy Looooong List...!!!1. MUSIC AND WRITING - It's heavenly.2. Dancing in the Rain. Coz I believe -3. Spending Time … Continue reading It’s MEE… 🙂

Let her be Free..!!

  A girl doesn't always need a male figure to help, guide, support, protect, or safeguard her. Be it a father, brother, husband, friend or boyfriend..they need to understand she can lead her life INDEPENDENTLY. Let her be FREE...Let her be SHE..Let her LIVE..!!P.S. Thoughts are mine but for the images that support them "thanks … Continue reading Let her be Free..!!