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Care taken,

Concern shown,

Time lent,

Money spent,

Moments shared,

Memories created,

Attachment built,

Hearts lit,

Love expressed,

Nothing reciprocated.

One-way giving,

shattered living.



Pace Oddity

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Daily Prompt, Poetry.. :)
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Daily Prompt – If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

The day you arrived.

The way we were surprised.

The moments that we lived.

The memories that we created.

The hours that you lent.

The time that we spent.

I so wished,

that time there stopped.

The moments freezed,

and we paused.

Your preparations to wish me,

It wasn’t just a wish, you actually made the day ‘happy’.

The way my hand you hold,

That ride & the breeze so cold.

The way the surprised unfold.

The songs one after the other it rolled.

I so wished,

that time there stopped.

The moments freezed,

and we paused.

The audio of all the loved ones,

The brand new and all set cell phone.

The sketches that you drew,

The plans of you & your crew.

Those small, yet invaluable gestures,

for me are no less than any treasure.

I so wished,

that time there stopped.

The moments freezed,

and we paused.

You’re right,

“Actions speak louder than words”.

But, the way you write,

it proves, “Pen is mightier than sword.”






There was a time when my Mornings were fine,

Evenings were bright and Nights did shine.

Someone kept inquiring about my wine and dine,

Someone was so concerned whether or not I am fine..??

From frequent chit chats to long talking hours,

where splendid things we discussed,

& small disagreements & arguments  we had.

Ample of background music , 

but it could never distract.

Be it the horns of the cars,

or the policeman at the traffic signals.

Be it the enormous call waiting’s,

or some nearby friend’s yelling.

Be it  some kid’s laughter or cry,

or some friends naughty winks or wry.

Everything was so much in flow…

Nothing…Never so Dry.

Equations have changed, things seem clumsy,

Everything has turned upside down, tupsy turvy.

No Chit Chat…No more sound…!!!

Silence is what is all around…!!!

Barring your words that echo and haunt my mind,

Barring your memories that play with continuous rewind.

No more horns or signals,

No more callings or yelling’s,

No more winks or cries,

No more Hello or Hie’s…!!

All  I heard was the Unsaid ‘GoodBye’.

Nobody to take care of and to take care.

Nobody who could let me share.

Nobody who pours out his sorrows on my ears.

Nobody to listen to what I am saying.

Nobody to seek my well being.

Nobody to fight with or fight for.

Am I thinking too deep & being overly mature..??

or is it normal because this is how I find my cure..??

Unspoken Words…Unsaid things…Unexpressed Feelings.

But, some understood Emotions…!!!

This is how Silence works.

It really speaks louder than words.

Just understand what Silence has to spread, 

For that “Silence has be Heard”