Ad’s with social messages

I am participating in #CrashThePepsiIPL and this write-up is a part of Phase-2 of this activity. Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda.

I don’t own any credits to be commenting or judging the creativity and innovative thinking of anyone, nor am I doing so. As a part of the activity, I have just written what came to me after watching the ad’s with no intentions to hurt the sentiments of such creative minds. Thanks to all for spreading and sharing laughter and adding that special element of a social message in your ad’s. Here are some of the ad’s that I could connect with a social improvement or social upliftment message or they all had one thing in common i.e. something to learn. I am glad and happy haven seen these.

1. Rajma vs Upma – Unaware of the intentions and the thought process of the makers of the ad, what I interpreted is a simple yet awesome depiction of a deep message of ‘Unity in Diversity’. From North to South, From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is One. We are One.

2. Romantic Messages – Every Pepsi has it’s story, whats’s yours? – Indeed, a wonderful caption. And, yes of course for those in love, any object, place or thing might be converted into an instrument of romance, anything and everything could be given a romantic angle, then why not a pepsi bottle?

3. Thirst of the Nation – A wonderfully edited and synchronised video ad depicting the union of all the IPL teams and the country as  a whole. Despite the differences, we stand united.

4. Dishes related to teams – India being a diverse country, having rich variety of food and beverages, all significantly relating to different cultures and backgrounds in different regions. It has been nicely linked to the IPL teams that represent different regions like Dal Baati Churma, Rajasthan’s traditional dish with Rajasthan Royals, South Indian with Chennai Super Kings, Aaloo Parntha with Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Chaat for Delhi Daredevils, etc. and finally all end up having Pepsi in common.

5. We Unite nations – Despite belonging to not just different teams, cultures and backgrounds but also from different countries, they all play together. Seeing the players from different countries playing together not against each other is probably the best part of IPL, depicting the true spirit of sportsmanship. I particularly like this aspect along with the short duration that makes the matches interesting.

6. Girl’s Match – This ad in particular promotes not just Pepsi but also ‘Women’s Cricket’, if seen from my perspective, signifying that girls are no less able and powerful than their male counterparts. They should rightfully be given equal status, of course on merit basis but at least should be treated equally at par with boys. Pepsi doesn’t discriminate them, why do we?

7. Pepsi – Lesson of the Day – ‘Verbose – using more words than needed (matlab faltu ki bakwas)’.

I liked the caption more than the ad and as it correctly depicts, just come directly to the point and keep it simple, silly, short and sweet. These 4S’s if adopted in life, can make our lives much simpler and better with lesser tensions and automatically more happiness. Indeed, ‘a lesson of the day’.

8. Buddies – (BFF – Best Friends Forever) A very lively and realistic presentation of the beautiful relation called ‘friendship’. Friends might have some level of formality between them but with buddies, it just god this way, isn’t it? It just brought some memories from my heart to my mind and I realised that are as fresh as ever.

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