#CrashThePepsi IPL Phase 3

This activity, #CrashThePepsi IPL has been real fun all this while. Honestly, it was an amazing experience viewing the varied ad’s and being able to understand the viewpoints and perspectives of some random strangers as to what Pepsi means to them or rather put it as what is their theory or philosophy about Pepsi. Ranging from some romantic to comic, some thrill and excitement oriented to those dealing with boredom, some having deep meanings and some with some social messages, some with a memory attached to it and some claim that there isn’t any other reason to consume Pepsi, rather than Pepsi itself.  All the ad’s had some or the other sentiment attached to it. With due respect to those feelings and the efforts put in by all the ad-makers, below I am listing the two of my favourites. There were many ad’s that I really liked and appreciated but these two could somehow establish that connection –

1. ‘Pyar tujhse karta hu, par Pepsi pe marta hu’ – This phrase means “Yes, I love you, I live for you but I die for Pepsi”

The advertisement is a perfect amalgam of love, romance and nok-jhok (teasing each other), trust and inter – dependence required in any relationship to be ever – lasting. The smiles on the face of the old couple truly depicts that their journey together has been worthwhile. The secret to a happy and successful relationship is to find your own happiness in the other’s smile and this is clearly evident from this ad. The caption in itself is so wonderful and appealing, probably any couple mad in love would be able to relate to this.

2. Pepsi – Lesson of the Day – ‘Verbose – using more words than needed (matlab faltu ki bakwas)’.

I liked the caption more than the ad and as the message it has to convey is to directly come to the point and keep it simple, silly, short and sweet. The adaptation of these 4S’s in our life, can make our lives much simpler and better with lesser tensions and automatically more happiness. Indeed, ‘a lesson of the day’. The message conveyed is to cut short the talks and covey your message as briefly as possible. This ad lives up to the well known saying (Proverb), “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”. It is indeed an art to be able to express your feelings completely and making the other person understand the same with the least usage of words. Following the same, I think I should sum it up and I hope my message stands conveyed to my readers.

P.S.  – “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

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