11 Ad’s that turn you Mad.

1. Burrrp  – A great idea for all the male cricket fans (boyfriends/husbands for that matter)  who aren’t allowed to watch matches by their female counterparts as they have some silly (from a male perspective, though I do not watch, still) daily soap of theirs lined up. I mean like, wow, does this really work?

2. Kuchh Bhi Ad – If going by the ad directly, it seriously is a “Kuch Bhi Ad” (Kuch bhi means the meaning of which is unclear). But, if I go by the spirit, they have taken it in the truest sense as their only motto seems to be having Pepsi.

3. Vampires – Blood v/s Pepsi – A very professional looking ad, editing and acting at it’s best among all the ad’s that I happen to see. Also, it has an amazing and different thought process, along with wonderful costumes..lolzz.

4. Mera Secret – The latest technique to hire an auto-rickshaw is shown in this ad. I mean, should I say to hire an auto or to impress your girl friend. Is auto-hiring so difficult by normal means and so convenient using a pepsi bottle. Before the pepsi, he needs to take money home to buy some food for him and his family. And, are girls so impressed by being able to hire an auto, really? No harsh feelings but truly imagination has no limits.

5. Bolti band (to put locks to ones mouth when he/she is speaking) – All boys should definitely take resort to this ad, especially if they have a chatter-box kind of a girlfriend. You won’t get a better idea to shut her mouth and save yourself the pain. I just couldn’t stop laughing.

6. Atithi Devo Bhav – In Indian customs and traditions, we consider ‘Guests as God’, that’s what ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ means So when some guests pay visit, it is customary to serve him with some good food and drinks as a part of hospitality.  The man in the ad had truly caught on the literal meaning of this saying. Yes, we serve them as it’s out tradition but with our favourites, we become a bit selfish..lolz. Honestly and frankly speaking, I just loved those set of glasses that he bought from the market to save that extra sip of Pepsi. What an idea, sirji?

7. Khushiyo k liye no logic – Truly said, there shouldn’t be any reason to be happy, that’s the secret to be happy always. And, this ad is so natural and realistic in all perspectives, in Indian society. It is a common scene in any household or friend’s circle watching cricket together. You might call it being superstitious but for cricket fans, this works.

8. Ofcourse it’s Pepsi – The usage of a cookery show’s idea to test the taste buds is really different and an amalgam of pepsi with the traditional masala’s and cooking style is innovative. Possibly, some cooking cum cricket fans must also have tried this. Am i planning to do so somewhere at the back of my mind, I don’t know? Probably, yes.

9. Ek cutting Pepsi – A refreshing and cost effective idea for big offices and corporates. Also, an innovative tag-line, ‘Ek cutting Pepsi’ instead of ‘Ek cutting Chaii’.

10. Pepsi-Deal – No wonder if the charm of Pepsi stays this way and increases at the speed it is increasing, a day would come when Pepsi would be smuggled.

11. Blind Date – Love is blind and a set of such blind dates is a perfect chance to grab your pepsi, isn’t it?

P.S. – I am participating in #CrashThePepsiIPL and this write-up is a part of Phase-2 of this activity.  Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos

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P.S. – I am not capable enough to judge the creativity and innovative thinking of anyone, nor am I doing so. As a part of the activity, I have just written what came to me after watching the ad’s with no intentions to hurt the sentiments of such creative minds. Thanks to all for spreading and sharing laughter in their own special ways.

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