An Amateur’s Maturity

He set forth on sail, carrying in hand his lover's mail. Dressed like it was a costume party, barbarian, looking like a rube, so quirky. As suspicious as a creature could be, Heartbroken and dejected was he. Having lost what he loved profusely, None to sympathize but laugh mockingly. Bewildered with the past, that worked like a … Continue reading An Amateur’s Maturity


Events - A series of events keep taking place simultaneously leading to what we call as destiny. The couple in love did their job and waves did their own. Both are in motion, both have some intentions, some prevail longer than the other. That's how its meant to be, isn't it? The undulating waves, made way … Continue reading Events

Unspoken yet Heard

In response to the Daily Post Prompt, Conversation Amused & Excited, to share the delight felt, his presence awaited. He arrived tensed, By her, it was sensed. She stood quieted. Concerned, she asked the reasons that troubled, leaving him perplexed. His frustration burst, weighing the situation' thrust. She did adjust. Silence took over. Though words left … Continue reading Unspoken yet Heard

Love for Food or Food for Love..!!

In response to the Daily Post Prompt - Temporary - something that i appreciate despite its short shelf life. Temporary Food, Permanent Love..!! I just couldn't think of something better in response to this prompt after having such delicious delicacy for dinner. Food is in the air and food is on my mind. P.S. - … Continue reading Love for Food or Food for Love..!!

What A Coincidence – 15 Prompts, 1 Post..!!

What a witty suggestion or say, a challenge by my better half to compose 1 post for these prompts.  So, here's it, I launch my post, "What A Coincidence - 15 Prompts, 1 Post..!!".  Narrating the tales of their glorious past, Trying to recreate a flavorful cast. Incidents that seemed too irrelevant, Stories that are … Continue reading What A Coincidence – 15 Prompts, 1 Post..!!