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She dreamt freedom,

She desired independence and liberty,

& a distinct identity.

She wanted to be something,

She wanted to earn name and fame,

That was her only aim.

She had will-power,

She was confident and strong,

What went wrong?

She surrendered to her dears,

having in mind all those failure fears,

She broke and outburst tears.

She remained calm,

and tried to be normal.

composed & formal.

This is not the end,

It isn’t supposed to be this way,

Soon she’ll find here way.

Although tears outburst,

but they could’t break her,

She conquered fear.

With those tear-filled watery eyes,

she still dreamt high of touching skies,

That will be a surprise.

P.S. – In response to A-Z April Challenge.

Advertisements girl doesn’t always need a male figure to help, guide, support, protect, or safeguard her. Be it a father, brother, husband, friend or boyfriend..they need to understand she can lead her life INDEPENDENTLY. Let her be FREE…Let her be SHE..Let her LIVE..!!P.S. Thoughts are mine but for the images that support them “thanks a ton to Google” .