#UC made it easy..!!

"Friendship"..Is there any other bond like this one? Is there any other relation that can match the level of feelings that the friends preserve, treasure and share. They are the ones who put you into trouble and they will be the first to fight with and for you, if somebody else has made you land … Continue reading #UC made it easy..!!

When I met a Stranger

“Strangers can become best friends just as easy best friends can become strangers.” There was a time,we didn't know each other.And, that was fine,coz, then we were stranger. There came a time,when we met.As, it was destined,it was all set.   There was a time,when we had a belief.Strangers are future friends,& being one, was a relief.    There was … Continue reading When I met a Stranger

A phone call can make you feel :) from :(

Yes, sometimes all it takes is a phone call and conversation with your loved one to make you the feel the king of the world...Oopss.. the 'Princess'.A surprise text or a call from the one you are missing makes your day.Even while at work, that call is awaited.Those long conversations over phone for hours seem … Continue reading A phone call can make you feel 🙂 from 😦