“A Lively Letter to Life”

Dear Zindagi, (My Dearest Life) In today's tech-savvy world, writing a letter seems to be a thing of past. Amidst the hustle bustle of the fast flying life, the mere thought of communicating with you, my life, especially in the written format is wonderful. We, humans seldom praise you, often curse you; complement you, criticise … Continue reading “A Lively Letter to Life”

No Internet World

        Doesn't it sound like a nightmare not have internet access? Indeed in today's world it does seem like one, especially for us. Ask our parents and grandparents, they would be the happiest people alive on earth if that would have happened, since we would spare at least some of our time … Continue reading No Internet World

Thanks Rewardme for wonderful tips..!!

In today's polluted environment and super busy lives that we lead, skin and hair care is a major problem that we face. Somehow we just rely on the synthetic parlour treatments and have entirely forgotten or are unaware about the home remedies and even if we know, we are too lazy or reluctant to follow … Continue reading Thanks Rewardme for wonderful tips..!!

The ‘Last’ Hug or The ‘Lost’ Hug..???

--- MUST WATCH - You would love it. --- Gauri and Sara are the best of friends. It was on the morning of the third sunday of June, when Gauri called up Sara to ensure if she was fine or not. Yes, you guessed it right,if you did, it was 'Father's Day'. Both of them … Continue reading The ‘Last’ Hug or The ‘Lost’ Hug..???

#Dad’s Hug – The ‘Best’ Hug Ever..!!

It is a general notion and the saying goes like"Mumma's Boy and Daddy's Girl". Though I am both, but a hug from Paa is a bit more special than from Maa in terms of weightage. The reason being it's rare with dad while with mum it's more frequent, so it's special in terms of volume. … Continue reading #Dad’s Hug – The ‘Best’ Hug Ever..!!

Memories with ‘Music and Dance’..!!

December' 2020 Aman and Akshay had planned a family holiday together since it had been a long time since they last met. They were known to be partners-in-crime, 'chuddie-buddies' and BFF's. Neither did they claim it, nor was it so much in vogue to display the bond one shared in those times, unlike today where social … Continue reading Memories with ‘Music and Dance’..!!

Voting Power – Super Power..!!

So, finally it's the time to blog for Phase 3 of #CrashThePepsi IPL activity. Should I be saying the long waited moment has finally come? Oh Yes, Abhi! Yes, this is the moment. Oc course I did wait for the phases of this activity as it is fun to watch the videos made by such talented … Continue reading Voting Power – Super Power..!!