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“Friendship”..Is there any other bond like this one? Is there any other relation that can match the level of feelings that the friends preserve, treasure and share. They are the ones who put you into trouble and they will be the first to fight with and for you, if somebody else has made you land into one. They are the ones without whom you cannot live and with whom you live to the fullest. Similar bond was shared amongst an all boy gang, the only prima-facie advantage they had being ‘an all boys group” was ‘no check on the usage of slangs’. They didn’t have to ‘beep beep beep’, they freely used the word. By no means I an saying that girls don’t use slangs, they use it more often. Neither do i mean that it is an offence to utter such auspicious words from your mouth in front of girls. All I am meaning is that these people were all gentlemen, they don’t use such terminology in front of women, you know or probably they were too shy to even talk to girls, that’s the reason they didn’t have one in their group.

So, this ‘no girl gang’ was on a trekking trip for 10 days. They all took permissions from their parents (In India, we have to and I don’t see any harm in that), tickets and bookings arranged, bags packed and all set to go. Another advantage of being boys, no shopping or packing  tantrums. So they all set for their expedition.

On the third day, one of them, Karan fell off the hill and was seriously injured. For some obvious reasons they didn’t go any further and the entire team rushed him to the nearest hospital with the help of some localities and their coach. It won’t be much surprising, if I say they didn’t inform at home, just because they didn’t want their parents to be worried. Fortunately, the doctors said that he is alright and would soon recover. All of them were upset but less than Karan. He felt too bad as it was because of him that their trip was spoiled. More than the pain this feeling troubled him. The seventh day of the planned trip, he was discharged. But it was no use gong further. The trip had ended. Karan felt miserable bad. They all wanted to go home with smiles on their faces and in a cheerful mode. So they were thinking for the best possible outcomes in this situation. One of them suggested that they should cheer Karan’s mood first , rest all will be automatically fine. Another friend Raghav instantly responded, “Karan ka mood thick karma hai, chalo use match diktat hai” (meaning if we wish to cheer Karan up, make him see the cricket match). But, in the hilly terrain with bare minimum funds as much was spent on his treatment, it was difficult. But Raghav the smartest and the most brightest of all was sure to think of something and he did. The next moment the live updates and the live score were all in his hands, I mean in his cell-phone. Alongwith that some snacks and drinks to lighten up their moods was the perfect combo for all boys to have a great party time. Finally they all thought “Something is better than Nothing”. Atleast they didn’t miss the world cup match. Had they been on their routine trip, they would have missed it. And, so they were happy. “All is well that ends well.”, quoted Raghav. A match made their trip. They were thankful to Raghav and his UC Browser app. Had this app not been there, seeing the match uninterrupted and being updated wouldn’t have been possible the way it was.

The next day they returned home from their trekking trip, as their families knew. But, ‘gentlemen’ as they were, they informed their parents and families about the instance that happened. And, they felt proud of their kids that they were mature enough to handle the crisis situation.

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Gauri and Sara are the best of friends. It was on the morning of the third sunday of June, when Gauri called up Sara to ensure if she was fine or not. Yes, you guessed it right,if you did, it was ‘Father’s Day’. Both of them pretended to talk as normally as they could, although Gauri knew that Sara wasn’t okay while Sara knew it well why had her friend called up so early in the morning, on this day. They talked as they usually do and hung up in a while, trying to avoid the topic. But the silence spoke well and it was sufficient to convey how Sara felt and her inability to express the pain due to the presence of her mom.

Half an hour later, Gauri’s phone beeped. It was a message from Sara, well anticipated in advance by her. She was dead sure that Sara would leave a text and hence was eagerly waiting for it. She hurriedly opened the message and started reading. The message said, “Father’s presence in one’s life is like Sun. The sun might be hot but once it disappears, it all dark. Similarly a father might be harsh and strict but when he’s gone, life becomes hard and difficult”. She kept numb, her jaws dropped, fingers froze and heart cried as she could feel the pain her friend felt but their was nothing much she or anybody for that matter could do about it. She had just one question in mind, “Why God?, Why do you do so?”

Once she gained senses, she left a reply to call her as soon as it’s possible for her to talk, which she knew she would herself do as from the past many months, this was a routine procedure that they talked when no one was around Sara. That was the only escape route left for her tears. She fought them, she controlled them but in front of her, she rolled them down her cheeks. Only Gauri and Sara’s pillow knew the amount of tears she had shed.

After a short while, Sara called Gauri and made sure she kept free to talk when she called. Gauri picked up the call and asked her to speak her mind and spill whatever inside. Sara kept numb as if she didn’t feel anything and failed to respond. On her insisting so much, all she said was, “Where has Papa gone? Why has he left us alone so early? Doesn’t God know we need him. Mumma needs him. I miss him soooo much, not just today but always, every moment from the day he has left. I wish to hug him once, (at least today), I so wish I could hug him so tight that I wouldn’t have allowed him to go.” And she cried endlessly.

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“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

P.P.S. – I also write this as a ‘Tribute to her father and the bond they shared.’ I write this as a ‘Prayer’ to give her courage to stand against all the odds. I write this to ‘Salute her’ for what she had done save his life. Hats off Girl..!!!

It was a bright sunny sunday afternoon and Shekhar’s had planned to host lunch in their friends circle. The sun was clearly visible after a week of rains when it had been playing hide and seek with the clouds. And, since they hadn’t met in a long while, so Mr. Shekhar proposed the idea of lunch to which his wife nodded in affirmative. He posted an informal invite message in their group asking them all to meet for  a small get – together. Finally they all agreed.

Mr Shekhar and three of his friends are together since their college days and go on well with each other. After they got married, their wives continued this relation and they also became good friends. So, for all the four couples, it was a jolly time.

Although out of excitement Mrs. Shekhar agreed for the lunch but to make the home guest-ready after such heavy rains, on such a short notice was a tedious job. They had a small discussion over the menu and it was sorted. The items on the list that day were gulab-jamun, paneer tikka, manchurian, pasta, fried rice and noodles and sizzling hot brownie with ice-cream to be served as dessert. And, welcome drink was Mrs. Shekhar’s choice. She had recently learned a new mocktail and wanted to try that. The next thing on the task-list was who’s going to do what? And, for some obvious reasons cooking was left to Mrs. Shekhar and her helper while Mr. Shekhar was happy doing the outside chores connected with the market area. They all set for work.

While doing her work, Mrs. Shekhar realised something was to be done for the slightly pungent smell spread over the house after the rains. Although not that noticeable but she wanted the environment to be very fresh and fragrant. She seemed tensed over the issue as she had already tried many tricks over the past week to overcome this odour all through the rains but she didn’t succeed completely. Her maid could sense it and suggested to use some good room freshener to fight the odour. Finally, she called her husband who had already left for the market to bring some good room freshener.

Mr. Shekhar returned home and the lunch was ready by then. Both the ladies were busy with the ambience and presentation aspect. The spray of the ‘Lavender AmbiPur’ left the entire house lingering with the sweet and delicate fragrance which was noticed and appreciated by their friends. The food was as usual very delicious and awesomely cooked. They all had a pleasant, nice and memorable time together, after a long time. From the ‘smell’ Mrs. Shekhar managed to bring ‘smiles’ to the faces of her guests. And in a country like India, where “Atithi Devo Bhav”, (meaning ‘Guests are God’) is the concept, if their guests returned happy, they had to be happy and so they were.

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December’ 2020

Aman and Akshay had planned a family holiday together since it had been a long time since they last met. They were known to be partners-in-crime, ‘chuddie-buddies’ and BFF’s. Neither did they claim it, nor was it so much in vogue to display the bond one shared in those times, unlike today where social media platforms know more of your bond than you yourself. Nevertheless, the people around knew and understood what they had in common.

Both the families were on the way to their holiday destination. Their kids were beginning to share a good bond and their fathers were re-living their old days. Past reminiscence have their own ways of imparting you happiness, giving you vibrant energy and leaving you refreshed.

“Let me take you a decade before in time, when we were in college”, said Aman to his childhood friend to which he instantly replied “I’m sure you are coming up next to the last fest that we had organised”. They both stole a glance, winked at each other and laughed out loud. It was surprisingly happy to know that they still understood what the other was to say next.

“Yes, the very same fest where we had invited your favourite singer Ms. Anushka Manchanda, only because you being the cultural secretary insisted”, teased Aman.

“And what about the Mr Allu Arjun? Who suggested his name? And we even had a deal brother, one of your choice and one of mine. How can you forget that, dude?

Listening to their husband’s conversation the wives smiled and said, friends never grow up. And the children were also amused to see the friendly side of their fathers. They thought only they had friends and they talk like this but now they realised friendship is ageless and always young. Both of them were indifferent to the world around and immersed in their own.

They furthered their conversation discussing the songs that she sung and Allu’s dancing moves to it’s tunes left the crowd mesmerised. They literally started singing some of their common favourites from college time that she sang listing from ‘Piya kesariyo’, ‘Behke’, ‘Dum maro dum’, ‘Ek main hu or ek tu’, and ‘Apna har din’. The last being their all time favourite and meaningful, they sang the entire song. Their kids joined. The songs energised them so much that they started to imitate the steps of Allu Arjun, the same way they used to do in their college and their wives had to remind them that they were in train. In one of his films, he was seen doing the Michael Jackson step and it subsequently became Aman’s favourite step. Their memories were as fresh as ever. They discussed the happening of the fest as if it had happened the day before.

‘Anushka and Allu’ made “Aman and Akshay’s trip’ said Aman’s wife to which her friend nodded.  Friendship with a tadka of ‘music’ and ‘dance’ is friendship lived and re-lived.

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I asked my husband,

F says, he replied,


As you are to me,

and I am to you.

Husbands and wife later,

first friends are few.

For this prompt, he inspired,

since, ‘Friend’ he answered.

Although, I thought of the same word,

but his answer affirmed and confirmed.

A sense of assurance it did create,

and an inner strength it did provide,

when he said, we’ll always be friends,

before the groom and the bride.


“Strangers can become best friends just as easy best friends can become strangers.”

There was a time,
we didn’t know each other.
And, that was fine,
coz, then we were stranger.
There came a time,
when we met.
As, it was destined,
it was all set.
There was a time,
when we had a belief.
Strangers are future friends,
& being one, was a relief.
There was a time,
from strangers,
we turned to be partners-in-crime,
and witnessed all the adventure.
In a short while,
it was like,
The birds of same feather,
flock together.
To find one,
search the other.
Always having fun,
inseparably together.
Talking for long hours,
Posing for silly pictures, 
Individually Sensible,
Together Terrible.
Then came a time,
God knows, what went wrong.
The happy signs,
turned to be a sad song.
Those together all time,
were poles apart in no time.
The change was heart-breaking,
consequences threatening.
From Friends forever,
back to Strangers.
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You write because you have an idea in your mind that feels so genuine, so important, so true. And yet, by the time this idea passes through the different filters of your mind, and into your hand, and onto the page or computer screen — it becomes distorted, and it’s been diminished. The writing you end up with is an approximation, if you’re lucky, of whatever it was you really wanted to say.

– Author Khaled Hosseini, “How to Write,” the Atlantic

“Being Able to write is a Blessing”

The above lines in itself truly describe the scenario every writer faces, atleast the amateur writers like me do. (Though as of now, I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m just a beginner. There is a long way to go. I’ve used it in the context that anyone who writes is a writer, 😉 ) To add to this, there is a major issue cropping up these days, that I am giving a mention below.

These days, since I have been regular at writing almost anything and everything that comes up to my mind, my thoughts have started startling me. They strike my mind with the speed of light (I don’t think I am exaggerating), one after the other, even before I could make a note of the first one the next seems to come in and the chain continues. It makes it difficult for me to able to concentrate on what I was supposed to write. So, I found a way out. I have started making notes of the subsequent thoughts that strike me and help my focus on the first one. Once I complete that write – up, I re-visit the notes list, choose one out of that and get back to writing. This has no doubt helped me, but this wanderer mind of mine still creates troubles but I am trying to keep an edge over it. I hope, I succeed. And, honestly, when I write something with a focused and free mind, I find my writings better than what I write when I am over-filled with thoughts. I won’t say that those write-up’s come up to be excellent but they are something I pour my heart in, so I feel more connected, more satisfied and happier.

Also, these over-speedy thoughts and my focus to be able to write them somewhere before they disappear or vanish, at times cuts me from the physical world. It happens a lot these days that I am with my family or friends talking and chatting with them, spending time with them and suddenly I am lost…Lost in my own world. It is difficult to believe that my mom pulls my leg by saying that she has lost her importance to my writings..Gosh..! I really couldn’t believe my ears really heard that, I pinched myself and thought over what mom said and I found that true to an extent. The time slot in my schedule that exclusively belonged to my Mum previously now is spent either with my diary or laptop. I decided to effectively manage time and not to disappoint Mumma. Also, the time devoted to chats and messages previously now goes in making notes of the recurrent thoughts in my mind i.e. the use of my cell phone too has changed a great deal. I have started getting complaints from my folks. I am hopeful to be able to deal with this and I am sure I will be able to do it.

To conclude, I would like to put it up as  – There are two things I need to be doing – Firstly, manage my thoughts (My Dream World, The Illusionary World that seems real only to me) and secondly, manage my relationships (The Physical World, The Real Real World). I can’t even imagine living in the absence of any of these. Though both are mutually exclusive but both are essential for my survival. I exist because they do. I am because they are.

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As  a child,

I was the favourite of all my teachers,

They came to the class and ask me to stand,

not in punishment but as a reader.

Probably, coz I had a loud voice,

& they thought I was good at semantics.

The praise from the principal was also splendid,

The Best Newsreader, I was awarded.

I am not so sure to be deserving of all these praises,

I am lucky enough for having heard these phrases.

I bow down to all of them & thank in gratitude,

In hardships, this works as a fortitude.

Later in my teens, I wrote a poem for my friends,

recorded a whatsapp audio and  I did send.

They turned nostalgic,

& said it works as a magic,

when they miss me, they re-hear it,

& feel contended.

Thankful to all of them for boosting me up in all seasons,

Because of these and one more reason,

that in my writings, I’ll be able to put emotions,

and convey the feelings behind their creation,

I think, I’ll lend my own voice to my blog,

Available for it 24*7, round the clock.

 P.S. The idea originated from the Daily Prompt – Voice Work.

It’s MEE… :)

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Some things about me-

1. A Girl – describes it all.


 2. Self – Esteem


 3. Individualistic

images (9)

 4. Crazy & Fun – Loving

images (23)

 5. Independent

images (16)

 6. Perfectly Imperfect

images (13)

7. Empathetic

 8. Princess..Every girl is..!!

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To list a few out of a veryyyyy Looooong List…!!!

1. MUSIC AND WRITING – It’s heavenly.

images (2)

2. Dancing in the Rain.


Coz I believe –


3. Spending Time with friends, Long Chatting hours and posing madly for random clicks. 















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images (18)






images (14)



1. Be TRUE.




    3. Sometimes, you have to stop caring.

images (19)

4. Enjoy the imperfections perfectly.


5. No Regrets. Whatever that happened in the past was the best to happen then.




7. Last but not the least, BE HAPPY & KEEP SMILING. 

 It might not solve all the problems but gives you the courage to stand against the odds.

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