#Prompt 2 Solitude

Solitude is being alone in a pleasant manner to find some peace within. Isolated, Quarantined, My solitary confinement, turned into solitude refinement. Serenity, Tranquility, I found a few answers, listening to those silent whispers. Loneliness, Sadness, Not an inch can haunt you, Silently seeing life's subtle view. This was my contribution to this Prompt, feel … Continue reading #Prompt 2 Solitude

हिंदी दिवस

Remember our times, जब school में हिंदी बोलने पर fine था,मेरी स्कूल में हफ्ते के एक रोज़ अंग्रेज़ी बोलने पर भी फाइन था।शायद इसलिए मेरे लिए अंग्रेज़ी और हिंदी महज़ भाषाएं हैं, स्टेटस symbol nhi. And before I proceed further,I have to give a disclaimer.This is my opinion, yours might differ.And I agree to disagree, … Continue reading हिंदी दिवस

Don’t miss me when I’m gone

As weird as it might sound, that there is always a room for messing up, when people are around, Take that chance before growing up.   A chance to yell, scream, fight and brawl, Grab that one before it isn't too late. as these emotions are for the special ones, not all, and this can … Continue reading Don’t miss me when I’m gone

Tribute to MSD

Born to Shri Pan Singh and Smt. Devaki Devi, On 7/7/1981 in Ranchi. He was named "Mahendra Singh Dhoni", More popularly known as "Mahi". Married to adorable 'Sakshi' as his lifetime partner, Blessed with little angel 'Ziva' as their daughter. You built your castle stone by stone, Giving learnings to millions unknown. Not by preaching … Continue reading Tribute to MSD

A Letter to my students in response to merging of CA May 2020 exams with Nov.2020.

HelloDear Friends,प्यारे बच्चों, Hope you are all doing well in these tough times and with this rough news. I don't know how this is going to be perceived by the student community as a whole but I know that none of our students should take it negatively, instead take it as an opportunity - to … Continue reading A Letter to my students in response to merging of CA May 2020 exams with Nov.2020.

मोम की गुड़िया

आज Mother's Day है, सब तेरी तारीफों के पुल बांधे, हो भी क्यों ना, तू है ही तारीफ के काबिल। पर मां, मुझे तुझसे है शिकायत मुकम्मल। कुछ सवाल है जो पूछना चाहती हूं, वो बात और है, कि उनका जवाब ' तेरे ' रूप में पाती हूं। क्यों तूने मेरे हर छोटे काम को … Continue reading मोम की गुड़िया

क्या मिलता आतंकवाद से??

आज फिर मेरे कुछ भाई वीरगति को प्राप्त हुए। आज फिर मेरी मातृभूमि का सीना लाल हुआ। उजड़ा है चमन जो कल तक था स्वर्ग समान। ना जाने कब थकेगा तू, ऐ बेईमान! सहमा - सा मेरा मन कर रहा है एक सवाल! छीन कर शांति, क्यों है ये बवाल? इतने हमलों के बाद में … Continue reading क्या मिलता आतंकवाद से??

A soldier is never off duty..!!

हम घरों में चैन से सो सकें, इसलिए वो अपना घर छोड़ चला है। हम सुरक्षित और महफूज़ रहे, इसलिए वो सरहद पर तैनात खड़ा है। हमारी आबो - हवा में सुख़ - चैन बरक़रार रहे, इसलिए वो विषम परिस्थितियों से जूझ रहा है। हम हर खुशी और त्यौहार बेफिक्र मना सकें, इसलिए वो अपनी … Continue reading A soldier is never off duty..!!

Grateful for..??

Hello All Happy People out there 🙂 What am I grateful for today? The question indeed has 'N' number of answers but we seldom forget those ample reasons and be saddened and affected by one reason of being not - so - happy. Not missing out on my chance to list those 'happy reasons', here … Continue reading Grateful for..??