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The wise accommodates and adapts while the foolish reacts and repents..!!


Quotes or say proverbs are some well known sayings &/or phrases that sums up a lot in a few words depicting the established facts and reasoning.

Ever since my early childhood days, I had seen my mother using such quotes more than often. She had an intrigue habit of talking in such a manner. By talking, I precisely mean she used to convey her message through such intelligent formation of words. That was probably one of her many ways of teaching me the difference between the good and the evil, helping my understand life in a better perceptive. It’s okay if I call it as her wise upbringing technique.

Below are listed few such quotes, sayings, proverbs, etc that I have grown up hearing.

  • “Beeti tahi bisari de, aage ki soodh le” –

    Whatever has gone, was a thing of past, don’t sit grabbing hold of that, let it go and prepare yourself well for the future so that there is no regret left behind. Especially when I ever had a bad exam or say, something not-so-good happened and I sat regretting what had happened, she was the one who came to my rescue and showed me the right path through such one liners. “Forget what bad has occurred to you but always remember what it has taught you”, was what she says even today.

  • “Ab pachtaye hot kya, jab chidiya chug gyi khet” –

    In english we put it as “There’s no use crying over the spilt milk”. What has happened, has happened. It can’t be changed, it’s irreversible, so instead of focusing on what worse has happened and repenting, we should focus on what can be done to come out of that situation. How can we mitigate the damaged occurred and restore or further enhance the benefits in our favour.

  • Ek chup sau ne harawe – 

    It literally means that ‘One silence can lead you to hundred victories’. The proverb in english goes like “One silence, hundred rejoices”. It’s better to be calm than to speak evil. Harsh words uttered can only hurt the other to the extent that can never be mend, so its better to be silent. If you do not win the argument (war), you at least win the hearts (people).

  • “Pothi padhi padhi jag mua pandit bhaya na koi,
    dhai aakar prem ka padhe to pandit hoye”

    This is one of the very famous quotes by Saint Kabir that means “Reading books, everyone died, but it is love that made them all wise”.

  • “Stay Positive, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed” –

    This is my dear darling mother’s sure shot formula for a leading a happieeee (some extra e’s for the extra happiness) life. That is the sequence in which it happens, positivity ultimately leads to happiness.

  • Live for Others.

    The phrase that describes my mother’s life in entirety. She always says, “Everyone lives for their own sake, but if you want to live forever, live for others.” Life lived for others is a life not just spent but well lived.

This list is never ending. There are situations when my mother and I are talking in this quote (secret-code) language and my siblings are at times confused, at times irritated and  while for the rest of the times, they join us.

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# Quote – 3
“The best way to overcome your fears is to face them..!!”




In response to the Daily Prompt – Handle with Care – How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?

Kabirdas ji wrote a doha (couplet) –

निंदक नियरे राखिए, ऑंगन कुटी छवाय,
बिन पानी, साबुन बिना, निर्मल करे सुभाय।

meaning –

Keep your critics close to you. Give him a cottage in the courtyard of your house, because he cleanses your nature without soap and water.

The prompt reminded me of the immortal lines by Saint Kabirdas ji. And, since I do believe in these lines I will appreciate the ‘honest criticism’ that comes my way as truth, how so ever bitter it might be, is not brutal as it reaps sweet fruits, for sure by bringing out the better in us.

Good V/S Bad

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We (those of us have studied Hindi) all must have read a Hindi Doha (Couplet) in our school days –

meaning –

I searched for the crooked, met not a single one,

When searched myself, “I” found the crooked one.


This is something that I’ve lately learnt –


The People…The Things….The Situations aren’t good or bad.

It’s our thoughts that make them so..!!

1. Be Patientimages (4)but does that mean to sit hands on hands and do nothing.??

‘NO’ is the answer.


2. Be strong enough to play your part, irrespective of the outcome and being sad about what happened.

If not today,

tomorrow, your efforts will surely pay.

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As it is rightly said, ‘Patience bears Sweet Fruits’



There comes a time in life,

you face conflicts and strife,

Situations you face become tough,

The road to success seems rough.

Surrounded by despair and woe,

You feel there is nothing much you can do.

In this process,

you feel restless,

and even helpless.

It’s okay till you aren’t hopeless.

Coz, when you are hopeful,

you still expect life to be wonderful.

And this is when you begin to strive,

of all the sadness you yourself deprive.

And consequently, happiness revives itself.

After all, 

“God helps those who helps themselves”



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SMILE – Small Moments In Life Everyday.

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 Smile – It may not solve all your problems but gives you the courage to deal with them…!!!

images (10)

Sayings about Smile – See what some great people have said about “SMILE”..It inspires to Smile..!!!

1. Every time you smile at someone, it’s an action of love, a gift to that person, A Beautiful Thing.

download (1)2. Don’t cry coz it’s over, Smile that it happened.

images (1)

3. A Smile is the light in the window of your soul.

images4. A Smile is the curve that sets everything straight.

 images (3)

5. Use your Smile to change the world, don;t let this world change your Smile.

images (8)

6.Keep Smiling and one day Life will get tired of upsetting you.

images (9)

Last but not the Least…!!!

images (6)S

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 girl doesn’t always need a male figure to help, guide, support, protect, or safeguard her. Be it a father, brother, husband, friend or boyfriend..they need to understand she can lead her life INDEPENDENTLY. Let her be FREE…Let her be SHE..Let her LIVE..!!P.S. Thoughts are mine but for the images that support them “thanks a ton to Google” .


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Relationships are based on ‘TRUST’. Neither trust Blindly nor let anyone regret once they have trusted you.

When we lie to the person who trusts us, we don’t just break their Trust..we break their Hearts for times irreparable…we don’t just loose their Trust..we loose that Person Forever.  It’s difficult to build back that level of Trust and get back that person to your Life but it is not difficult to be True to the people who trust you.




I just happened to read it somewhere…Never TRUST someone who LIES to you…Never LIE to someone who TRUSTS you.