"Evoke the spirit in 'You', who shall find something brilliant in everything."  meaning There's something good hidden in everything. It is all a matter of perception and everything happens for a reason.

Charity or Empowerment..??

Charity or Empowerment? Are charitable donations to feed and house the poor really the way out of the mire of poverty or do NGOs need to focus more on skill development? Should we as donors be more proactive rather than merely donating money?#CharityorEmpowerment There is saying that goes like - "Charity begins at home" meaning … Continue reading Charity or Empowerment..??

“Leo Tolstoy”

In Fond Remembrance of Leo TolstoyBenjamin Franklin once said  " Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. " He did both.I feel honoured & lucky enough for being able to write and write something about this legend. To one of the most efficacious authors,To one of those prominent & deep thinkers,To one of those … Continue reading “Leo Tolstoy”