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Care taken,

Concern shown,

Time lent,

Money spent,

Moments shared,

Memories created,

Attachment built,

Hearts lit,

Love expressed,

Nothing reciprocated.

One-way giving,

shattered living.


What a witty suggestion or say, a challenge by my better half to compose 1 post for these prompts. 
So, here’s it, I launch my post, “What A Coincidence – 15 Prompts, 1 Post..!!”. 
Narrating the tales of their glorious past,
Trying to recreate a flavorful cast.
Incidents that seemed too irrelevant,
Stories that are no longer prevalent,
Still trying to attract like a magnet,
And willing to make some sense on this planet.
They tried to grab hold of her dreams and aspirations,
In the name of their mighty traditions.
Making her feel her desires so tentative,
And leaving her depressed and so negative.
She broke down into crumbs,
Sting in pain, she fell so numb.
Those long stories of the long lost pride,
All appeared made-up and falsified.
In the times when she should have stayed focused,
Not just her wishes but existence was questioned,
The flower that should have been pampered,
Stood like a detached leaf all shattered.
P.S. – In response to the following Daily Prompts –
3.  Sting
6.  Crumb
7.  Mighty
8.  Leaf
10. Pamper
14. Launch
15. Witty

Take me to the Moon

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Daily Prompt, Poetry.. :)
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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take Me to the Moon.”

How long shall I go for him?

or how far shall he go for me?

isn’t a question too big,

as we know, we aren’t two ‘You’s’ but one ‘We’.

So whether it be me or him,

and whatever place it be,

Both of us shall win,

as we’ll be together as ‘one’.

The places might shift,

The distance might increase,

but we shall never drift,

as along we shall run.

To all places on this planet,

or to the earth back from moon,

I shall accompany you everywhere,

since it’s a bond in unison.



An expression of feelings and ideas,

of distinct and varied culture and class.

It is a form of literature,

written in meter.

with some rhythmic sounds,

and the emotions that it compounds.

There are no barrier to what one thinks,

and no stopping to what we imagine.

The flow of the words,

their synchronisation at first,

are important issues,

that we need to address.

The day I get something to compose,

be it a verse or might it be a prose,

is a day well spent,

or say, my day is made.

I hope this passion shall never fade,

and I love each composition I create,

in the same manner,

as I did the first ever.

P.S. – In response to A-Z April Challenge.


The state of being a Mother,

is beyond this world, why, I wonder?

It is difficult to understand

this as a child.

Only being a  mother could

let you enjoy this pride.

The pain that she bears,

without shedding any tears,

just to let her child come to this earth,

The pride she owns is really worth.

She brings life, She gives life,

It is she who helps the child mould,

by teaching him to lead his own life,

in the way he rightly should.

It’s rightly said,

The hand that rocks the cradle,

is the hand that rules the world.


In response to “A-Z April Challenge

WOW – Yin-Yang

Posted: April 12, 2015 in BlogAdda, Poetry.. :)
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Yin and Yang,

it’s a perfect bang.

opposite apparently,

yet complimentary.

It explains Life’s concepts completely,

and describes Life in it’s entirety.

This is worth a mention,

and one and all need to pay attention.

Nothing exists in isolation,

This is the essence of God’s creation.

Life is because there’s death,

Without Life, there can’t be any death.

There’s something good in everything bad,

And something bad in everything good.

That’s the way Life is made,

And, this is the way, move it should.

The wonderful mutual dependence,

albeit it’s mutual exclusiveness.

The white dot in the black,

and the black dot in the white.

signifies that independence they lack.

and interdependence is signified.

And, the curve implies that you need to bend,

in order to see who’s there to help or lend.

One needs to be humble and polite,

since, that’s an attitude behaviourally right.

Since, it is then you feel,

the incompleteness complete.

Then only the hidden truth reveals,

which in turn is a treat.

Screen_shot_2011_03_19_at_11_00_53_AMP.S. – This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

In response to A-Z April Challenge

To Help is to aid and abet.

To help is to assist.

Your services you lend.

Give out a helping hand.

To help is to extend support,

and save someone’s bacon.

To help is to cooperate,

and do someone a good turn.

To help is to give someone a leg up,

when it’s all messed up.

To help is to bring some cure.

To help is to succor.

Come to the rescue,

of all, not just few.

Whether or not they are your contacts, old or new,

Help should never wait in queue.

 Come to the rescue,

of all, not just few.

That in truest senses will be ‘Help’,

heart-touching and heart-felt.

In response to A-Z April Challenge


I asked my husband,

F says, he replied,


As you are to me,

and I am to you.

Husbands and wife later,

first friends are few.

For this prompt, he inspired,

since, ‘Friend’ he answered.

Although, I thought of the same word,

but his answer affirmed and confirmed.

A sense of assurance it did create,

and an inner strength it did provide,

when he said, we’ll always be friends,

before the groom and the bride.


Stones are many, but not all are gems,

Friends are many, but not all are best of friends.

The people who truly care

 are hard to find, they are rare.

The people who lend their ear

even when you have all rubbish to share.

The people you need,

The people who pay you heed.

The people whom you can trust blindly,

The people who will help you kindly.

The people who help you to understand,

The people who help you mend,

The people who will first come to your rescue,

To them, for you there is no queue.

Everything concerning you is their priority,

Such is this relation’s beauty.

The people who invest their time in you,

The people who stand by you,

The people who support you,

are truly the special ones, only a few.

If you find one such person,

you find something precious than heaven.

I am blessed to have a few such, not just one,

But, about whom I am talking here is one and only one.

People call us “Bestie”

We don’t coz beyond this word is our Dosti*.

P.S. – Written as a part of A-Z Challenge.

*Dosti – means ‘Friendship’ in Hindi.

Daily  Prompt – You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

Wooowwww… That’s a good news..!!
I stood startled and confused,
as to how and what should I react,
Coz I found something I did least expect.

A news that comes all of a sudden,
takes time to adapt and digest,
Then whether it be a sigh of relief or burden.
Once adjusted, I’ll celebrate the good and forget the rest.
Coz good things in life happen,
only when life is at it’s best.
Further, I would thank God,
Feel delighted having been blessed by Lord.
And be grateful to Mom and Dad,
For giving me whatever they had.
For making me who I am.
I’ll always owe it all to them.