Little drops of water fill the mighty ocean..!!!

The first 1000 likes on my blog. Of course I am happy, something more than happy 😀 and somewhat short of words to express that :P. Yes, I didn't  think of it the day I started with 'MY BLOG' (in caps, as that gives a feeling of being the proud owner). Less than a year … Continue reading Little drops of water fill the mighty ocean..!!!

Inspiration to Happy Life…!!!

Prompt - Write about the things that make big occasions unnecessary, making you want to enjoy the moment you’re living in. Things that you feel should be present for you to be happy. It might be your family, job, hobby, pet, or discovering new places. Everybody’s inspiration to have a happy life is different. Blog … Continue reading Inspiration to Happy Life…!!!

Time – The Supreme Power

Time kills, Time heals. Time troubles, Time solves. Time jingles, Time mingles. Time irritates, Time rejuvenates. Time challenges, Time manages. Time starves, Time feeds. Time takes, Time gives. Time pains, Time relieves. Time doubt's, Time believes. Time burdens, Time lightens. Time darkens, Time brightens. Time blunts, Time sharpens. Time cuts, Time heals. Time has wings, … Continue reading Time – The Supreme Power

#Writing 101# Day2#A Room with a View (or just a view)#

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? My Answer would be - "HAPPY HOME" Happy Home is a place that exists in future....sounds impractical....but it isn't as with your writing skills intact you can travel anywhere and that's what the assignment also says. … Continue reading #Writing 101# Day2#A Room with a View (or just a view)#

“SMILE – It increases your Face Value”

SMILE, IT COSTS NOTHING..!! SMILE - Small Moments In Life Everyday.            Smile - It may not solve all your problems but gives you the courage to deal with them...!!! Sayings about Smile - See what some great people have said about "SMILE"..It inspires to Smile..!!! 1. Every time you smile … Continue reading “SMILE – It increases your Face Value”