Mobile phones are no more, ‘just Mobile phones’..!!

My Airtel App allows me to do 'N' number of things sitting comfortably on my cushy white couch and saves me the pain to physically travel to the customer care centre in this sweltering heat and high temperatures. It has a variety of features, namely - It allows you to make the payments of your … Continue reading Mobile phones are no more, ‘just Mobile phones’..!!

Time – The Supreme Power

Time kills, Time heals. Time troubles, Time solves. Time jingles, Time mingles. Time irritates, Time rejuvenates. Time challenges, Time manages. Time starves, Time feeds. Time takes, Time gives. Time pains, Time relieves. Time doubt's, Time believes. Time burdens, Time lightens. Time darkens, Time brightens. Time blunts, Time sharpens. Time cuts, Time heals. Time has wings, … Continue reading Time – The Supreme Power

Overload Alert

When information's explode, it is the situation of "Overload" Something like this - (a) AND (b) There comes a time when you realize, that you need time to organize. It is then you try to avoid & manage your stress, more than the 'Overload' your stress created a mess. Once we control our stress levels, … Continue reading Overload Alert