Voting Power – Super Power..!!

So, finally it’s the time to blog for Phase 3 of #CrashThePepsi IPL activity. Should I be saying the long waited moment has finally come? Oh Yes, Abhi! Yes, this is the moment. Oc course I did wait for the phases of this activity as it is fun to watch the videos made by such talented people and get linked to their thoughts and perspectives but I am sure my wait is nothing in front of these participants who have actually put in so much of hard work and efforts. Moreover it was really an entertaining and learning experience. 


1. Buddies –  A real good example of the BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) kind of friendship. The friendly bond that these guys share is so visibly true, it reminds you of your very own BFF’s. A wonderfully emoted depiction of “Friendship”. Some friends are forever. But, a piece of advice the boys in the ad need to learn some manners. They shouldn’t have opened their friend’s handbag without her permission, isn’t it? I mean it could have saved the girl her Pepsi, no? Lolzz! Probably, I am saying so as when I relate it to my friends, I become that girl who looses her Pepsi and who wants to loose it?

2. India celebrates Pepsi IPL – A wonderful message of “Unity in Diversity”. It truly depicts the varied culture and diverse traditions of our country. Amidst all the differences and distinctions, “We are One” is the message delivered through this ad. I think it does somehow inculcate that feeling of patriotism towards the country.

3. Pepsi – Bujhaye Dil ki Pyaas -The first line that struck me after viewing this ad was, “Humanity still exists”. If only in the real world, we, the youth follow and practice such acts of kindness, this world will truly be heaven, isn’t it? To talk on the ground realities, if we pass on this habit of being kind, the world would definitely turn out to be better. Although I really liked the idea, but I am not propagating Salman Khan’s motto of helping three people instead of saying ‘Thank You’, when someone helps you. All I wish is that some more such kind people are there for us to see around. Help people and feel blessed that you are in a state to help. Kindness pays.

P.S. – “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

Disclaimer – I am in no authority to judge these ad’s, it is just the expression of an honest opinion on what I felt about the ad’s. In no way am I related to any of the above ad’s, their making and the participants.  I voted for these ad’s as I truly liked the message being given through them.

*Pic Courtesy – Google Images.

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