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Remembrances are fond,

Quite often they are not,

They do hurt.

A memorable recollection,

of past memories and experiences,

of those dead.

The nostalgia created,

by thinking of the loss,

is difficultly handled.

The only question,

that I seek an answer,

is left unanswered.

The question being,

why our dear ones leave,

 and life cease?

Remembrance isn’t difficult,

But the problem one faces,

is handling it.

You can’t meet,

nor can you see & greet,

it becomes difficult.

P.S. – In response to A-Z April Challenge.



An expression of feelings and ideas,

of distinct and varied culture and class.

It is a form of literature,

written in meter.

with some rhythmic sounds,

and the emotions that it compounds.

There are no barrier to what one thinks,

and no stopping to what we imagine.

The flow of the words,

their synchronisation at first,

are important issues,

that we need to address.

The day I get something to compose,

be it a verse or might it be a prose,

is a day well spent,

or say, my day is made.

I hope this passion shall never fade,

and I love each composition I create,

in the same manner,

as I did the first ever.

P.S. – In response to A-Z April Challenge.

She dreamt freedom,

She desired independence and liberty,

& a distinct identity.

She wanted to be something,

She wanted to earn name and fame,

That was her only aim.

She had will-power,

She was confident and strong,

What went wrong?

She surrendered to her dears,

having in mind all those failure fears,

She broke and outburst tears.

She remained calm,

and tried to be normal.

composed & formal.

This is not the end,

It isn’t supposed to be this way,

Soon she’ll find here way.

Although tears outburst,

but they could’t break her,

She conquered fear.

With those tear-filled watery eyes,

she still dreamt high of touching skies,

That will be a surprise.

P.S. – In response to A-Z April Challenge.


The state of being a Mother,

is beyond this world, why, I wonder?

It is difficult to understand

this as a child.

Only being a  mother could

let you enjoy this pride.

The pain that she bears,

without shedding any tears,

just to let her child come to this earth,

The pride she owns is really worth.

She brings life, She gives life,

It is she who helps the child mould,

by teaching him to lead his own life,

in the way he rightly should.

It’s rightly said,

The hand that rocks the cradle,

is the hand that rules the world.


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Love..what’s love..??
A feeling…An emotion…An expression… A connection..A relation…A bond..Anything and Everything to treasure, value and cherish.

Love is being with each other, Love is being stupid together.
Love is to be by each other’s side, whenever required.
Love is holding hands while going on a walk.
Love is taking care if the other more than your own self.
Love is standing for each other.
Love is waiting for the other one till he comes.
Love is having food together.
Love is a surprise dish cooked by your husband.
Love is a tight hug.
Love is stealthily exchanging smiles.
Love is to wait all day long to see your beloved.
Love is making efforts to steal those two minutes with each other.
Love is to have mutual understanding.
Love is to lay beside each other.
Love is to listen the hearts beat.
Love is traveling together.
Love is to feel relieved once seeing your beloved.
Love is to feel happy, seeing them smile.
Love is when your dreams become dreams of your beloved and his passion becomes yours.
Love is going for outings.
Love is talking serious stuff along with all the non sense.
Love is listening to whatever the other one utters.
Love is liking what the other one likes.
Love is preparing to surprise the other.
Love is not just roses, it has thorns too. Love is not just all good things, it includes fights too. After every fight, you get to know each other better than before.
Love is Acceptance..Love is Dedication..Love is Sacrifice..Love is Compromise..Love is a Promise..Love is to Care, Share and let Share..Love is something we create everyday and feel every moment…Love is just “LOVE”.. Love is ”LIFE”.

In response to A-Z April Challenge.

K says “Kitchen”

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In response to the A-Z Challenge

Surprisingly, the first word that struck me with the letter ‘K’ was ‘Kitchen’. But, when i gave it a thought, i realised, no wonder when most of my time in the entire day passes in the kitchen that was quite obvious. By most of my time, I am not meaning it in terms of number of hours but I intent to say that just before the breakfast, luck and dinner hours, if you want to locate me, the place is ‘Kitchen’. And this is what has surprised me, as the girl who went into the kitchen to check out what was cooking has not ultimately slipped in the shoes of the one who’s cooking.

And, I am  happy with the change, not because I am a good cook but yes, it’s good to cook for your family and see that smile on the face of your loved ones once they return from work tired.

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In response to – A-Z Challenge

It was mid January, midnight twelve that they went on a walk besides the Singapore Lion Fountain, beginning from the Lion Statue,crossing the MarinaBay Sands, Singapore Flyer and finally witnessed night life at Clarke Quay before returning to their hotel.

It was a starry night, soft breeze blew carrying the chill of the river and the dim lights romanticize the environment further. Amidst this kind of a natural set-up, anybody was bound to fall in love and so did they. After spending half an hour or so, they slowly walked towards Marina Bay Sands where they and planned to see the Light and Sound show. They made sure that they reached there well in time as the show starts sharply as per the show timings and they had so much about the show that they didn’t want to miss that at any cost. Hence, they rushed.

Once at Marina Bay Sands, the show had just started when the reached and now they were able to make out why all of them suggested them for the show and warned them not to miss it. The melodious sound of the songs and the varied colours of laser lights worked in such symmetry that one was bound to be awestruck. It was so well synchronised that it left them spell bound and speechless.

After a few minutes, when the hangover of the show was over, Garvi insisted Rishi to take some pictures and he followed. They also requested some folks around to click pictures of both of them which they could take back as some wonderful memories to cherish.

Further, they started walking slowly, holding hands and talking softly, they reached ahead of The Singapore Flyer where they saw some photographers with their professional cameras taking pictures from various angles, And, of course oh her insisting for pictures, he asked the photographer, “Do you mind clicking a picture for both of us?” He agreed. And, as Garvi said, “This is just so awwwweeesomeee”. They smiled at such an expression.

Moving ahead, they headed to Clarke Quay, while on the way witnessed certain swings, talked to kids, saw a live band performance, etc.Such wonderful attractions even at half past two in the night were not a usual sight and hence were so appealing and amazing. While on the way, they decided to sit for a while at the river – side and have some rest and chit-chat. Also, because it being a few kilometres run, he felt that his beloved must have been tired by now. He was concerned. And, moreover it was too romantic a place to be missed. They sat down and talked for around half an hour before they finally decided to move.

Finally, from Clarke Quay they boarded a cab and went back to their hotel gathering some wonderful memories for a lifetime. This walk couldn’t have been better as it included fun, thrill, excitement, romance, love, and almost everything.

In response to the A-Z Challenge
For today’s prompt, I says _________, the first thing that struck me was Ice cream. It has two reasons behind, the first one being my mother’s birthday and she is too fond of ice creams. And ever since early childhood, it was on this day that we use to have our summer beginnings i.e. to say it was on this day that we used to have the first ice cream of the season, marking the end of winter season. So i had ice cream on my mind all day long.

And the latter being the fact that as kids while learning the basic english alphabets, we used to learn, ‘I for Ice cream’. Hence,  this post.

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P.S. – Mom, this day ‘You’ and ‘Ice cream’ with you have been both dearly missed.

In response to A-Z April Challenge

To Help is to aid and abet.

To help is to assist.

Your services you lend.

Give out a helping hand.

To help is to extend support,

and save someone’s bacon.

To help is to cooperate,

and do someone a good turn.

To help is to give someone a leg up,

when it’s all messed up.

To help is to bring some cure.

To help is to succor.

Come to the rescue,

of all, not just few.

Whether or not they are your contacts, old or new,

Help should never wait in queue.

 Come to the rescue,

of all, not just few.

That in truest senses will be ‘Help’,

heart-touching and heart-felt.

In response to A-Z April Challenge

Girls, truly angels in human form but then why aren’t they valued? Forget about the value, they are treated worse than one would treat even an animal. Doesn’t she even a right to take birth? How can a mother, who herself was once a girl treat another girl that too her daughter this way? How can a father not allow her to take birth and come in this beautiful world? How can they forget they wouldn’t have been there without their mother who was also once a girl.

Even if she takes birth, why isn’t she given equal rights as that of her brother? Why is she supposed to do entire household work? While a guy goes out and work, he is given a royal treatment at home, then why is a girl not given the same, even though she works at both office and home? Is she not allowed to dream? Is she not allowed to have wishes and desires? Is she not allowed to live her life her way? Why??? Just because she is a girl.

I do agree that the situation has improved a lot, scenarios have changed a lot, things are better than what they were previously but still there is a long way to go. Howsoever modern we might have become, but deep down somewhere in our thoughts, boys slightly over power girls, Why?

P.S. – Being a girl (and yes, a darling daughter of my parents), it is more than dreadful and heart breaking to witness such conditions around.