R says ‘Remembrance’

Remembrances are fond, Quite often they are not, They do hurt. A memorable recollection, of past memories and experiences, of those dead. The nostalgia created, by thinking of the loss, is difficultly handled. The only question, that I seek an answer, is left unanswered. The question being, why our dear ones leave, ¬†and life cease? … Continue reading R says ‘Remembrance’

P says ‘Poetry’

Poetry..??? An expression of feelings and ideas, of distinct and varied culture and class. It is a form of literature, written in meter. with some rhythmic sounds, and the emotions that it compounds. There are no barrier to what one thinks, and no stopping to what we imagine. The flow of the words, their synchronisation … Continue reading P says ‘Poetry’

O says “Outburst”

She dreamt freedom, She desired independence and liberty, & a distinct identity. She wanted to be something, She wanted to earn name and fame, That was her only aim. She had will-power, She was confident and strong, What went wrong? She surrendered to her dears, having in mind all those failure fears, She broke and … Continue reading O says “Outburst”

L says “Love”

Love..what's love..?? A feeling...An emotion...An expression... A connection..A relation...A bond..Anything and Everything to treasure, value and cherish. Love is being with each other, Love is being stupid together. Love is to be by each other's side, whenever required. Love is holding hands while going on a walk. Love is taking care if the other more … Continue reading L says “Love”

J is for – Joyful walk to remember..!!

In response to - A-Z Challenge It was mid January, midnight twelve that they went on a walk besides the Singapore Lion Fountain, beginning from the Lion Statue,crossing the MarinaBay Sands, Singapore Flyer and finally witnessed night life at Clarke Quay before returning to their hotel. It was a starry night, soft breeze blew carrying … Continue reading J is for – Joyful walk to remember..!!