#Writing101#Your Voice will find You#

You’re told that an event that’s dear to your heart — an annual fair, festival, or conference — will be cancelled forever (or taken over by an evil organization). Write about it. For your twist, read your piece aloud, multiple times. Hone that voice of yours!     Since it is Dusshera (Vijay Dashmi) time … Continue reading #Writing101#Your Voice will find You#

Letter to a Flower

Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What jumps out at you? Start there, and try a twist: write in the form of a letter.   Dearest Flower, Hope you are in the pink of your health.  I am super fine and super happy to write to you. I know you can't … Continue reading Letter to a Flower

#Writing101#Serially Found#IFoundMyAnswers#

In continuance of Serially Lost and in response to Serially Found -  While she fell asleep, she still had those thoughts and questions hovering in her mind, troubling her and not allowing to have a sound sleep. Probably, she didn't have in in months now. But, as they say, there are limits to everything, so had her … Continue reading #Writing101#Serially Found#IFoundMyAnswers#

Every end is a new beginning.

In it’s truest sense it is foreshadowing…something that I wrote before knowing of this prompt. Isn’t it Foreshadow? lolzz.. I am glad to reblog my own post for the topic that is connected… 🙂

Writing 101: Dark Clouds on the (Virtual) Horizon

Pen Stroke

It was a dark & beautiful Wednesday evening when they met at a coffee shop. His late arrival compelled her to wait and this was nothing new for her. She was lost in her thoughts of the quarrel they had the previous night and this was also the agenda of the meeting. The thoughts about the consequences of the fight as to in which direction will it lead them disturbed her. Does it signify the end or is it paving way for a new beginning? She was too occupied with her fear of the future and the memories of the past that she didn’t notice that he had arrived.

He called out her name in order to confirm his presence.

They greeted each other, trying to be friendly and not showing the impact of the fight, although it was visible in their eyes. The waiter arrived to take their order…

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The Foodie Mee.. :)

Writing 101 - Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice — even if that makes you a little nervous. After reading the prompt, first thing I did was to ask my Mom "What was my favourite childhood meal?'', as to be very … Continue reading The Foodie Mee.. 🙂


A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene. The environment at home wasn't peaceful at all. Krish was not feeling well rather was grief-stricken. The memories … Continue reading #Writing101#Day9#PointOfView#

A small conversation between God & Me..!!

Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue. One fine morning, while sipping coffee, I had a few issues troubling me. In a short while, I found, I was questioning God. The replies were obviously my own, To answer me, He won't come … Continue reading A small conversation between God & Me..!!

A Character Building Experience

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study. The first person who struck me after reading this description is a man who drove us (my family & I) to Darjeeling from Gangtok. A retired man in his mid-sixties, ordinary … Continue reading A Character Building Experience