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She dreamt freedom,

She desired independence and liberty,

& a distinct identity.

She wanted to be something,

She wanted to earn name and fame,

That was her only aim.

She had will-power,

She was confident and strong,

What went wrong?

She surrendered to her dears,

having in mind all those failure fears,

She broke and outburst tears.

She remained calm,

and tried to be normal.

composed & formal.

This is not the end,

It isn’t supposed to be this way,

Soon she’ll find here way.

Although tears outburst,

but they could’t break her,

She conquered fear.

With those tear-filled watery eyes,

she still dreamt high of touching skies,

That will be a surprise.

P.S. – In response to A-Z April Challenge.


Some dreams are short lived,

Some wishes impermanent,

They aren’t eternal but ephemeral.

They die out too soon,

leaving you heart-broken,

and give reasons to mourn.

If it truly was a dream,

It couldn’t die.

Dreams are Eternal not Ephemeral.

P.S.  – Written as a part of A-Z Challenge.


# Quote – 3
“The best way to overcome your fears is to face them..!!”




You write because you have an idea in your mind that feels so genuine, so important, so true. And yet, by the time this idea passes through the different filters of your mind, and into your hand, and onto the page or computer screen — it becomes distorted, and it’s been diminished. The writing you end up with is an approximation, if you’re lucky, of whatever it was you really wanted to say.

– Author Khaled Hosseini, “How to Write,” the Atlantic

“Being Able to write is a Blessing”

The above lines in itself truly describe the scenario every writer faces, atleast the amateur writers like me do. (Though as of now, I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m just a beginner. There is a long way to go. I’ve used it in the context that anyone who writes is a writer, 😉 ) To add to this, there is a major issue cropping up these days, that I am giving a mention below.

These days, since I have been regular at writing almost anything and everything that comes up to my mind, my thoughts have started startling me. They strike my mind with the speed of light (I don’t think I am exaggerating), one after the other, even before I could make a note of the first one the next seems to come in and the chain continues. It makes it difficult for me to able to concentrate on what I was supposed to write. So, I found a way out. I have started making notes of the subsequent thoughts that strike me and help my focus on the first one. Once I complete that write – up, I re-visit the notes list, choose one out of that and get back to writing. This has no doubt helped me, but this wanderer mind of mine still creates troubles but I am trying to keep an edge over it. I hope, I succeed. And, honestly, when I write something with a focused and free mind, I find my writings better than what I write when I am over-filled with thoughts. I won’t say that those write-up’s come up to be excellent but they are something I pour my heart in, so I feel more connected, more satisfied and happier.

Also, these over-speedy thoughts and my focus to be able to write them somewhere before they disappear or vanish, at times cuts me from the physical world. It happens a lot these days that I am with my family or friends talking and chatting with them, spending time with them and suddenly I am lost…Lost in my own world. It is difficult to believe that my mom pulls my leg by saying that she has lost her importance to my writings..Gosh..! I really couldn’t believe my ears really heard that, I pinched myself and thought over what mom said and I found that true to an extent. The time slot in my schedule that exclusively belonged to my Mum previously now is spent either with my diary or laptop. I decided to effectively manage time and not to disappoint Mumma. Also, the time devoted to chats and messages previously now goes in making notes of the recurrent thoughts in my mind i.e. the use of my cell phone too has changed a great deal. I have started getting complaints from my folks. I am hopeful to be able to deal with this and I am sure I will be able to do it.

To conclude, I would like to put it up as  – There are two things I need to be doing – Firstly, manage my thoughts (My Dream World, The Illusionary World that seems real only to me) and secondly, manage my relationships (The Physical World, The Real Real World). I can’t even imagine living in the absence of any of these. Though both are mutually exclusive but both are essential for my survival. I exist because they do. I am because they are.

P.S. This is written as a part of the Day1 activity of “Writing 101” initiative by WordPress.

MAA, a self explanatory word that includes the ‘world’ in it…yes I use the word “MAA” and not Mother even while using english as the mode to communicate because the feelings and emotions the word Maa arouses in me, Mother doesn’t, though it means the same. Nevertheless, this is not a ‘Maa vs Mother’ kinda thing, it is just to write something about the one who is so divine and pure, as no one else can be, about the one who replaces ‘God on Earth’. She is the visible God. Respect Her. Value Her. Treasure Her.

She is the one who carries a baby in her womb for nine long months, goes through a hell lot of pain happily in order to let the civilizations flourish, so that life could exist. For the entire world, even for the child himself/herself, the age is counted from his/her birthday but for a Mother he/she is always nine months older than his/her age. For her, our existence comes into being a lot earlier. She has lived every moment of that period. From then on, her child becomes her priority.
She is the only one who feeds a child even when she is rewarded with a kick on her bosom. She is the one who does all our daily chores better than we ourselves can do, even though we sometimes reward her with harsh words, bitter tone and anger. Dare to do such similar acts with any damn person, how so ever close, you will only get hatred and hurt in return. On the contrary a Mother gives us all the happiness possible in this world, even her own share for that matter. She has to put in a lot of effort, hard work and concern for her child’s upbringing, good education, better health, proper hygiene, the tastiest food, best toys, the most beautiful dress, and everything else her child demands, needs, wants and desires.
She sacrifices the biggest part of her dreams, desires and happiness for the very small-small wishes of her children. She lets forego even the things or dreams which she would have cherished or longed for when she was a girl, or a young lady without expecting anything in return. How can she have such a big heart? A heart for which the smallest wish of her child is more important than the biggest of her dreams. Such sacrifice, immeasurable in any terms or units is highly ignored and taken for-granted. Even then she doesn’t regret or stop making such sacrifices rather continues to do so and makes even bigger ones, if required. HATS OFF to ‘Her’.
Her love knows no bounds. Her concern has no limits. Her unmatched care, the endless support she extends are our real strengths if one understands from that perspective. But ironically, we don’t and even if we do, we take it to be our right, which indeed is a blessing, for which we should be thankful, accept it with folded hands, touch her feet and say a “word of Thanks” instead what we do is put on her all our tensions, frustration and irritation. And, honestly, it will bring a smile to every mother and nothing can be more beautiful than that. No feeling is more wonderful than to see your mother smiling because of you. It not only gives her all happiness but also gives you the Strength…strength to fight against all the evils, stand against all odds, stand against and fight all the competition and emerge as a winner.  Just think for a moment, don’t we expect that our efforts should be noticed and acknowledged. Yes, of course we do. Then a Mother also rightfully deserves it. Think Over..!!!
She makes us what we are. She know us inside out, from likes to dislikes, whether it be food, clothes, gifts, everything. She makes our lives so very comfortable. We can only concentrate on  our core aspects whether studies or job because she is the one who takes care of all the other things. Be it cooking food, washing clothes getting them ironed and back to their place, polishing shoes. She does all  our work from every small bit to the biggest part. She plays a lot many roles in our lives –
  •  Teacher – She is the first teacher to every child. From the basic ABC to the biggest lessons of Life, she teaches us. She is the one who makes us familiar with the worldly people, formalities, customs, rituals and rites. She teaches us how to eat, sleep, walk, talk and for that matter any sort of behavioural attributes.
  • She is a perfect mentor, philosopher and guide. The only person on Earth who will always show you the right path without any selfish motives. So selfless is her Love towards us.
  • She’s a best friend, in whom the biggest of secrets can confide. One can share the deepest secrets with her being sure of no leak. She will crack jokes to make you smile. She forgot all her troubles and problems to make you smile in the early years of your life. So, isn’t it our duty now to put a smile on her face permanently. We say “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” No one can better come up to this proverb, other than a Mother. The youth of today can do anything for a friend but will not even think this way for a mother. But truly, in truest of the sense, a mother is a child’s best friend for all seasons and the best reasons.
 Though every letter and word written above truly describes her and I also admit that her nature and personality is beyond this or probably she is that one person for whom I fall short of words to describe, but still I feel lucky to being able to try my hand at that…and for this also a million ton thanks to her again.

After a general description of a Mother (as done above), would like to share some bits and parts of the kind of bond I share with my Maa. She is the architect of my life, my strength, my deepest source of inspiration, my storehouse of knowledge, the confidence I own, my reason in everything I do and even for that matter I do not do, the one on whom I always rely and depend, the best of my friends who lends me a patient ear and listens to everything I have to utter, how ever sensible or nonsense it might be. People say heaven lies in mother’s feet or laps. I don’t want to claim or comment on the truthfulness or applicability of this statement, all I want to say is that there cannot be a place more safe, secure, peaceful and heavenly than her lap. Once I put my head on her lap, I am out of this world..somewhere where there is no reason to worry, no tension and all stress relieved. She brings Smile when I have tears in my eyes, she provides me with clear vision when I have some obfuscated notion, she provides me with all the courage, spark and positivity when I am losing my strength or I am afraid or my thoughts turn to be that of a pessimist. She pulls me up every time I fall and gets me going. Albeit I depend on her to a great extent, but she is the one who has taught me to be independent and self – reliant. She lives and leads a life for the sake of others and that is what she has taught us. In her words, “Everyone lives for his own self but if you truly want to live life in its truest sense Live for others. The real happiness lies not in receiving but in giving…all the amount of love, care and concern one can give without expecting anything in return” She is a lady of her words and lives by this.She is someone who completes me and justifies my existence.

If Life is Jig Saw Puzzle, she is the best riddle solver..!

If Life is Problem, she has all the possible solutions…!

If Life is a Vicissitude, she provides Stability…!

If Life brings curses, she is a Blessing…!

If Life is displays Bad Fortune, she is a Boon…!

If Life is restless, she brings Peace…!
She gave me life and she is ‘my Life’. She made me what I am today and she is the reason I live. ‘Thanks’ is a word too small even to acknowledge what all I owe you, repaying all that is just next to impossible. All I can do is to make you proud and happy by whatever things and acts I do. But still this ‘Thank You, Maa’ is just to express my a gratitude for everything you do, you have done and you will  continue to do. This is just a token of love and Tribute to you. Love You Maa….!!!