Events – A series of events keep taking place simultaneously leading to what we call as destiny. The couple in love did their job and waves did their own. Both are in motion, both have some intentions, some prevail longer than the other. That’s how its meant to be, isn’t it?

The undulating waves,

made way to the shore

wiping carved names.

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“Evoke the spirit in ‘You’, who shall find something brilliant in everything.” 


There’s something good hidden in everything.

It is all a matter of perception

and everything happens for a reason.

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In response to Daily Post Prompt, Forlorn, here‘s an Acrostic form of poetry –

Fond of her writings

Out of place, he felt

Reading the letter

Left by his beloved

On her deathbed

Realized, life would

Never be the same.

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Pic Courtesy – Google Images

It rightfully belongs to the person who created it. I thank him for my use.


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in the times of need,

she felt offended.








Ironically, allergic she turned,

when love was showered.

In response to the Daily Post Prompt, Conversation

Amused & Excited,

to share the delight felt,

his presence awaited.

He arrived tensed,

By her, it was sensed.

She stood quieted.

Concerned, she asked

the reasons that troubled,

leaving him perplexed.

His frustration burst,

weighing the situation’ thrust.

She did adjust.

Silence took over.

Though words left unspoken,

yet were heard.

The wise accommodates and adapts while the foolish reacts and repents..!!

Care taken,

Concern shown,

Time lent,

Money spent,

Moments shared,

Memories created,

Attachment built,

Hearts lit,

Love expressed,

Nothing reciprocated.

One-way giving,

shattered living.


In response to the Daily Post Prompt – Temporary – something that i appreciate despite its short shelf life.

Temporary Food, Permanent Love..!!
I just couldn’t think of something better in response to this prompt after having such delicious delicacy for dinner. Food is in the air and food is on my mind.

P.S. – A thank you gesture for my not so sweet but good at cooking, husband for the delicious dinner tonight.

What a witty suggestion or say, a challenge by my better half to compose 1 post for these prompts. 
So, here’s it, I launch my post, “What A Coincidence – 15 Prompts, 1 Post..!!”. 
Narrating the tales of their glorious past,
Trying to recreate a flavorful cast.
Incidents that seemed too irrelevant,
Stories that are no longer prevalent,
Still trying to attract like a magnet,
And willing to make some sense on this planet.
They tried to grab hold of her dreams and aspirations,
In the name of their mighty traditions.
Making her feel her desires so tentative,
And leaving her depressed and so negative.
She broke down into crumbs,
Sting in pain, she fell so numb.
Those long stories of the long lost pride,
All appeared made-up and falsified.
In the times when she should have stayed focused,
Not just her wishes but existence was questioned,
The flower that should have been pampered,
Stood like a detached leaf all shattered.
P.S. – In response to the following Daily Prompts –
3.  Sting
6.  Crumb
7.  Mighty
8.  Leaf
10. Pamper
14. Launch
15. Witty


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Logging into your blog account after so long, and to your surprise, you find in the notifications panel, you have 300 followers. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Indeed it is.

Who doesn’t like to appreciated and admired. Every word of praise counts, each one of you matter. Hence, I dedicate this post to all of you as ultimately it is a reader who makes a writer what he/she is.

I take this opportunity to thank each one of you from the core of my heart. All you guys out there aren’t my followers but fellow blogger friends. Thank you so much.


Wishing you all the happiness-