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In response to the Daily Post Prompt – Temporary – something that i appreciate despite its short shelf life.

Temporary Food, Permanent Love..!!
I just couldn’t think of something better in response to this prompt after having such delicious delicacy for dinner. Food is in the air and food is on my mind.

P.S. – A thank you gesture for my not so sweet but good at cooking, husband for the delicious dinner tonight.


My Evergreen Playlist..!!

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Undoubtedly, the above saying stands true for all of us. One would rarely find someone who doesn’t (or say cannot) connect to the above quote. The prompt asks a question “Is music the window to your freshness?”. I suppose, by now I am clear as regards the answer to this question. Yes, of course the answer is in affirmative.

Before I list down the magical musical playlist, have a look at ‘Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda in a fresh music video with sensational dance moves and magical vocals.’

Here’s a part of my evergreen playlist that cheers up my mood instantly anytime and every time along with the reasons or memories attached to the song to bring a clarity why and how they lend me ‘freshness’.

1. Maa-Meriii Maa-Pyaari Maa-Mumma – Just listen to this song, if you haven’t and make your mom listen to it, rest I don’t need to speak much, the bond you share with your mom (maa) will itself speak louder than any words would ever do.

2. Aas paas h khuda – This song from a bollywood movie ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ is in itself a power booster. When you feel drained out or taken aback, it is a wonderful song to motivate yourself and keep moving. At least, it does this to me. Vishal-Shekhar’s lyrics and the voice of the man himself, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, what else does a song require to touch one’s heart?

3. Hamdard – The magically magical voice of Arijit Singh & Mithoon is enough to keep you connected to the song. The song talks of the love so deep that if you are with me, even the pain is beautiful, as long as you smile, I’ll fight the world so deep where ones desires are another’s wishes, where it’s like two souls dwelling in one’ Just listen and feel it yourself –

4. Yaaro Dosti –  The ‘Forever Friendship’ song, that’s how I remember, re-live and rejoice this song. It reminds me of my school and college days and my lovely gang of friends. Howsoever far we might be or the touch might loose but you all will always form an undetachable part of my life.

5. Tum Mile – They say, “when you are happy, you listen to the music, but when you are sad, you understand the lyrics”. My addition to that, ‘when you are in love, you can feel the lyrics’. Don’t believe me, just lend a patient ear to this song and feel what happens when you meet your true love, your soul-mate.

6. Ambarsariyaa – This song from the movie, ‘Fukrey’ sung by ‘Sona Mohapatra’ has a special place in my life as this is one of those songs on which my bestie planned to dance in my wedding. We have infinite memories attached with it. Even a second of playing this song, reminds me of her.

7. Galla Goodiyaan – The most recent favourite and the most listened song these days, is this one. Just listen and dance to the tunes of this song, I bet you’ll get lost in the music.

8. Tum ho to gaata h dil – The song has some very respectable people associated with it,  lyrics by Javed Akhtar (undoubtedly, it has to be an awesome, more than awesome composition), sung by his son Farhan Akhtar and music by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. Does it need any more description? Generally speaking, no, but talking personally I want to add to the list my husband’s name as this is a common favourite. And, to be very honest, my reason to love this song is ‘him’.

9. Gone Gone Gone –  This wonderful composition by Phillip Phillips steals my heart, every time I hear to this song. This song creates a feeling that someone somewhere is living for you, living because of you and trust me this feeling has no other comparison. My favourite lines from this song are –

“You’re my back bone.
You’re my cornerstone.
You’re my crutch when my legs stop moving.
You’re my head start.
You’re my rugged heart.
You’re the pulse that I’ve always needed.”


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Thanks to all those who have contributed (apart from my writing) to make this post the way it looks.

I know I am a bit late for this article but do we have any earmarked time for sharing our happiness and thanking people behind it?
No, shall be the answer. So here, I go..!!!

Yes, by ‘Double Century’ , I meant 200+ followers. That implies double the love, double readers, double responsibility and double the happiness.

For some it might not be a very big achievement, but for me it indeed is one. Each follower of mine is like a friend to me which listens (reads) to whatever I have to utter (write), a guide and a mentor from whom I have learnt a lot and I owe a great deal to them.
So, I don’t have 200 followers but I have 200 friends who have faith in me, despite the fact that they do not know me..The inconditional love and support that each one of you have extended is worth praising and applauding as without you all this wouldn’t have been possible. The journey so far wouldn’t have been so amazing. Thanks to all my dear friend readers.


Thank you God for blessing me with the ability to write.

And, then there are some real life people, some blood ties that deserve a mention here.
Beginning with my parents, Mum who knows it all , every small detail about me and my blog and is happier than me when I accomplish even a smallest target; Paa, who although unknowingly but has always trusted in my writing skills (despite the minimal I have); my entire family; the sweet, sexy set of the sizzling siblings that I have (know them here); a crazy yet adorable friend of mine; and last but not the least my dear husband who has celebrated each like and follow on my blog since the day he came to know of my ‘bloggie’ love.
It might sound like an award winning speech, but for me it’s no less.

With folded hands, many thanks to all of you!!!

Immense love to all.

The first 1000 likes on my blog. Of course I am happy, something more than happy 😀 and somewhat short of words to express that :P.


Yes, I didn’t  think of it the day I started with ‘MY BLOG’ (in caps, as that gives a feeling of being the proud owner).

Less than a year and more than 1000 likes, is enough a reason for me to be happy and to celebrate. Moreover, all this while I have found the hidden me, the real me, a friend in my own self, who is more than satisfied once she completes a write-up.  It seems that she just talked to her inner self and trust me the feeling is just awesome.

Most importantly,  it’s  a “THANK YOU” Note to all my dear readers and fellow bloggers who have supported me in their own ways, who have been a constant source of inspiration always (knowingly or unknowingly) and who keep me moving through this virtual world. Thanks to one and all out here.

Looking forward  to know you all better through your writings. Looking forward  for another great milestones. Looking forward to read more from you. Looking forward to more learning as there is always a scope of improvement and time and again, I have learnt from each one of you. Hope this amazing  journey to be more worthwhile and as wonderful as ever.

Happy Blogging.

It is a general notion and the saying goes like”Mumma’s Boy and Daddy’s Girl”. Though I am both, but a hug from Paa is a bit more special than from Maa in terms of weightage. The reason being it’s rare with dad while with mum it’s more frequent, so it’s special in terms of volume. With mum, you don’t need occasions to exchange hugs and so should be with dad but somehow it is only on occasions. Sad, but true. And, so they are more special and memorable. Yes, memorable as the prompt in itself could make all those treasurable moments flash beside my eyes when i hugged my dad or vice versa.

The reason that you hug your dad less number of times than your mother doesn’t signify that you love him less or for that matter if he doesn’t hug you as often as your mother, it does in no way mean that he loves you any less. Hugs express love and not define love. I exchange hugs with my Mom way more than with Dad, and vice versa but that does not all mean that we do not love each other. It’s just that with dad it’s a little different. His way of showing love is different and special in his own ways. To name some, the way he ensures you have healthy and hygienic food, the way he shares his favourite dish with you as it is your favourite too (after all you have his genes) , the way he ensures you sleep well, the way he keeps awake till you sleep the day before your exam, the way he feels proud of your results, the way he must have carried you to the city zoo, fair, or market, the way he came out of the movie hall having you in his arms as you got scared of the dark or some fighting scene, the way he dropped you to the school, and the way he held you in his arms the day you were born, with a tear in his eyes and a smile on his cheeks.

Out of the many times I have hugged my dad, the ‘best’ was the one on my wedding day. Though words left unsaid and unuttered, the communication was complete. I could sense his fear, his anxiety, his concern, his happiness, his trust and an assurance that he will always be there just the way he has always been. I am sure he felt the same pain that I did while leaving the home that I belonged to and he understood that I wanted him to let me stay with him some more the way I could understand that even though he wanted the same but he could’t let me.

A ‘Hug’ is squeezing someone in your arms expressing affection and love but this hug expressed beyond any words or emotions could ever do. Undoubtedly this is the “Best Hug” that any ‘father-daughter’ duo could ever dream off or experience.

Though I have never hugged him on any Father’s Day (as I said it is on occasions and this wasn’t one amongst those) , but this Father’s Day, I wish I could do so. I long for it. I miss you “PAPA”.

A request to all darling daughters reading this to hug your father on this day, if you usually don’t. Please don’t miss this golden chance. A hug from your side to your dad would convey mine to my Paa.

A big thanks to those who do and to those also who read but couldn’t do.

P.S. – I am participating in the ‘#HugYourDad’ activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

*Do have a look on this video, it’s heart-touching, heart-warming, and heart-melting.*

May 2010

It was my father’s twenty-fifth work anniversary. Being very much connected and involved in his work, it was a very big occasion for him. For him, work is worship, now you probably know better, what it meant to him. He planned to throw a grand party on 23rd day of May, 2010 and I had my exams till 19th of May, 2010. So, I wasn’t able to decide on what could be the most apt gift for him. I came home at six in the evening on 19th May and finally I was all free and hence my entire focus was on “What to dedicate (gift) him on this occasion?”. I had just one thing in my mind, it had to be something that he would treasure for an entire lifetime and that meant it couldn’t be any materialistic article, as with time, they turn obsolete and so it had to be something that had a personal touch and symbolic of a daughter’s love and what he meant to me. More so, because I had till then not been so expressive when it came to my dad. That’s the general case with many kids, isn’t it? They open their heart out in front of their Mums and keep calm and shut when exposed to Dads. Does that mean they love their Paa’s any lesser? Definitely, not. They have a special place in the same corner of the heart where mum resides.

Once I came home after the exam was over, the entire evening was spent thinking of ‘that special gift for someone very special’. Finally, I decided I will write something for him. Since, I had never been so expressive in front him, that would have been a surprise big enough for him. Although, he knew well what he meant to his children, but somehow we had never shown that love we felt and respect we did and vice versa also stood true. We knew it well that he loves us equally and that he would never express in front of us or show it to us. That’s how it is.

So, it was around 02:00 AM when I finally could make up my mind to write something. Hell tired and exhausted due to the exams and lack of sleep, my brain seemed to have stopped working. I just closed my eyes, relaxed and imagined my dad, the way he is, time we spent together in order to be able to make a move, at least because I had to complete it that day itself as the next day was my train. I was scheduled to reach to my dad’s place a day before the  function and there would be no time left, once I reach there, so it had to be completed by that night itself.

So, relaxed and composed, I started to write. And here’s an extract of what I wrote –


How do I describe the word,

Not with a pen, nor with a sword.

He is the one who takes all the pain,

Not for his own but for our gain.

Nothing does he desire for himself,

All he does is for other’s sake.

To serve others, he thinks is fate,

For him, to help it’s never too late.

Papa, you are so knowledgeable,

All your teachings are unforgettable.

Your thoughts, your principles, your morals,

The basis that all your decisions encompass,

Are too high for us to understand,

Difficult to reach where you stand.

You are our strength, you are our power,

Divine are the blessings that you shower.

You must be willing to know what was my father’s reaction? He had water-filled eyes, tears rolled down his cheeks, he couldn’t say much, nor could I. He just hugged me tight and said, “May God Bless You..!!!” and so am I blessed, to have him as my dad.

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In response to the A-Z Challenge
For today’s prompt, I says _________, the first thing that struck me was Ice cream. It has two reasons behind, the first one being my mother’s birthday and she is too fond of ice creams. And ever since early childhood, it was on this day that we use to have our summer beginnings i.e. to say it was on this day that we used to have the first ice cream of the season, marking the end of winter season. So i had ice cream on my mind all day long.

And the latter being the fact that as kids while learning the basic english alphabets, we used to learn, ‘I for Ice cream’. Hence,  this post.

download (4)

P.S. – Mom, this day ‘You’ and ‘Ice cream’ with you have been both dearly missed.

Daily  Prompt – You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

Wooowwww… That’s a good news..!!
I stood startled and confused,
as to how and what should I react,
Coz I found something I did least expect.

A news that comes all of a sudden,
takes time to adapt and digest,
Then whether it be a sigh of relief or burden.
Once adjusted, I’ll celebrate the good and forget the rest.
Coz good things in life happen,
only when life is at it’s best.
Further, I would thank God,
Feel delighted having been blessed by Lord.
And be grateful to Mom and Dad,
For giving me whatever they had.
For making me who I am.
I’ll always owe it all to them.

Looking forward to meet her..!!

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In response to the Daily Prompt – High Noon


This afternoon, after talking to my dear sister and getting to know of her plans to see me in early june, all that has kept me occupied is the thought of her being here with me while I kept making the  ‘To-Do List’  subconsciously.

Looking forward to the day we come across,
These days seem too difficult to pass.
The memories of time together are ever so fresh,
The time spent together is truly cherished.
The wait seems endless, time seems to have stopped,
Looking forward to meet you, fingers crossed.


Home Sweet Home

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Size Matters – Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to — and vary — your sentence lengths.

Create a sound that pleases the reader’s ear. Don’t just write words. Write music.

I am glad that I still live in the same  I lived when I was twelve. Though the things have changed, time has changed and so has the structure and the people inhabiting it. I mean the house has been renovated and some people have shifted in and out of the house but the place is still the same, as heavenly as always.

 is where I live with my family, creating memories & re-living them and spending time happily laughing with each other. The place where most of my life is spent. The place where I have had ages of fun, The place that has been a witness to all the celebrations, howsoever small or grand. The place where even the ordinary days were converted to those special festivities due to the presence of some special people. The place that is evident to everything listing from smallest joys to biggest achievements, a sibling squabble to the elderly quarrel, from the moments to rejoice and cherish to events just opposite and anything that was happening and not-so happening.

The house I live in is a two floor building, the ground floor having a few big and spacious rooms with windows and ventilators for proper ventilation that serve as the living room and bed room, a moderate kitchen from where the aroma of delicious food keeps coming every now and then, a drawing room adorned with various trophies and mementos, a very large compound that witnessed most of my childhood and the games I played then, a common dining space where we all eat together, though sometimes the timings do not match (be it due to different school, college or office hours), parking lot (which formed a part of our pitch when as kids my brother along with his friends and I used to play there), two box-rooms that act as a warehouse (concerning the volume of the things they store) and small vestibule at the entrance and the upper floor is a roof-top open terrace where most of my late evenings are spent, even now. Back then, when I was 12, I used to roam about, run and wander with my siblings and friends and now my cell is added to that list. Our home is surrounded by the semi-detached houses on either side, facing the street directly and an open backyard where we have a few plants grown depending upon the season it is.

After this small description of the vernacular architecture of our rambling home, all I have to say is ”  is where your ❤ is.” And, all it takes is ‘Love’ to make a house “Our Home”.  I  our .

N.B. – As the prompt says, “Don’t just write words, create music”. I don’t know if I have succeeded in doing that from a reader’s perspective but while writing this I have re-lived my life in a glimpse like a small video clip where the visuals are from past and the music of is the love, care and concern that I have been receiving ever since the day I was born. I am thankful and honoured for having a chance to write this.