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A Big Day…!!!

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Haiku Poems
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It’s a big day today,

My blog target of 100 posts achieved,

A month of being engaged.


It’s a great feeling,

Someone pinch me, I feel I’m dreaming,

I’m laughing loud & screaming.


You might find me mad,

But I’ve my reasons to be glad.

Life’s unfolding like magic wand.


I feel on cloud nine,

Both, ‘Blog’ & ‘You’ are entirely mine,

So, I’m more than fine.


As  a child,

I was the favourite of all my teachers,

They came to the class and ask me to stand,

not in punishment but as a reader.

Probably, coz I had a loud voice,

& they thought I was good at semantics.

The praise from the principal was also splendid,

The Best Newsreader, I was awarded.

I am not so sure to be deserving of all these praises,

I am lucky enough for having heard these phrases.

I bow down to all of them & thank in gratitude,

In hardships, this works as a fortitude.

Later in my teens, I wrote a poem for my friends,

recorded a whatsapp audio and  I did send.

They turned nostalgic,

& said it works as a magic,

when they miss me, they re-hear it,

& feel contended.

Thankful to all of them for boosting me up in all seasons,

Because of these and one more reason,

that in my writings, I’ll be able to put emotions,

and convey the feelings behind their creation,

I think, I’ll lend my own voice to my blog,

Available for it 24*7, round the clock.

 P.S. The idea originated from the Daily Prompt – Voice Work.

Long Time…No See…!!

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Poetry.. :)
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To begin with, I would like to apologize to all my friends followers and companions for not being in touch for over a month. The reason for the same was some health issue so I couldn’t log in to any of my accounts. 

And last but not the least, I apologize to my dear blog which is a multiple role player in my life..

A selfless friend who lends me –

a patient ear to pour all my thoughts on,

a hand to hold when something goes wrong. 

My dear darling baby,

who drives me crazy.

A 24*7 great companion,

with no demands & no expectations.

A source of self – motivation,

something from where I derive my inspiration.

I’m short of words to describe this relation,

it’s just a lot of love along with passion,

And this is what is behind every creation,

‘You’re lovable’ & worth a mention.

 All these days,

Thoughts constantly kept haunting my mind,

and played themselves on continuous rewind.

I realized, a friend like you hard to find.

Daily, you were missed,

Your presence even in your absence cherished.


When I say, daily you were missed, I really mean every word of it.  Though I really could not share my thoughts and feelings with you but I’ve made notes of it and will soon be sharing. This time span made me realize how important you are to me and how important is writing for me. 

Hope to stay Connected.