Saturday Mix -Opposing Forces (Antithesis)

Words this week are:– imprison and free– break and mend Rules he'd Break, Hearts he'd Mend. Imprisoning me for Life, He set me Free. P.S. - I enjoyed writing for this prompt all in one. You might as well try your hands at this one and give appropriate credits to the original post (as mentioned … Continue reading Saturday Mix -Opposing Forces (Antithesis)

Don’t miss me when I’m gone

As weird as it might sound, that there is always a room for messing up, when people are around, Take that chance before growing up.   A chance to yell, scream, fight and brawl, Grab that one before it isn't too late. as these emotions are for the special ones, not all, and this can … Continue reading Don’t miss me when I’m gone

Beloved’s Birthday Bash <3

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.” This Diwali*, it was Gargi's first birthday right after she and Garv got engaged. Courtship birthdays are special, aren't they? Yes of course. Garv wanted it to be more than  just special and he knew that his presence is rightly anticipated and … Continue reading Beloved’s Birthday Bash ❤

J is for – Joyful walk to remember..!!

In response to - A-Z Challenge It was mid January, midnight twelve that they went on a walk besides the Singapore Lion Fountain, beginning from the Lion Statue,crossing the MarinaBay Sands, Singapore Flyer and finally witnessed night life at Clarke Quay before returning to their hotel. It was a starry night, soft breeze blew carrying … Continue reading J is for – Joyful walk to remember..!!

Love needs no reasons to celebrate

Replying to the wishes and scraps of Valentine's Day ever since morning, a question intrigued in my mind viz. "Does love need reasons to celebrate..??" Certainly not, but yes ofcourse today is one such day when one can express one's feelings or exhibit love. But then every day is a Valentine Day for the people truly, … Continue reading Love needs no reasons to celebrate