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This picture has something more than just clouds, can anybody guess? One of my personal favourites and close to my heart ever since i clicked it.


Yes, you guessed it right, if your answer was a ‘heart with wings, free to fly’ in the middle. Could you just trace it. Those truly in love will surely be able to trace it.

P.S. – In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Clouds.


“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

This Diwali*, it was Gargi’s first birthday right after she and Garv got engaged. Courtship birthdays are special, aren’t they? Yes of course. Garv wanted it to be more than  just special and he knew that his presence is rightly anticipated and obviously expected. But, since it was Diwali, it was difficult for him to manage to go. But somehow he had to and so he did after a series of events that took place, including his surprise being almost revealed.

He had made some great plans to make his beloved’s birthday all more special. He had his own reason, the first one being, it was her first birthday since they met, secondly, it probably was the last birthday of her’s with her family as in the coming years she will be with her in-laws on her birthday and last but not the least, it was Diwali.

Being vacation time, it was difficult for him to arrange the tickets. They were all jam-packed. What were her likes and dislikes was another big difficulty he faced. He also had to ensure that no one from his family would reveal the surprise he planned which was pretty difficult as every now and then someone would call her to talk, it’s like that when you are newly engaged, isn’t it. Every next family member is excited to talk or for that matter know who is the new member being added to the family. This is how arranged marriages are. The next big task was to think of the gift, what should he be giving her as the birthday present.The most difficult one was to convince his family to let him go, as it was Diwali so he had to be at his home.

And, while asking them, he proved to be so convincing that they couldn’t deny. After all, it came ‘Direct Dil se’. He made sure that all his works get completed well before Diwali. All arrangements for that day, in his absence to be managed well. He was determined and excited to go.

Finally the day arrived when he had to leave. It was a difficult, tedious and tiring day for him. He kept rushing the entire day arranging and making gift for her. Now the next big task was to convince her that he wasn’t coming as by now she had some hints that he would come. And now when his phone would go not reachable, she would understand the whole story. So, he played a trick that his phone has got damaged, it is giving troubles while working so he has given it to the service centre and will get it back tomorrow morning and he knew that by that time he would reach and connect to her. So as of now his plan was working well.

The next morning he reached. The first thing he did was to call her and confirm that she was still not aware. The day went by as usual. They discussed their plans for Diwali and had normal talks and chats as they usually had. He assured that she didn’t get even a hint of his being there and he succeeded.

The clock struck twelve and the door bell rang. She opened the door, it was ‘him’ with a bouquet, cake and several gift bags in his hand. She was awestruck, flabbergasted, speechless,  and word bound. She couldn’t believe her eyes. But, yes, it was him. He was really there. There wasn’t any bigger gift she could have expected that day. An initiative that originated from Garv’s Dil (heart) directly touched Gargi’s Dil (heart). It was their #Dil ki Deal story.

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It was mid January, midnight twelve that they went on a walk besides the Singapore Lion Fountain, beginning from the Lion Statue,crossing the MarinaBay Sands, Singapore Flyer and finally witnessed night life at Clarke Quay before returning to their hotel.

It was a starry night, soft breeze blew carrying the chill of the river and the dim lights romanticize the environment further. Amidst this kind of a natural set-up, anybody was bound to fall in love and so did they. After spending half an hour or so, they slowly walked towards Marina Bay Sands where they and planned to see the Light and Sound show. They made sure that they reached there well in time as the show starts sharply as per the show timings and they had so much about the show that they didn’t want to miss that at any cost. Hence, they rushed.

Once at Marina Bay Sands, the show had just started when the reached and now they were able to make out why all of them suggested them for the show and warned them not to miss it. The melodious sound of the songs and the varied colours of laser lights worked in such symmetry that one was bound to be awestruck. It was so well synchronised that it left them spell bound and speechless.

After a few minutes, when the hangover of the show was over, Garvi insisted Rishi to take some pictures and he followed. They also requested some folks around to click pictures of both of them which they could take back as some wonderful memories to cherish.

Further, they started walking slowly, holding hands and talking softly, they reached ahead of The Singapore Flyer where they saw some photographers with their professional cameras taking pictures from various angles, And, of course oh her insisting for pictures, he asked the photographer, “Do you mind clicking a picture for both of us?” He agreed. And, as Garvi said, “This is just so awwwweeesomeee”. They smiled at such an expression.

Moving ahead, they headed to Clarke Quay, while on the way witnessed certain swings, talked to kids, saw a live band performance, etc.Such wonderful attractions even at half past two in the night were not a usual sight and hence were so appealing and amazing. While on the way, they decided to sit for a while at the river – side and have some rest and chit-chat. Also, because it being a few kilometres run, he felt that his beloved must have been tired by now. He was concerned. And, moreover it was too romantic a place to be missed. They sat down and talked for around half an hour before they finally decided to move.

Finally, from Clarke Quay they boarded a cab and went back to their hotel gathering some wonderful memories for a lifetime. This walk couldn’t have been better as it included fun, thrill, excitement, romance, love, and almost everything.


Two –

Is is just a number?

or more, I wonder.

Is is just one added to the other?

or more, I wonder.

On constant thinking

and re-thinking.

I found and realized,

it has hidden meaning behind.

And, now I am of the view,

out of two,

one is ‘Me’ & the other is ‘You’.

That makes us the “Perfect Two”.

Together Forever,

Multiplying Happiness,

Dividing Sorrows,

Celebrating Joys,

Facing Woes,

Being each other’s strengths.

And, over-coming weakness.

Two bodies but one soul,

accepting each other as a whole.

What else does one need?

Being together makes us complete.

So don’t you think ‘Me’ & ‘You’

are perfectly, the “Perfect Two”?

I am pretty sure,

that yes, we are.


In response to, OctPoWriMo 2014


In love with the song, “Perfect Two”

Replying to the wishes and scraps of Valentine’s Day ever since morning, a question intrigued in my mind viz. “Does love need reasons to celebrate..??” Certainly not, but yes ofcourse today is one such day when one can express one’s feelings or exhibit love. But then every day is a Valentine Day for the people truly, madly, badly and deeply in love. Isn’t it…??? The answer is affirmative, atleast for me, though my present relationship status does not confirm it…lolzzz and probably i am not an appropriate person to have said that mainly coz i do not have any experiences of being in love but i think i know how it feels to be in love.


When you truly love someone you are everything you can be, you do everything you possibly can (by hook or by crook) without expecting anything in return. It might sound a bit like the love in bollywood movies, more so coz such kind of love is rarely found in today’s times. It’s easy to love a thousand persons but it’s difficult to love a person in thousand ways, accepting them as they are. No Demands and No complaints.
Having said that and coming back to the reason I am here for, for me Love is itself a reason to celebrate so how can it need any reason or any occasion to celebrate.With all due respect to Saint Valentine,  in whose memoir we all celebrate this great day of love and devotion, his ideologies and all the love birds for whom this day is no less than any festival and is longed for, I just have to say that shouldn’t love be celebrated every day and rejoiced every night. And, if this be done we’ ll have a better place to live in. And, by celebrations in no way I mean to give each other costly gifts, go for romantic outings or amorous dates, or candle light dinner at some five or seven star or any other thing which only the love birds can think of, etc..etc. My sense of celebration is to take care of each other the way none other can, not even your partner himself/herself, have a best understanding of all the differences, be concerned, not just lend but devote and invest your time for the other person [coz its said time is the best thing you can gift to someone coz its a part of your life you give to that person and nobody can take it back (Hamesha and Forever types)], be each other’s strength and support, be the best of friends, give him/her all the rights on you and own all the rights on him/her, Elate Togetherness, CelebrateInseparableness, createfun filled memories so that when one fine day we look back, we are able to say, yes, we not just been together but we have Stayed and Lived Together.  Love is something that provides us with all the strength in the universe to stand against any odds and makes you too weak to face that one person whom you love. Love is a feeling that has no bounds.Love is what makes our life a joyous ride and our living worthwhile. So, in view of these and to draw to close, I would again emphasize that love doesn’t need any reasons to celebrate. Love is a feeling that words can never fully describe, it is how much one can feel it. The feel of this feeling in itself is a ‘Celebration’.


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LOVE – what is it…?? 

  • Is it a thought, a feeling of being cared, loved, valued and our reciprocation of the same…??
  • Is it being concerned about a person more than your own self…Concern, i mean from waking up to sleep, from breakfast to dinner, from minor headaches to major heartaches..??
  • Is it the desire to know the person, in and out, from his/her choices to ignorances, from his/her likes to dislikes, from his/her small wishes to the biggest of his/her dreams…??
  • Is that one prayer you make for his/her well being…?? Is that one wish you have to fulfill all his/her wishes..??
  • Is it that change that comes in you as a response to his/her thoughts or opinion about you..?? Is it that you are ready to accept all the pain from him/her..?? 
  • Is it the “feelings” that keep you waiting to talk to or chat with him/her..that keeps you awake the whole night after a tiring day that you had and before a hectic day you are going to have, you dont feel the need to take rest..having a talk does that fot relaxes you, eases you, takes away your stress..Is it such a wonderful Feeling..???
  • Is it that when you are talking time flies away..and when you wait the clock’s hand are struck as if they have stopped moving..?? 
  • Is it that the entire world’s convincing fails in front of him/her…and his/her just saying is enough for you to listen to follow his/her orders, which though is just said and not even forced..??
  • Is it those sacrifices you make even for the smallest bit of his/her happiness..??
  • Is it those adjustments and compromises you do with one another..for each other’s sake…??
  • Is it a feeling that your dreams seem a miniature to you in front of his/hers..??
  • Is it that your priority list starts starting from his/her name..??
  • Is it that you want to live each and every moment together…and share the talks of times not spent with each other..??
FEELINGS – Are they Developed and Destroyed..???
a) How do they develop..?? Can someone artificially create it or develop it in you or its your own self who does that..?? Is it just because someone makes you feel important and you fall for them..or gradually you start liking one for no reason…or for that matter do we get so habitual or addicted (Mujhe to teri Lat lag gyi kinds) to a person that we think we cannot live without him/her..!! 
b) How are they destroyed…?? Is it just because that special someone who once made you feel important now ignores you..?? Or is it that some newer people come into our life and become so important that you knowingly or unknowingly start ignoring the old ones, the ones you once treasured and valued and lived for..?? 
Can FEELINGS really be developed and destroyed..or it comes out naturally…that initially you like talking to someone, you fall for him/her and gradually you get bored and realize he/she is not your kinds/types. Is it that immature a thing to be felt or made to feel..?? Is it so easy to make someone feel that you are his/her everything…and all of a sudden they don’t even exist for you..?? 
For all these unanswered questions I have just one thing to say, in my opinion “EITHER IT NEVER WAS OR IT WILL ALWAYS BE”……….”NEVER” OR “FOREVER”.

Heart vs Mind

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“OBFUSCATION – Heart vs Mind”


Confusion between my mind and heart,
The battle long ago which start.
Whom to listen is the delimma I face..?
Both want to win this stupid race..
Whosoever wins…I will loose…
Loose to none but my own views..
Mind favours what is right..
All that my heart takes light…
When my mind says something’s wrong,
My heart pushes me Go ON…!!

Finally I chose a path….
Din’t know but it did break my heart.
Everything same but nothing left,
Many differences came up and crept.
Is it..the time that flew away…???
Or something else that came our way..??

Again confused between mind and heart..
Why God gave two..when only one could act..?? 

Finally mind overtook my heart,
It hurts, because the feelings never depart.
It kills me hard inside..
when i think about what I had to decide.
Nothing can I do go back from here,
All I can do is to shed all my tear.
This is the only way my pain can flow.
Without you my life becomes hollow.
Was happy when we were together,
No worries…nothing to bother…
Loved the way we used to talk..chitter chatter,
Your arms were the coziest place that gave me shelter.
When all I had lost..needed it the most..
Don’t have those arms, patient ear, and lovely care,
Left alone…no feel…none to share…

But yes, one good thing it taught,
Resolved the battle that daily I’d faught.
I found an answer to my own question,
Not to the heart..but to mind we should listen.
I don’t say that it’s always right…
but surely helps in difficult times.
Mind’s practical…so it adjusts..
Difficult to rebuilt when the heart fails.
Be sure about your heart..don’t let all hack,
Coz when they leave it suffers a lasting crack.
So, its better to let your heart be a fool…
And for better…Let your Mind Rule…!!!
Or say, if you follow your Heart…
Bring your Mind behind that…!!!
So that they work together in sync,
And never allow this battle to come into being..!!!