The Perfect “Two”…!!

  Two - Is is just a number? or more, I wonder. Is is just one added to the other? or more, I wonder. On constant thinking and re-thinking. I found and realized, it has hidden meaning behind. And, now I am of the view, out of two, one is 'Me' & the other is … Continue reading The Perfect “Two”…!!

When I met a Stranger

“Strangers can become best friends just as easy best friends can become strangers.” There was a time,we didn't know each other.And, that was fine,coz, then we were stranger. There came a time,when we met.As, it was destined,it was all set.   There was a time,when we had a belief.Strangers are future friends,& being one, was a relief.    There was … Continue reading When I met a Stranger

The Undeserving ‘You’ or The Irrational ‘Me’..???

In every relationship, its always two people, two souls reciprocating love, care, and concern sharing a common bond. But in this case, it was just one. Either 'you' or 'me', it was never 'WE'.'You' kept dominating, demanding and expecting.'Me' kept following the orders, fulfilling demands and expectations. 'You' made himself available according to his needs. 'Me' was available … Continue reading The Undeserving ‘You’ or The Irrational ‘Me’..???

If I could read his mind..!!

I believed, He lied I asked, He denied. I trusted, He faked. I admitted, He neglected. But when we talked. Conversations were never too bad, Some of them were the best we could have had. He always convinced, He always pursued, that even he was affected. It's just that he keeps too busy, And for … Continue reading If I could read his mind..!!

Have I changed or You..???

When I caring, I was good.When I let you share, I was good.When I understood you, I was good.When I helped you, I was good.When I was concerned, I was good.When I was supportive, I was good.When I was sensible, I was good.When I was friendly, I was good.For that matter,Even when I was irritating, … Continue reading Have I changed or You..???

Second Chance…!!

We talk, We share, We love, We care. When we need each other, we are always there. But one fine morning, occurred a sudden happening. as a consequence of the talk previous night, the next day we had a fight. We ought not to, but we fought, My help, you sought.  I tried hard and … Continue reading Second Chance…!!