Take me to the Moon

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Take Me to the Moon." How long shall I go for him? or how far shall he go for me? isn't a question too big, as we know, we aren't two 'You's' but one 'We'. So whether it be me or him, and whatever place it be, Both … Continue reading Take me to the Moon

#CrashThePepsi IPL Phase 3

This activity, #CrashThePepsi IPL has been real fun all this while. Honestly, it was an amazing experience viewing the varied ad's and being able to understand the viewpoints and perspectives of some random strangers as to what Pepsi means to them or rather put it as what is their theory or philosophy about Pepsi. Ranging … Continue reading #CrashThePepsi IPL Phase 3

L says “Love”

Love..what's love..?? A feeling...An emotion...An expression... A connection..A relation...A bond..Anything and Everything to treasure, value and cherish. Love is being with each other, Love is being stupid together. Love is to be by each other's side, whenever required. Love is holding hands while going on a walk. Love is taking care if the other more … Continue reading L says “Love”

Directly from a Daughter’s Dil..!!

May 2010 It was my father's twenty-fifth work anniversary. Being very much connected and involved in his work, it was a very big occasion for him. For him, work is worship, now you probably know better, what it meant to him. He planned to throw a grand party on 23rd day of May, 2010 and … Continue reading Directly from a Daughter’s Dil..!!

#Writing101#Serially Found#IFoundMyAnswers#

In continuance of Serially Lost and in response to Serially Found -  While she fell asleep, she still had those thoughts and questions hovering in her mind, troubling her and not allowing to have a sound sleep. Probably, she didn't have in in months now. But, as they say, there are limits to everything, so had her … Continue reading #Writing101#Serially Found#IFoundMyAnswers#

Adumbrated Shadow

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge - Nighttime -   A reflection of the Sister's love. The manifestation of Sister's love. An impression of Sister's love. A recollection of Sister's love. The remembrance of Sister's love. The reminiscence of Sister's love. The contemplation of Sister's love. The commemoration of Sister's love. A recognition of … Continue reading Adumbrated Shadow