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Love..what’s love..??
A feeling…An emotion…An expression… A connection..A relation…A bond..Anything and Everything to treasure, value and cherish.

Love is being with each other, Love is being stupid together.
Love is to be by each other’s side, whenever required.
Love is holding hands while going on a walk.
Love is taking care if the other more than your own self.
Love is standing for each other.
Love is waiting for the other one till he comes.
Love is having food together.
Love is a surprise dish cooked by your husband.
Love is a tight hug.
Love is stealthily exchanging smiles.
Love is to wait all day long to see your beloved.
Love is making efforts to steal those two minutes with each other.
Love is to have mutual understanding.
Love is to lay beside each other.
Love is to listen the hearts beat.
Love is traveling together.
Love is to feel relieved once seeing your beloved.
Love is to feel happy, seeing them smile.
Love is when your dreams become dreams of your beloved and his passion becomes yours.
Love is going for outings.
Love is talking serious stuff along with all the non sense.
Love is listening to whatever the other one utters.
Love is liking what the other one likes.
Love is preparing to surprise the other.
Love is not just roses, it has thorns too. Love is not just all good things, it includes fights too. After every fight, you get to know each other better than before.
Love is Acceptance..Love is Dedication..Love is Sacrifice..Love is Compromise..Love is a Promise..Love is to Care, Share and let Share..Love is something we create everyday and feel every moment…Love is just “LOVE”.. Love is ”LIFE”.

In response to A-Z April Challenge.


“Strangers can become best friends just as easy best friends can become strangers.”

There was a time,
we didn’t know each other.
And, that was fine,
coz, then we were stranger.
There came a time,
when we met.
As, it was destined,
it was all set.
There was a time,
when we had a belief.
Strangers are future friends,
& being one, was a relief.
There was a time,
from strangers,
we turned to be partners-in-crime,
and witnessed all the adventure.
In a short while,
it was like,
The birds of same feather,
flock together.
To find one,
search the other.
Always having fun,
inseparably together.
Talking for long hours,
Posing for silly pictures, 
Individually Sensible,
Together Terrible.
Then came a time,
God knows, what went wrong.
The happy signs,
turned to be a sad song.
Those together all time,
were poles apart in no time.
The change was heart-breaking,
consequences threatening.
From Friends forever,
back to Strangers.
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Replying to the wishes and scraps of Valentine’s Day ever since morning, a question intrigued in my mind viz. “Does love need reasons to celebrate..??” Certainly not, but yes ofcourse today is one such day when one can express one’s feelings or exhibit love. But then every day is a Valentine Day for the people truly, madly, badly and deeply in love. Isn’t it…??? The answer is affirmative, atleast for me, though my present relationship status does not confirm it…lolzzz and probably i am not an appropriate person to have said that mainly coz i do not have any experiences of being in love but i think i know how it feels to be in love.


When you truly love someone you are everything you can be, you do everything you possibly can (by hook or by crook) without expecting anything in return. It might sound a bit like the love in bollywood movies, more so coz such kind of love is rarely found in today’s times. It’s easy to love a thousand persons but it’s difficult to love a person in thousand ways, accepting them as they are. No Demands and No complaints.
Having said that and coming back to the reason I am here for, for me Love is itself a reason to celebrate so how can it need any reason or any occasion to celebrate.With all due respect to Saint Valentine,  in whose memoir we all celebrate this great day of love and devotion, his ideologies and all the love birds for whom this day is no less than any festival and is longed for, I just have to say that shouldn’t love be celebrated every day and rejoiced every night. And, if this be done we’ ll have a better place to live in. And, by celebrations in no way I mean to give each other costly gifts, go for romantic outings or amorous dates, or candle light dinner at some five or seven star or any other thing which only the love birds can think of, etc..etc. My sense of celebration is to take care of each other the way none other can, not even your partner himself/herself, have a best understanding of all the differences, be concerned, not just lend but devote and invest your time for the other person [coz its said time is the best thing you can gift to someone coz its a part of your life you give to that person and nobody can take it back (Hamesha and Forever types)], be each other’s strength and support, be the best of friends, give him/her all the rights on you and own all the rights on him/her, Elate Togetherness, CelebrateInseparableness, createfun filled memories so that when one fine day we look back, we are able to say, yes, we not just been together but we have Stayed and Lived Together.  Love is something that provides us with all the strength in the universe to stand against any odds and makes you too weak to face that one person whom you love. Love is a feeling that has no bounds.Love is what makes our life a joyous ride and our living worthwhile. So, in view of these and to draw to close, I would again emphasize that love doesn’t need any reasons to celebrate. Love is a feeling that words can never fully describe, it is how much one can feel it. The feel of this feeling in itself is a ‘Celebration’.