Fantastico Impact of the Peppy Music of the sea waves during our Navigation.

Recently I had been on a trip to Coral islands with my husband, my sister and her husband. From Bangkok, we hired a cab that took us to the ever so appealing and enthusiastic city of Pattaya. From there on, we took a ferry (a means of water transport that has a capacity to carry … Continue reading Fantastico Impact of the Peppy Music of the sea waves during our Navigation.

Impact of Maa’s quoting quotes

Quotes or say proverbs are some well known sayings &/or phrases that sums up a lot in a few words depicting the established facts and reasoning. Ever since my early childhood days, I had seen my mother using such quotes more than often. She had an intrigue habit of talking in such a manner. By … Continue reading Impact of Maa’s quoting quotes

The Peppy Partners-in-Crime

Priyanshi, a high-spirited, happy-go-lucky kinda jolly fellow accompanied by her partner-in-crime Jiya, equally ebullient and vivacious in the matters dealings with life. For both of them, LIFE was a beautiful PRESENT (Gift) from God. They call it a "Present" since they were firm believers of sayings like "Take the life by the day" & "Live … Continue reading The Peppy Partners-in-Crime

There cannot be any better decorations than cleanliness

"Swachhta se achhi koi sajawat nahi", meaning "There cannot be better decoration and ornamentation than cleanliness" was the motto led and followed by the Swasikans (fellow members of an organisation named, Swastik) as their way of bidding farewell to the year 2015 and welcoming the year 2016. Yes, this was undertaken on the first day … Continue reading There cannot be any better decorations than cleanliness

Getting Inspired from the Inspiring

I just came across the "Spread the Vibe", initiative by "Youth ki Awaaz" wherein we discuss about the people, places and stories that inspired us to feel good in 2015. After giving it some thought, I realised that there isn't any one person, place or incident that inspired me in the previous year, so I … Continue reading Getting Inspired from the Inspiring

Balanced Diet and Crash Diet..!!

What is a Balanced Diet? A balanced diet is the one that gives all types nutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats etc) in the appropriate quantities to the body in order to function properly. Importance of Balanced Diet - It helps the body organs to function effectively and efficiently. It supports the immune system. … Continue reading Balanced Diet and Crash Diet..!!

#UC made it easy..!!

"Friendship"..Is there any other bond like this one? Is there any other relation that can match the level of feelings that the friends preserve, treasure and share. They are the ones who put you into trouble and they will be the first to fight with and for you, if somebody else has made you land … Continue reading #UC made it easy..!!

Mobile phones are no more, ‘just Mobile phones’..!!

My Airtel App allows me to do 'N' number of things sitting comfortably on my cushy white couch and saves me the pain to physically travel to the customer care centre in this sweltering heat and high temperatures. It has a variety of features, namely - It allows you to make the payments of your … Continue reading Mobile phones are no more, ‘just Mobile phones’..!!

Mumma – Our Go To Person for everything.

Prompt - My First Expert - Growing up, our mothers were our go to person for everything. They had a solution for all things under the sun, from homework hassles to playground problems. She’s always been there for you, your go-to person for everything. Your soundboard, each time you wanted to vent. Your secret keeper, for … Continue reading Mumma – Our Go To Person for everything.