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Recently I had been on a trip to Coral islands with my husband, my sister and her husband. From Bangkok, we hired a cab that took us to the ever so appealing and enthusiastic city of Pattaya. From there on, we took a ferry (a means of water transport that has a capacity to carry hundreds of passengers, depending on it’s size. The one we took could accommodate nearly 200-250 people.) that dropped us to the Coral Islands in around thirty five – forty minutes. It was a calm, peaceful and soothing ride. You must be wondering why have i called it as ‘peppy music of sea waves’ when it was a calm ride? Then, my dear friends, the adventure has just begun. While experiencing it, even we weren’t expecting such an experience.

Once we reached there, according to our plan, we made bookings for the famous water-sports (adventure sports activities) for which we had come. The next course of action we took was to keep the baggage into the lockers, change and get ready and be prepared (both physically and mentally) for the fun that lied ahead. After completing all the formalities, we arrived at the shore along with our coach who showed us the boat in which we were to go for our first activity centre i.e. the boat paragliding base. 

The boat that took us to the base was a ‘speed boat’ with a man in mid-twenties driving at full speed crashing against the sea waves from the opposite direction and letting us experience the thrill of being amidst the sea. Finally we reached at the base. The crew members helped us wear the life jackets and instructed as to what we had to do and what was really going to happen. One by one we went for our rides, which was truly a amazingly amazing lifetime experience. Once we all completed our rides, we went back to the shore through the same speed boat & at the same speed (or probably even more). Honestly, the ride on the boat was more scary and deadly than the activity we had actually paid for, we had come here for. Hence, I say, ‘peppy music of sea waves’. 

We experienced the same thrashing and crashing of the boat and the waves again while on the way to our second activity. This time we all were a bit relaxed (not really) but probably because we were better prepared unlike the first time when we had just the ferry experience and moreover our excitement levels surpassed the fear we felt since it was the ‘underwater sea-walk’ that we were to do next. 

On reaching yet another base from wherein they initiate the underwater walk we were again given the life jackets and this time more instructions and cautionary guidelines, since it was riskier. The coach guided us some of the signs of the sign language they use underwater. As one cannot hear or speak underneath sings were a better option or say the only option to let them know if we needed any help. It difficult to accommodate underwater, more so for the non-swimmers like us. Finally, it was our turn and we all went down one after the other along with our guides who showed us the coral reefs, rocks and beautiful fishes beneath. They gave us the food that we could feed the fishes and also it helped us to have a closer view of the sea-life as the fragrance of the food attracted them. After staying there for around half-an-hour we made our way back with our guides. It was indeed a fantastically fantastico feeling being able to complete it successfully and being a witness to such a wonderful world down there. The same boat dropped us back to the shore from where we took another speed boat that took us to Pattaya, where our cab was waiting for us. Yes, we took a speed boat instead of a ferry. This only shows how much we loved the ‘peppy music’ of the waves and how fantastic was the experience throughout our navigation. And, my writing of this post only shows, how deep impact has this left on me.

P.S.  – It was my husband’s idea to connect the five words “Fantastico, Imapct, Peppy, Music and Navigation’ through this travel experience. I have just given words to this. I was thinking what and how to write connecting these words, just when he popped in and said, ‘Dear, why don’t you try your hands on the trip we just had, it probably would cover all the 5 words together’ and after writing this I am like ‘This post is the impact of having a fantastico husband who loves peppy music and navigating from one place to another’. Dear Hubby, I wish you notice that I have used all the 5 words to describe you in a line.

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Quotes or say proverbs are some well known sayings &/or phrases that sums up a lot in a few words depicting the established facts and reasoning.

Ever since my early childhood days, I had seen my mother using such quotes more than often. She had an intrigue habit of talking in such a manner. By talking, I precisely mean she used to convey her message through such intelligent formation of words. That was probably one of her many ways of teaching me the difference between the good and the evil, helping my understand life in a better perceptive. It’s okay if I call it as her wise upbringing technique.

Below are listed few such quotes, sayings, proverbs, etc that I have grown up hearing.

  • “Beeti tahi bisari de, aage ki soodh le” –

    Whatever has gone, was a thing of past, don’t sit grabbing hold of that, let it go and prepare yourself well for the future so that there is no regret left behind. Especially when I ever had a bad exam or say, something not-so-good happened and I sat regretting what had happened, she was the one who came to my rescue and showed me the right path through such one liners. “Forget what bad has occurred to you but always remember what it has taught you”, was what she says even today.

  • “Ab pachtaye hot kya, jab chidiya chug gyi khet” –

    In english we put it as “There’s no use crying over the spilt milk”. What has happened, has happened. It can’t be changed, it’s irreversible, so instead of focusing on what worse has happened and repenting, we should focus on what can be done to come out of that situation. How can we mitigate the damaged occurred and restore or further enhance the benefits in our favour.

  • Ek chup sau ne harawe – 

    It literally means that ‘One silence can lead you to hundred victories’. The proverb in english goes like “One silence, hundred rejoices”. It’s better to be calm than to speak evil. Harsh words uttered can only hurt the other to the extent that can never be mend, so its better to be silent. If you do not win the argument (war), you at least win the hearts (people).

  • “Pothi padhi padhi jag mua pandit bhaya na koi,
    dhai aakar prem ka padhe to pandit hoye”

    This is one of the very famous quotes by Saint Kabir that means “Reading books, everyone died, but it is love that made them all wise”.

  • “Stay Positive, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed” –

    This is my dear darling mother’s sure shot formula for a leading a happieeee (some extra e’s for the extra happiness) life. That is the sequence in which it happens, positivity ultimately leads to happiness.

  • Live for Others.

    The phrase that describes my mother’s life in entirety. She always says, “Everyone lives for their own sake, but if you want to live forever, live for others.” Life lived for others is a life not just spent but well lived.

This list is never ending. There are situations when my mother and I are talking in this quote (secret-code) language and my siblings are at times confused, at times irritated and  while for the rest of the times, they join us.

P.S. -This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Also linking to Daily Post – Quote Me.

Priyanshi, a high-spirited, happy-go-lucky kinda jolly fellow accompanied by her partner-in-crime Jiya, equally ebullient and vivacious in the matters dealings with life. For both of them, LIFE was a beautiful PRESENT (Gift) from God. They call it a “Present” since they were firm believers of sayings like “Take the life by the day” & “Live in the present moment”, etc. etc. During hardships or the low times, one used to remind the other, “Zindagi ek baar mili hai, jee le yaar, jaada soch mat”, meaning “You get to live only once, so don’t think much and live it up to the fullest”.

Their day began and ended together. Their mornings and evening were always on the same time, then it was immaterial as to what time the clock showed. If it is 12 in the noon and Priyanshi is willing to sleep, it was both of their’s night time when it was noon time for the world.

They ate together, they slept together, they went to school and college together, studied together and played together. And if I am not dragging it too far, in their early childhood days, they even did bath together. They played pranks together and they faced punishments together. Their games were no simple and girly having the barbie as the protagonist, they had their own ways of doing things in and out. They helped themselves land into some trouble and also managed to have an easy escape.

Their pranks ranged from doing make up of their fast asleep kith and kins, tying the shoe laces of two people standing adjacently, making animal sounds and trying something (anything and everything) new (however scary it might be) in the name of their so called principle “Zindagi ek baar milli hai……” With the increasing age their fun filled life also expanded. Although they played many pranks, ever since their early childhood to their attaining majority and maturity, they made sure that due to their fun-oriented act (as they call it) no one was ever harmed, injured or hurt. Yes, they played pranks but with the sole motto of having some entertainment for them as well as for others around and not with any malafide intentions. No one in their immediate vicinity or surroundings could sit with a long face or resist to smile, rather they assured muscular pains in the jaws and belly with the amount of laughter they donated.

I won’t be exaggerating if I say, they are like cup and saucer, pen and nib, lock and key, the two inseparable souls. Moreover they came to this planet earth in pairs and probably their journey started from itself. Priyanshi was born at late night on the last day of a financial year while Jiya, in early morning hours of the first day of a financial year in the same hospital and laid on adjacent beds. Their birth also marks the beginning of their mischievous and notorious activities ‘together’. By now, we all know that they are the best of friends but it is worth a mention here that they are also ‘sisters from different mothers‘ or ‘soul sisters (as they call themselves)’. They are the ‘first cousins’, peppy partner-in-crime from birth till death does them apart.


P.S. -This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

“Swachhta se achhi koi sajawat nahi”, meaning “There cannot be better decoration and ornamentation than cleanliness” was the motto led and followed by the Swasikans (fellow members of an organisation named, Swastik) as their way of bidding farewell to the year 2015 and welcoming the year 2016. Yes, this was undertaken on the first day of this year, still I am including this in my post to be submitted for “Spread the Vibe” campaign whereby we need to share stories that inspired us in 2015 because as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, similarly the preparations for this activity has its roots in 2015 only the day of implementation fall this year.

The message spread by this campaign and the video is just more than awesome that if each one of us stop the root cause of this problem and practice this each day, such campaigns would not be required any longer. Lets consider our country as our home.Unfortunately, I could not be the part of this event but I am really inspired and I will contribute my bit by spreading the message to the world not as a campaign but as a habit that we practice.  


P.S. – The video embedded in this post has been created by Team Swastik. The original link lies here. Hats off Team Swastik and Swastikans. Kudos.

I just came across the “Spread the Vibe“, initiative by “Youth ki Awaaz” wherein we discuss about the people, places and stories that inspired us to feel good in 2015.

After giving it some thought, I realised that there isn’t any one person, place or incident that inspired me in the previous year, so I list down a few such incidents and/or about few such people who had been a source of great inspiration.

  • While on a vacation with my husband, we met a family of three, mother father and a daughter, so cheerful and too happy to be sad at any point of time. She fell of after getting slipped and was about to cry as an obvious response from a 2-3 years old. And suddenly appeared her mum with a camera and pout and whispered, “Selfie?”. And instead of the crying, she did pout instantly and we both couldn’t resist the laughter. Later, we requested if we could get a click with the little girl to which they agreed. My husband now seldom shows me that pic when he senses that I might cry and to my surprise we both find ourselves laughing again. She taught us to be happy, to rejoice and celebrate the life we have got.


  • Another lady who inspired me this year was my mother’s maid who has a cruel and ill-mannered husband. She managed to arrange her daughter’s marriage all on her own, when instead of getting support from her husband she gained resentment and opposition. She didn’t let her husband and step-sons have an upper hand. Even though she isn’t a literate woman and does not belong to the society that believes in equality between the two genders still she managed to fight hard against her husband and step-sons who tried to create all sort of troubles and hurdles for her and her daughter. Today, the girl is happily married and is expecting her first child whilst the lady has decided to get separated from her husband who made sure to bring her all evils and bad name but she stood and still stand as firm as a mountain. She has left her husband’s home to live in her own home and is living her life with head held high, with the confidence and spirit that only a few women in our society dare to show. She truly is an inspiration for the women of our country.


  • Towards the last quarter of the year, when winters are approaching soon (here in our country, India), I came in contact with a group of students studying in classes XI and XII who had come up with the idea of collecting old clothes from in and around the city to be distributed to the poor people living in nearby areas who die of the chill as they don’t have anything to protect them against the chilly winds and the cold. And to my surprise (and I believe, to yours too), they collected, packed and distributed around 25000 clothes. Isn’t that a very big thought, idea, task and number for the students of higher secondary?

There are some more such stories and inspirations that could be listed as an year is too long for just a few inspirations, is what I feel. But, here I have listed just three, one each from personal happiness, courage & women power and social upliftment & philanthropy sections.


Togetherness Redefined

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You must be wondering why “Togetherness” redefined and how? Before moving further have a look on the video to get a clearer understanding of what I am trying to convey –

I suppose after having a look over the video, it’s a nearly accessible that here we would be talking about ‘real togetherness’ that has been wonderfully depicted through this amazingly created and crafted video. In today’s tech-savvy world we seldom find time for our near and dear ones. Isn’t it? Think of examples from our daily life, here are a few that I wish to quote and to which almost each one of us would be able to connect –

  •  When you are present with our loved ones, only physically and not mentally (and so i use the word ‘present’ and not ‘spend quality time’),
  • When your mother keeps calling you for dinner and you are busy over phone or laptop, are you doing something really important at that point of time?
  • On the way to a family outing or dinner, the daughter is busy chatting over her cell-phone, the son on some ‘so-called important phone call’ the father concentrates on driving and the mother feels lucky that at least the whole family is together. Is this why you plan family outings for? Instead it would have been better if they had dinner together on the dining table cooked by their domestic goddess with great love and affection at their sweet home. I hope you assent to this.
  • It’s a friends night out together and unfortunately, now a days, the typical scene in that room (may be after a couple of hours) is that a few get glued to some corners murmuring and whispering over phone in order to avoid the others over hearing and the rest who are beyond this category are fast asleep, do they have any other option? What a wonderful ‘friends night out’, after all “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Sometimes, friends are of great help even when they are asleep.
  • In trains, you find more smart phones these days than books or playing cards or chess boards as in previous times. Everyone sits with one’s earplugs or headphones on, active in their own virtual world and all disconnected from the real world while a few years ago the scenario was entirely different. In a two days journey, they became friends with strangers as if they knew each other from ages and now its difficult to make out that you are friends travelling together.
  • Today’s children are born smarter. They prefer playing video games and online games sitting on a couch instead of getting physically involved playing games in the natural surroundings. We prefer air-conditions over fresh/natural air.
  • Exercising in gyms and closed cubicles is preferred over morning walks, jogs or yoga in the open gardens.

Considering all this it is not at all surprising if we have more of health issues, whether physical ailments or mental illness or emotional distress. We have become more sophisticated and hence more less fit. All these are bound to happen.

The only question that pops up in my head while thinking all this is that “Have we really advanced or we have gone back in time?”

P.S. – Post inspired from the “Kissanpur Real Joy of Togetherness”

  • What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is the one that gives all types nutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats etc) in the appropriate quantities to the body in order to function properly.

  • Importance of Balanced Diet –
  1. It helps the body organs to function effectively and efficiently.
  2. It supports the immune system.
  3. It helps in the proper growth and development of the cells and hence the body as a whole.
  • How to we strike this balance in our diet?

We can have a balanced diet by including more food items that are rich in vitamins, proteins and other nutrients whereas low in unnecessary carbohydrates and fats.

Source of Nutrition –

  1.  Vitamins – Green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, honey and dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, etc are rich in vitamin content.
  2. Proteins – Food grains, lentils, dry fruits such as walnuts and almonds, nuts and beans, and tofu are rich in proteins in the vegetarian food category while meat, eggs, fish, chicken, beef and pork form the non-vegetarian food items rich in proteins.
  3. Carbohydrates – Bread, grains, starchy vegetables and food have high content of carbohydrates.
  4. Fats – Ghee, oil, butter constitute the major part of fats in the food we consume,
  5. Minerals – Sodium, Potassium and Calcium are the major mineral requirements of our body which can be fulfilled through fruits, vegetables, honey and milk and milk products.
  6. Water – Enough of water ( at least 8-10 glasses) of water should be consumed daily. This is the medium to transport the nutrients to various parts of the body.

  • What is Crash Diet?

Crash diet can be defined as the rapid weight – loss diet. It is undertaken with the aim to reduce weight quickly i.e. to say in short time. Moreover, there are chances to re-gain weight once you stop such diet.

In my opinion, such diet can be harmful as it doesn’t let our body enjoy the natural balance between the essential nutrients and hence is dangerous in the long run. Regular fasts or low in-take of food or irregular food habits makes the body organs function improperly over a period of time.

– Balanced Diet vs Crash Diet – 

  1. Balanced Diet helps to loose and control weight moderately while crash diet does the same at a fast pace.
  2. Balanced Diet keeps us healthy as it provides proper nutrition which supports the body to function effectively while crash diet reduces metabolism.
  3. With crash diet, you feel food craving and hunger all the time and staying hungry deprives you of the energy required by the body. How long can one go without proper diet?
  4. And, most importantly you re-gain the lost weight as and when you stop crash diet. So, the very purpose of the diet fails, then isn’t it better to try out ways to loose weight moderately.

So, in my opinion instead of going to the extremes, we should try to strike a balance between the eatables we intake. We should do exercise regularly. Avoid having fast food on a regular basis but don’t mind having them on special occasions. So, for me, ‘a balanced life is a healthy and happy life’.

P.S. – In connection with Dabur Honey‘s Honey Diet.

“Friendship”..Is there any other bond like this one? Is there any other relation that can match the level of feelings that the friends preserve, treasure and share. They are the ones who put you into trouble and they will be the first to fight with and for you, if somebody else has made you land into one. They are the ones without whom you cannot live and with whom you live to the fullest. Similar bond was shared amongst an all boy gang, the only prima-facie advantage they had being ‘an all boys group” was ‘no check on the usage of slangs’. They didn’t have to ‘beep beep beep’, they freely used the word. By no means I an saying that girls don’t use slangs, they use it more often. Neither do i mean that it is an offence to utter such auspicious words from your mouth in front of girls. All I am meaning is that these people were all gentlemen, they don’t use such terminology in front of women, you know or probably they were too shy to even talk to girls, that’s the reason they didn’t have one in their group.

So, this ‘no girl gang’ was on a trekking trip for 10 days. They all took permissions from their parents (In India, we have to and I don’t see any harm in that), tickets and bookings arranged, bags packed and all set to go. Another advantage of being boys, no shopping or packing  tantrums. So they all set for their expedition.

On the third day, one of them, Karan fell off the hill and was seriously injured. For some obvious reasons they didn’t go any further and the entire team rushed him to the nearest hospital with the help of some localities and their coach. It won’t be much surprising, if I say they didn’t inform at home, just because they didn’t want their parents to be worried. Fortunately, the doctors said that he is alright and would soon recover. All of them were upset but less than Karan. He felt too bad as it was because of him that their trip was spoiled. More than the pain this feeling troubled him. The seventh day of the planned trip, he was discharged. But it was no use gong further. The trip had ended. Karan felt miserable bad. They all wanted to go home with smiles on their faces and in a cheerful mode. So they were thinking for the best possible outcomes in this situation. One of them suggested that they should cheer Karan’s mood first , rest all will be automatically fine. Another friend Raghav instantly responded, “Karan ka mood thick karma hai, chalo use match diktat hai” (meaning if we wish to cheer Karan up, make him see the cricket match). But, in the hilly terrain with bare minimum funds as much was spent on his treatment, it was difficult. But Raghav the smartest and the most brightest of all was sure to think of something and he did. The next moment the live updates and the live score were all in his hands, I mean in his cell-phone. Alongwith that some snacks and drinks to lighten up their moods was the perfect combo for all boys to have a great party time. Finally they all thought “Something is better than Nothing”. Atleast they didn’t miss the world cup match. Had they been on their routine trip, they would have missed it. And, so they were happy. “All is well that ends well.”, quoted Raghav. A match made their trip. They were thankful to Raghav and his UC Browser app. Had this app not been there, seeing the match uninterrupted and being updated wouldn’t have been possible the way it was.

The next day they returned home from their trekking trip, as their families knew. But, ‘gentlemen’ as they were, they informed their parents and families about the instance that happened. And, they felt proud of their kids that they were mature enough to handle the crisis situation.

Have a look at the funny yet informing video –

P.S.- This is in response to the UC Browser‘s campaign ‘Surf it All! Surf it Fast!”.

** For more information, check out, UC Cricket

My Airtel App allows me to do ‘N’ number of things sitting comfortably on my cushy white couch and saves me the pain to physically travel to the customer care centre in this sweltering heat and high temperatures. It has a variety of features, namely –

  • It allows you to make the payments of your bills sitting at home or from anywhere in the world. Here, my mum asks me to pay the bill and here it is ‘paid’ and I say, ‘Mom, you shocked. I rocked’ to which my mum replies, not you, your airtel app. lolzz.
  • It allows you to recharge your phone instantly and also helps to check the recharge details and history.
  • It lets you check the remaining balance in your account in all respects viz, data pack, main balance, etc.
  • It helps you to record your favourite programs to be viewed later.
  • It gives you an exposure to the wide arena of games available online and lets you downloads those and enjoy at ease.
  • It sends you an alert message whenever your balance falls low or your data pack is about to expire or when the due date of your bill falls due.

Don’t you think these features make this app worth downloading and using? Don’t you think the Airtel people correctly claim it to be the simplest way to manage all your Airtel services through your handset?


Although all the features provided by My Airtel App are lovely and lovable, but since I have to name three, they shall as be as follow –

  1. Ease in Bill Payments and it’s reminders – With the usage of My Airtel App, the payments of bills has become very easy and convenient. No more long queues and waiting lines, no more time issues, no hustle bustle, pay your bills on your time, sounds so relaxing and comforting. Moreover, the payments we make are safe and secure. And, these reminders not only help me to save on my time and money but also to manage them both. Like suppose you are on your way for a meeting and today is the last date of one of the bills you need to pay, all you have to do is to take out your cell phone and make the payment while on the way. Does it not save your time, money and efforts. You might ask “Yes, it does saved me a lot of time but how money, I still had to make the payment?” Then my dear friend, don’t you think in today’s competitive world, “Time is Money”. Time saved is Money earned, isn’t it?
  2. Recharge when you wish to – The next best part is I can recharge also according to my convenience. Before you misinterpret, by this I mean I can recharge at any point of time from anywhere and everywhere. Also, to surprise me, there are ‘surprise coupons’ of PVR Cinemas, CCD,,,,, etc  with every recharge done. More than a surprise, they are a treat as who doesn’t visit these places or sites, once in a while.
  3. Last but not the least, it helps you record programs that you can watch as and when free.

Prompt – My First Expert – Growing up, our mothers were our go to person for everything. They had a solution for all things under the sun, from homework hassles to playground problems. She’s always been there for you, your go-to person for everything. Your soundboard, each time you wanted to vent. Your secret keeper, for all the times you wanted to let loose. Your firefighter, for when things got out of hand. Your protector, from everything that scared you. Your teacher, so that you could learn to fight your fears. She is the first person you learnt to rely on.

Yes, I have used the exact lines of the prompt in order to relate it to the post as when I was reading the lines, I could relate an incident to each and every word and phrase, so it will be easier for my readers to stay connected while going through the post.

1. Solution to homework hassles and  playground problems – Yes, very aptly said, she had solutions to all my homework related issues, be it grammar (both english and hindi), or mathematics or be it preparing me for some competitions or projects or assignments. She was and has always been a one stop solution for all academic and co-curriccular activities or to be precise, I should say hassles. Coming to the playground aspect. I have no shame in admitting that I was the kind of girl who couldn’t bear failures. It was her and only her who taught me to positively accept failures. She always says, “Failure is the first step to succeed, until and unless, you fail, you won’t know what it means to succeed.” And with respect to games, she says,  “If one wouldn’t loose, how would the other win? What if today it were you who lost, next time it will be someone else. Be patient and focused, the day of your victory shall surely come but if you get disheartened and pessimist, chances are that it would never come.”

2. My Soundboard, when I wanted to vent – It was customary for me to come home, put off my bag, open my shoes and socks and sit in front of her to utter all that was sensible and nonsense that had happened in the entire day, ranging from a small quarrel with any classmate to the teacher’s praise/criticism, from all that was taught to all that would be taught, from all that happened in the school van to all that happened during lunch or sports or activity class. And, did she ever have a choice? Of course not. She had no other option put to listen to whatever I had to say. Rather, she happily lent a patient ear. All that she said was to have lunch before my radio station would tune in but I would not listen to her 9 out of 10 times on this aspect as after seeing her I couldn’t resist to start and she knew it, so she used to have some fruits or juice ready for me for the time my talks didn’t finish. Wonderful She is.

3. My Secret – Keeper – Yes, she is, even till date we people share a lot. She has always been of the opinion as and when the kid grows, try to be his/her friend rather than being a stereotypical parent. And, she has always been a best friend to me. In my childhood, all that I uttered to her was just between us, although there wasn’t much to be disclosed far back then. But even today, what we share as friends, stays between us exclusively. The only thing that has changed is now, I (in the shoes os a friend) am also her secret keeper. This has further deepened the roots of the bond we share. Not just a mother and daughter, we are friends too.

4. Fire – Fighter and Protector – It is a well known fact that whenever in trouble or hurt, the first word that comes to our mouth is “Maa”, isn’t it? That’s because we all know she would always be the first one to come to our rescue against any evil or bad. She indeed is a saviour, she has fought a lot for my rights, my happiness but she never speaks a word for her own. Probably, that’s why she is  a mother and mother’s are meant to be this way.

5. My First, The Best, The Most Adorable and My Forever Teacher – They say ‘Home is your first school and your parents your first teacher’. True, indeed. My mom is not just my first teacher but a forever teacher. I’m sure whenever in life, I might go wrong she would be the first one to correct me and when I need help, she would be the first on ego guide me. Whether physically she’s there by my side or not, every small thins that she has taught me comes out to be a teaching big enough to help me take good decisions for a  better life and helps me transform into a better individual each day. Her way of making us understand life is very unique. For every life situation, she has a saying or proverb or some guiding text that attracts and appeals you, and as a result you don’t forget. Moreover, she says them quite often to help us understand, follow and cherish throughout. What better a teacher could be or could do?

She is my best friend, a knowledgeable guide, my forever teacher, a selfless mentor, and above all the most wonderful mother, a mother could ever be. She is a perfect amalgam of everything out there in the world. She is a happy-go-lucky kind of a person filled with positivity and spreads smiles wherever she goes. She understands me the way none can. She has always done and will always do. She has always been there and she will always be there. I am more than blessed to have her as a mother and it is ‘Her and only Her’ whom I want as a mother in all subsequent births.

After, having read all this I am sure it goes without saying as you have all understood by now, that indeed “My Maa (Mum, Mumma, Mummy) has been my Go-To Person for everything and anything. Even today, she is the first one on my mind to share happiness and grief and to discuss and help me solve life problems. I love you Mumma, Although it’s a very tiny, minutely minute word to say to someone like you but still Maa, ‘Thanks’ for being there. Accept this as a token of gratitude, a symbol of thankfulness to the ‘Epitome of Love’.

P.S. – In response to the activity hosted by Godrej Expert on  Indiblogger platform.