Rabhya and Ramya were the two twin-sisters who ever since childhood have been spotted together anywhere and everywhere. One day they saw their parents had some bitter arguments as regards the lack of time their father has and that he keeps too busy for the family and so they decided to sort the differences that … Continue reading Family

C is for “Can’t keep Calm”

He came home late from work and as was her daily routine she kept waiting for him, walking restlessly to and fro and time and again looking down the window in the hope that the next white car coming down the road was his but all the time she was disheartened until fifteen minutes to … Continue reading C is for “Can’t keep Calm”

Five Sentence Fiction – Confusion

She was suffering, both physical pain and mental agony.¬† Although the former was easier to bear, if compared and also the doctors took care of it but there wasn't any cure for the latter. She seemed lost in her thoughts as to what she wanted from life and where was she leading¬†herself to? She was … Continue reading Five Sentence Fiction – Confusion