A Big Day…!!!

It's a big day today, My blog target of 100 posts achieved, A month of being engaged.   It's a great feeling, Someone pinch me, I feel I'm dreaming, I'm laughing loud & screaming.   You might find me mad, But I've my reasons to be glad. Life's unfolding like magic wand.   I feel … Continue reading A Big Day…!!!

The Perfect “Two”…!!

  Two - Is is just a number? or more, I wonder. Is is just one added to the other? or more, I wonder. On constant thinking and re-thinking. I found and realized, it has hidden meaning behind. And, now I am of the view, out of two, one is 'Me' & the other is … Continue reading The Perfect “Two”…!!

Have I changed or You..???

When I caring, I was good.When I let you share, I was good.When I understood you, I was good.When I helped you, I was good.When I was concerned, I was good.When I was supportive, I was good.When I was sensible, I was good.When I was friendly, I was good.For that matter,Even when I was irritating, … Continue reading Have I changed or You..???