मोम की गुड़िया

आज Mother's Day है, सब तेरी तारीफों के पुल बांधे, हो भी क्यों ना, तू है ही तारीफ के काबिल। पर मां, मुझे तुझसे है शिकायत मुकम्मल। कुछ सवाल है जो पूछना चाहती हूं, वो बात और है, कि उनका जवाब ' तेरे ' रूप में पाती हूं। क्यों तूने मेरे हर छोटे काम को … Continue reading मोम की गुड़िया

I is for ‘Icecream’

In response to the A-Z Challenge For today's prompt, I says _________, the first thing that struck me was Ice cream. It has two reasons behind, the first one being my mother's birthday and she is too fond of ice creams. And ever since early childhood, it was on this day that we use to … Continue reading I is for ‘Icecream’


Daily  Prompt - You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do? Wooowwww... That's a good news..!! I stood startled and confused, as to how and what should I react, Coz I found something I did least expect. A news that comes all of a sudden, takes time to adapt … Continue reading supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

"Maa – A child’s everything"

MAA, a self explanatory word that includes the 'world' in it...yes I use the word "MAA" and not Mother even while using english as the mode to communicate because the feelings and emotions the word Maa arouses in me, Mother doesn't, though it means the same. Nevertheless, this is not a 'Maa vs Mother' kinda … Continue reading "Maa – A child’s everything"