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#Will of Steel is an endeavour by JSW to honour the unsung heroes of India, people who have truly proven their mettle and have unbreakable determination. Be it in sports, health care, social service or even saving the environment. These are individuals whose willpower has changed the world.

“I’m voting for Sanjay Bhavsar and Tula Patel’s name for #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

A brief of their story –

When Sanjay and Tula met in Ahmedabad, Sanjay was pursuing BTech while Tula was studying commerce. They fell in love, got married and moved to the US. However, the desire to do something uncommon pushed them off the beaten track and brought them back to Ahmedabad. In 1993, they founded Vishwagram, an NGO, which aimed to serve the needy. In 2006, they took up the cause of the orphaned children and with the help of NGO Childline they built the orphanage at Basna.

Tula and Sanjay have adopted 18 orphaned kids wandering on the state’s railway stations, and are offering them upbringing, education and identity. They have given these kids the surname Bharatiya and celebrate a common birthday on December 25.

Previously these kids begged on streets and stations, and had to work as carriers for drugs; they had witnessed gory crimes and suf-fered harshest of thrashings and brutal exploitation. Their traumatic stories of life at stations, addiction and sexual exploitation, are too grisly even for Bollywood. But the couple turned these children’s lives upside down, literally.

These young kids had been running away from criminals who wanted to use them for their illegal activities. Their travail came to end only after they met Tula and Sanjay. The latter took them home and officially adopted them to give them shelter, food, education and family.

Today, at their home Vishwagram, these kids learn to live with creative discipline in an unconventional set-up specially designed to bring back positive emotions of childhood, including naiveté, curiosity, trust and smile that the cruel system prevailing in outside world had once snatched away from them.

The children begin their day at 6 am with a ‘nature walk’. In natural surroundings, they learn to identify bird species and also learn botany. Their routine starts with lessons in self-hygiene, and at breakfast they learn about healthy food habits. They learn to read and write and cook and clean. After lunch, these kids spin yarn and make about 75 metres of khadi cloth every year. During early evenings, the kids spend a few hours learning various arts. Activities like designing a newspaper pamphlet, making pots, lamps for sale etc.that help to re-generate the sensitivities of these young hearts which were hurt and had withdrawn are undertaken under their supervision.

“Being able to restore a gleam of hope and a smile within those tiny frightened eyes is the reward which keeps us going,” says Sanjay.

I am truly inspired by their story. It isn’t easy to provide home and shelter to the kids acting as parents in truest senses.If one has the courage to change the lives of those on whose shoulders lies the future of this country, they are truly doing a commendable job and for this one surely require a ‘Will of Steel’.

You too can log on to the Will of Steel website and vote for the nominess who inspire you the most. There are stories of grit and determination, of undying passion towards different causes, stories of bravery, of triumph of human spirit – read the stories, get inspired and express your reapect and admiration through your votes.

P.S. Information Courtesy – Google. In order to know more about the couple and how they work, I approached Google and always, it helped.


Start a new Life

Posted: April 9, 2015 in IndiBlogger
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#Start a New Life – An initiative by

Jessy just cleared her Class 12 boards and was preparing for her PMT(Pre-Medical Tests) Entrances. After a detailed research about the institutes, their course curriculum, duration, key aspects, and many such related searches she was finally able to decide as to where she had to go and which institute she had to join. Further, she had to communicate this at her home in order to make further arrangements regarding her shifting and settling. She did the needful. Her family agreed, although she had put in her heart and soul in order to convince them to let her go out and stay alone. For them, a child always remains a child. Although difficult, but it was worth it. They weren’t against her studying away from them but they were concerned about her well-being, health, safety on all grounds including physical, moral, emotional and mental. But, Jessy assured them that she would be fine and take care of herself. So, the day had finally arrived when Jessy had to bid bye to her parents, her siblings, her family from whom she had never been too far for too long. Nevertheless, she was all prepared and determined enough to go as she had made her mind to leave for the sake of her studies two years ago when she made the choice of subject selection. She was calm and composed all while she packed her bags, put her belongings and was being instructed not just by her elders but younger sister too. Ofcourse, she had it in her heart but she didn’t let that come to her face. Not even a single tear rolled down her cheeks. Moreover, she showed strength and asked her granny not to cry who wasn’t able to control her emotions. Jessy, her father and her elder sister set off towards their destination where she had to live atleast for an year. She kept repeating to herself that she had to so it and she would do it, that is from where she gained strength.Finally, they arrived at the institute from where they collected the necessary details and information for her admission. After having a word with the concerned official, her sister filled in the form, got it signed by her dad and submitted. Finally, she was admitted. Now the next big concern was the arrangements for her staying and food. They enquired at the reception as to where the other outstation students stayed. The receptionist helped them locate some paying guest (P.G.) accommodations, hostels, etc. They checked in a few of them and finally settled down for the one that suited her requirements. Once her belongings were arranged, they left. While at the P.G., she learned to eat anything and everything who previously was a picky eater. Another new improvement was the way she kept her room and clothes. While on the frequents visits that her family made, they were surprised to see a new Jessy who throws no tantrums, neither regarding food nor clothes. Her career decision transformed her for the better, even before her career started. She was entirely a new being and her family was happy with this change. Alongwith being happy, they were more confident and sure that now she could stay and adjust in any part of the world. ‘Home is where Heart is.’

Home Sweet Home

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Size Matters – Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to — and vary — your sentence lengths.

Create a sound that pleases the reader’s ear. Don’t just write words. Write music.

I am glad that I still live in the same  I lived when I was twelve. Though the things have changed, time has changed and so has the structure and the people inhabiting it. I mean the house has been renovated and some people have shifted in and out of the house but the place is still the same, as heavenly as always.

 is where I live with my family, creating memories & re-living them and spending time happily laughing with each other. The place where most of my life is spent. The place where I have had ages of fun, The place that has been a witness to all the celebrations, howsoever small or grand. The place where even the ordinary days were converted to those special festivities due to the presence of some special people. The place that is evident to everything listing from smallest joys to biggest achievements, a sibling squabble to the elderly quarrel, from the moments to rejoice and cherish to events just opposite and anything that was happening and not-so happening.

The house I live in is a two floor building, the ground floor having a few big and spacious rooms with windows and ventilators for proper ventilation that serve as the living room and bed room, a moderate kitchen from where the aroma of delicious food keeps coming every now and then, a drawing room adorned with various trophies and mementos, a very large compound that witnessed most of my childhood and the games I played then, a common dining space where we all eat together, though sometimes the timings do not match (be it due to different school, college or office hours), parking lot (which formed a part of our pitch when as kids my brother along with his friends and I used to play there), two box-rooms that act as a warehouse (concerning the volume of the things they store) and small vestibule at the entrance and the upper floor is a roof-top open terrace where most of my late evenings are spent, even now. Back then, when I was 12, I used to roam about, run and wander with my siblings and friends and now my cell is added to that list. Our home is surrounded by the semi-detached houses on either side, facing the street directly and an open backyard where we have a few plants grown depending upon the season it is.

After this small description of the vernacular architecture of our rambling home, all I have to say is ”  is where your ❤ is.” And, all it takes is ‘Love’ to make a house “Our Home”.  I  our .

N.B. – As the prompt says, “Don’t just write words, create music”. I don’t know if I have succeeded in doing that from a reader’s perspective but while writing this I have re-lived my life in a glimpse like a small video clip where the visuals are from past and the music of is the love, care and concern that I have been receiving ever since the day I was born. I am thankful and honoured for having a chance to write this.

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

My Answer would be –


Happy Home is a place that exists in future….sounds impractical….but it isn’t as with your writing skills intact you can travel anywhere and that’s what the assignment also says.

So, getting back to “Happy Home” of those million and most important dreams of mine. I really get puzzled and worried to see the children and elderly people being thrown out of the house (I really don’t like using this phrase, but unfortunately that’s  a reality). And this is the driving force behind this dream of mine. Once, I have enough money to be able to sustain them, I’ll create our ‘Happy Home’ wherein those special children of God who are left abandoned and those elderly people who are forced to face difficulties at this age by those whose comfort was their prime concern always (i.e. their own children) will live happily together.

The elderly imbibing those morals and values in the little kids and the kids helping the former believe that “Life is always simple, we complicate it”, donating smiles to each other, taking care of each other, standing for each other, being there for each other. The children will get the love they deserve and the oldies will get the respect in return. The care will be mutual. Both of these age group people will get something they were deprived of and this will probably create a sense of happiness, joy and contentment in them. They will feel special and valued. And this feeling is enough to spark in someone the spirit to live. And, my life will be best lived if I am able to bring smiles to their faces. I’ll be on cloud nine.

‘Happy Home’ has no physical demarcations as of now, no real architectural plan in my mind. But, something’s that it will surely have are a small library where both lovely kids and their grannies will find books to read, medical room for immediate help (keeping in mind the childhood and oldage when people are more vulnerable to infections and require medical aid), airy and spacious rooms for all, an aromatic kitchen, a big dinning hall where they will all eat together ( They say “A family that eats together, plays together, stays together.”, and yes we’ll be one such family.), lush green surroundings, a garden with beautiful flowers,  a playground (even if not that big) and  a common worshipping place.

Please do believe me when I say this, I have really lived there ‘in my visuals’ while writing this and this was something more than an awesome and wonderful experience. When the visuals are so amazing, the reality would be mesmerizing and pleasure-giving. I hope that day comes soon.