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The title of the post itself indicates that something so wonderful has happened to give us joy unbound, to be merry and to rejoice. Yes, one of the poems “Varied Perceptions” that I wrote along with my sister has been selected to be a part of the Anthology “Colors – Shades of Life”, scheduled to be launched on March 23 i.e. Holi – the festival of colours. What a coincidence, it truly justifies the title of the book.

It is indeed a great pleasure for someone who is just a beginner like me to be published along with the other contributing authors and poets whose works have been published quite a lot of times earlier. Amidst the storehouse of such talented persons in the team, one such man is Saravana Kumar Murugan (Sarav), who himself has many  books to his credit, both as an author as well as the editor. It is him who is the source of origin of this wonderful and beautiful looking book. (Have a look at his blog, here). I am waiting for the day when I take it in my hands and rejoice. I want to thank the entire Team Colors. I express my heartfelt gratitude towards one and all associated in putting the book in the form it is. I’m sure for all those who love to read, this book shall be a treat.






“Life is a supernova of emotions, a multi-colored extravaganza and a celebration of colors that carve a way for us to be “expressive”. These colors often vary from situation to situation. They may be vibrant, bright and attractive, or even bland and gloomy. Nevertheless, they invoke the soul from within and portray the various dimensions of life.

Come and explore the various shades of life – from the lighter tones of friendship and love to the murkier hues of revenge and murder – of human beings, of how their personalities and their situations mould them into their real selves – in this anthology of prose and verse, from authors across the world, Shades of Life.”

It is just a very small step in this huge world lying ahead to be explored. Your reviews are awaited and feedback will be highly appreciated as I firmly believe that it harnesses the scope of improvement. The pre-orders have already started. You can reserve a copy for yourself and your friends on Amazon.Do take a look at the links and but the book if you find them interesting.

Those who pre-order the book please inbox me (at the order number or the screenshot of the same, that shall be put on the official Facebook page of “Colors – Shades of Life“, as a token of Thanks. I shall be grateful to all my fellow blogger friends who decide to read this book and I am hopeful that it will add the much needed colors to your lives.

 Pre-order now on Amazon:

It is available for review and discussion on GoodReads. Also, you can take up the quiz on GoodReads, here.

Have a colourful life..!!

Much Love,

Garima & Jagriti


Inspiration to Happy Life…!!!

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Prompt – Write about the things that make big occasions unnecessary, making you want to enjoy the moment you’re living in. Things that you feel should be present for you to be happy. It might be your family, job, hobby, pet, or discovering new places. Everybody’s inspiration to have a happy life is different. Blog about yours this weekend for the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity this weekend to stand a chance to win an exciting prize!

Happiness has no perfect, sure shot formula. Unlike the physical sciences and mathematics where two plus two has to be four, happiness is a behavioural aspect that differs from person to person or from time to time and hence no such trick exists. The onus lies on we, the individuals to be happy ourselves. There are different things that please different individuals differently. Here’s a selective list of things, activities, ways or persons that can be the reason of one’s happiness, at least for me, they are –

  • Family – I happened to read it somewhere, the acronym ‘Family’ expanded as ‘Father And Mother, I Love You’. And, yes I believe this to be perfectly true. It is parents who make the family and it is the family who makes house, a home. Without them, not only life seems difficult but incomplete too. Without them, with whom shall we share our happiness and who will be our strength in hard times. They are the ones who will always be by your side, come what but may.
  • Friends – They make happiness more happier.

After, the loved ones that make our life worth living, let’s talk about somethings that can boost up in low times and get going –

  • Pleasant Environment where we can think rationally and find some peace of mind after a tiresome and hectic day, so that the battery is charged up for the next morning. If we are in the best of our temperaments and full of positive energy, we would automatically be attracted towards positivity and spread the same.
  • Music and Dance – When we fall short of words to express ourselves, music comes to our rescue. It can set a happy mood for all, or say, at least lighten up the mood for that matter.
  • Exercising one’s hobby – Hobby is something that we love to do, so practicing it in low moods will surely make our day and inspire us to come out of the reason causing sadness, hence taking us a step closer to happiness. Be it painting, swimming, gardening, reading, writing, or any other such activity, they all act as a stress-buster and tension reliever.
  • Yoga and Meditation – Yoga and meditation helps us to lead a healthy life. Happiness is incomplete without health. There’s  a  saying in hindi, “Pehla Sukh, Nirogi Kaya” meaning the health is first and foremost, hence should be dealt with on priority basis. Only in a healthy  & well-being state can we spread and share happiness.
  • Morning Walk or walk post-dinner. It serves as a cherry on the cake if your near and dear ones join you amidst the lush-green surroundings. Our darling people, fresh air, light talks, and sharing smiles, a perfect combo meal of happiness.

Coming up next to the emotional aspect, they say “Happiness doubles when we share and spread”. Alongwith the other responsibilities we fulfil in the entire day, we should find some time for our social responsibilities as a human. Nothing can bring more happiness than donating smile to a crying or sad face, feeding the hungry, helping the needy, and taking care of those seeking.

That’s my idea of Happiness, what’s yours?

Feel free to share.

P.S. – “#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home at Ivy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.”

Love..what’s love..??
A feeling…An emotion…An expression… A connection..A relation…A bond..Anything and Everything to treasure, value and cherish.

Love is being with each other, Love is being stupid together.
Love is to be by each other’s side, whenever required.
Love is holding hands while going on a walk.
Love is taking care if the other more than your own self.
Love is standing for each other.
Love is waiting for the other one till he comes.
Love is having food together.
Love is a surprise dish cooked by your husband.
Love is a tight hug.
Love is stealthily exchanging smiles.
Love is to wait all day long to see your beloved.
Love is making efforts to steal those two minutes with each other.
Love is to have mutual understanding.
Love is to lay beside each other.
Love is to listen the hearts beat.
Love is traveling together.
Love is to feel relieved once seeing your beloved.
Love is to feel happy, seeing them smile.
Love is when your dreams become dreams of your beloved and his passion becomes yours.
Love is going for outings.
Love is talking serious stuff along with all the non sense.
Love is listening to whatever the other one utters.
Love is liking what the other one likes.
Love is preparing to surprise the other.
Love is not just roses, it has thorns too. Love is not just all good things, it includes fights too. After every fight, you get to know each other better than before.
Love is Acceptance..Love is Dedication..Love is Sacrifice..Love is Compromise..Love is a Promise..Love is to Care, Share and let Share..Love is something we create everyday and feel every moment…Love is just “LOVE”.. Love is ”LIFE”.

In response to A-Z April Challenge.

WOW – Yin-Yang

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Yin and Yang,

it’s a perfect bang.

opposite apparently,

yet complimentary.

It explains Life’s concepts completely,

and describes Life in it’s entirety.

This is worth a mention,

and one and all need to pay attention.

Nothing exists in isolation,

This is the essence of God’s creation.

Life is because there’s death,

Without Life, there can’t be any death.

There’s something good in everything bad,

And something bad in everything good.

That’s the way Life is made,

And, this is the way, move it should.

The wonderful mutual dependence,

albeit it’s mutual exclusiveness.

The white dot in the black,

and the black dot in the white.

signifies that independence they lack.

and interdependence is signified.

And, the curve implies that you need to bend,

in order to see who’s there to help or lend.

One needs to be humble and polite,

since, that’s an attitude behaviourally right.

Since, it is then you feel,

the incompleteness complete.

Then only the hidden truth reveals,

which in turn is a treat.

Screen_shot_2011_03_19_at_11_00_53_AMP.S. – This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Start a new Life

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#Start a New Life – An initiative by

Jessy just cleared her Class 12 boards and was preparing for her PMT(Pre-Medical Tests) Entrances. After a detailed research about the institutes, their course curriculum, duration, key aspects, and many such related searches she was finally able to decide as to where she had to go and which institute she had to join. Further, she had to communicate this at her home in order to make further arrangements regarding her shifting and settling. She did the needful. Her family agreed, although she had put in her heart and soul in order to convince them to let her go out and stay alone. For them, a child always remains a child. Although difficult, but it was worth it. They weren’t against her studying away from them but they were concerned about her well-being, health, safety on all grounds including physical, moral, emotional and mental. But, Jessy assured them that she would be fine and take care of herself. So, the day had finally arrived when Jessy had to bid bye to her parents, her siblings, her family from whom she had never been too far for too long. Nevertheless, she was all prepared and determined enough to go as she had made her mind to leave for the sake of her studies two years ago when she made the choice of subject selection. She was calm and composed all while she packed her bags, put her belongings and was being instructed not just by her elders but younger sister too. Ofcourse, she had it in her heart but she didn’t let that come to her face. Not even a single tear rolled down her cheeks. Moreover, she showed strength and asked her granny not to cry who wasn’t able to control her emotions. Jessy, her father and her elder sister set off towards their destination where she had to live atleast for an year. She kept repeating to herself that she had to so it and she would do it, that is from where she gained strength.Finally, they arrived at the institute from where they collected the necessary details and information for her admission. After having a word with the concerned official, her sister filled in the form, got it signed by her dad and submitted. Finally, she was admitted. Now the next big concern was the arrangements for her staying and food. They enquired at the reception as to where the other outstation students stayed. The receptionist helped them locate some paying guest (P.G.) accommodations, hostels, etc. They checked in a few of them and finally settled down for the one that suited her requirements. Once her belongings were arranged, they left. While at the P.G., she learned to eat anything and everything who previously was a picky eater. Another new improvement was the way she kept her room and clothes. While on the frequents visits that her family made, they were surprised to see a new Jessy who throws no tantrums, neither regarding food nor clothes. Her career decision transformed her for the better, even before her career started. She was entirely a new being and her family was happy with this change. Alongwith being happy, they were more confident and sure that now she could stay and adjust in any part of the world. ‘Home is where Heart is.’

Focus today’s post on the contrast between two things. The twist? Write the post in the form of a dialogue.

One fine morning, while sipping coffee,

I had a few issues troubling me.

In a short while, I found,

I was questioning God.

The replies were obviously my own,

To answer me, He won’t come down.

The questions were something like,

for which I had to make my mind psych.

Hello God,

I know you must be in the pink of your health,and I suppose you don’t need any wealth. (that’s how they say) implying that you do not have much reasons to worry about or is it you have given all those reasons to we, humans.

He replied, its nothing like that dear daughter. I just test you for the patience and you start to bother.That isn’t my fault, that’s your own thought.

Then, I said, if its like that, what fun does he get in creating those obstacles and giving us pain?

He answered, that’s the outcome of your deeds & with your reactions the pain goes in vain.

I was mesmerized but too an extent convinced with what he said. And that is when I realized, it is we who are responsible for what happens to us and it’s always Him we blamed.

Now, I know those answers I once sought,

to the questions that are still untold.

It’s the situations we mould,

that causes the trouble we hold.

And, shut all the escape routes,

so our life goes, the way it does.

We should stop thinking much,

and accept whatever happens, as such.

Coz, whatever happens, happens for Good,

Believe it or not, that’s the ‘Ultimate Truth’.

Delayed Contact

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How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?
OMG..the thought of it only scares me & writing for this would really be interesting.
Due to this “Delayed Contact”
My life wouldn’t have been intact.
I wouldn’t have been ‘Me’ in fact,
Such great is their impact.
If they weren’t a part of my Life,
it would have been too hard.
Difficulties would have been too rife.
And, happiness from my life would discard.
When this delay is over and done.
meeting you for the first time would be fun.
When the time comes for you to arrive,
I’ll start living, not just survive.
You don’t even have a clue,
of how I felt when you weren’t there.
 Thank God that he sent you to my rescue,
and honoured my silent prayer.
We’ll have some great time spent together,
Those moments of happiness and joy we’ll gather.
Being with you all is indeed a pleasure,
The memories created together are no less than a treasure.
I’m glad and lucky enough that I’ve had you,
better late than never.
You are unaware, without you, what I’ve been through,
Now that I’ve found you, it is gonna be ‘Forever’.

It’s MEE… :)

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Some things about me-

1. A Girl – describes it all.


 2. Self – Esteem


 3. Individualistic

images (9)

 4. Crazy & Fun – Loving

images (23)

 5. Independent

images (16)

 6. Perfectly Imperfect

images (13)

7. Empathetic

 8. Princess..Every girl is..!!

images (17)



To list a few out of a veryyyyy Looooong List…!!!

1. MUSIC AND WRITING – It’s heavenly.

images (2)

2. Dancing in the Rain.


Coz I believe –


3. Spending Time with friends, Long Chatting hours and posing madly for random clicks. 















images (22)


images (18)






images (14)



1. Be TRUE.




    3. Sometimes, you have to stop caring.

images (19)

4. Enjoy the imperfections perfectly.


5. No Regrets. Whatever that happened in the past was the best to happen then.




7. Last but not the least, BE HAPPY & KEEP SMILING. 

 It might not solve all the problems but gives you the courage to stand against the odds.

images (21)

 IMAGES COURTESY – GOOGLE IMAGES. All images displayed here have been browsed from the web and all rights vest with their owners / creators. A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all of them.



images (7)

SMILE – Small Moments In Life Everyday.

images (2)download






 Smile – It may not solve all your problems but gives you the courage to deal with them…!!!

images (10)

Sayings about Smile – See what some great people have said about “SMILE”..It inspires to Smile..!!!

1. Every time you smile at someone, it’s an action of love, a gift to that person, A Beautiful Thing.

download (1)2. Don’t cry coz it’s over, Smile that it happened.

images (1)

3. A Smile is the light in the window of your soul.

images4. A Smile is the curve that sets everything straight.

 images (3)

5. Use your Smile to change the world, don;t let this world change your Smile.

images (8)

6.Keep Smiling and one day Life will get tired of upsetting you.

images (9)

Last but not the Least…!!!

images (6)S

download (2)    images (4)

 girl doesn’t always need a male figure to help, guide, support, protect, or safeguard her. Be it a father, brother, husband, friend or boyfriend..they need to understand she can lead her life INDEPENDENTLY. Let her be FREE…Let her be SHE..Let her LIVE..!!P.S. Thoughts are mine but for the images that support them “thanks a ton to Google” .