Time – The Supreme Power

Time kills, Time heals. Time troubles, Time solves. Time jingles, Time mingles. Time irritates, Time rejuvenates. Time challenges, Time manages. Time starves, Time feeds. Time takes, Time gives. Time pains, Time relieves. Time doubt's, Time believes. Time burdens, Time lightens. Time darkens, Time brightens. Time blunts, Time sharpens. Time cuts, Time heals. Time has wings, … Continue reading Time – The Supreme Power

Good V/S Bad

We (those of us have studied Hindi) all must have read a Hindi Doha (Couplet) in our school days - meaning - I searched for the crooked, met not a single one, When searched myself, "I" found the crooked one.   This is something that I've lately learnt -   The People...The Things....The Situations aren't … Continue reading Good V/S Bad

Have I changed or You..???

When I caring, I was good.When I let you share, I was good.When I understood you, I was good.When I helped you, I was good.When I was concerned, I was good.When I was supportive, I was good.When I was sensible, I was good.When I was friendly, I was good.For that matter,Even when I was irritating, … Continue reading Have I changed or You..???