Announcement of Writing Prompts

The real reason I thought of coming up with this idea is “Writer’s Block”.

Every writer falls prey to it at some point in her life. I recently happened to feel it owing to several reasons –

  • Newly Found Motherhood left me with less ‘Me – Time’
  • Professional commitments
  • Exams

Truth be told, I had lots on my plate and while digesting all of it, I couldn’t find time for my baby blog. And today sitting across my laptop screen I am having so many unorganized thoughts to ponder upon that I lost track. So, I started looking for the Daily Prompts WordPress used to provide but alas! not anymore.

That’s when I came up with this for all my own self and all my fellow bloggers who happen to sail in the same boat.

I’ll post writing prompts here which we are all free to use to break this chain of writer’s block or having a myriad of thoughts attacking you and still being unable to write.

All you need to do is leave a hyperlink to the prompt page so that I know of it and can experience some blissful reading.

Hope it helps.

Looking forward to connecting, reading and making friends.

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