Yay! It’s seven looooonggg years…!!!

(Situation – I just happen to pay a visit to my longtime friend, my blog, my Pen Stroke)

Me – Hey Long Time, No see..??

Pen Stroke – Yeah! Where have you been? How are you? Is it a mere coincidence that we just bump into each other today, that happens to be our seventh anniversary?

Me – I’ve been doing fine. It’s just that I had some responsibilities of the newer roles I assumed all this while that caught most of my attention these days.

Pen Stroke – So, you are here to celebrate our anniversary? (with a surprised look of inquisitiveness)

Me – Oh! I’m sorry, actually that’s now how it is. And, I don’t want to lie to your face but yes, it was a coincidence that I just happened to knock at your door and you were banging loud and so I remembered. And, I couldn’t have been happier I did.

Pen Stroke – Why and how today?

Me – mm hmmm…actually I am under home – isolation, quarantined in my room. God seems to be in a mood of giving me some time off my presumed roles so that I can find time for us.

Pen Stroke – O my God! I am so sorry. All I can say is the only good thing about this is that we’re finding some quality time for this celebration. And, above all please do take good care and get well soon.

Me – Yes…ofcourse.. 🙂

Pen Stroke – Happy Anniversary to us!! Cheers to the years passed by and hoping for many more to come.

Me – Oh! yeah Happy Anniversary… 🙂

And yes, do you know what they happen to say about 7+ years of friendship; that they last forever.

Pen Stroke – Cheers to our Forever..!!

Me – Cheers…!!!

Me – Also, Thanks for always being there by my side, no matter what. You truly are a real and true friend. Lets just say, Thank God, you exist.. 🙂

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