#Prompt1 Memory

It’s surprising to see what magic this word does to my pools of thoughts, ideas, expressions and incidents. How it makes me travel down the past events and re-collect all them. Here’s my contribution to this –

Sitting in a corner of my room,

Isolated in solitude,

Quarantined too many times, too soon,

I am trying to maintain a positive attitude.

And the only better side of this situation,

is that I’m doing all that I love and this keeps me going.

Though it goes without mention,

Howsoever tough life was, now I know what I’m missing.

Being a part of the family,

Being a mother, wife and daughter – in -law,

getting to see and know each other daily,

having each others back, admiring that in awe.

We often fail to recognize a moment,

until it becomes a ‘memory’.

Lesson learnt – Live in the Present,

Experience, Cherish, Value instead feeling sorry.

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