#Prompt 2 Solitude

Solitude is being alone in a pleasant manner to find some peace within. Isolated, Quarantined, My solitary confinement, turned into solitude refinement. Serenity, Tranquility, I found a few answers, listening to those silent whispers. Loneliness, Sadness, Not an inch can haunt you, Silently seeing life's subtle view. This was my contribution to this Prompt, feel … Continue reading #Prompt 2 Solitude

The Peppy Partners-in-Crime

Priyanshi, a high-spirited, happy-go-lucky kinda jolly fellow accompanied by her partner-in-crime Jiya, equally ebullient and vivacious in the matters dealings with life. For both of them, LIFE was a beautiful PRESENT (Gift) from God. They call it a "Present" since they were firm believers of sayings like "Take the life by the day" & "Live … Continue reading The Peppy Partners-in-Crime