Directly from a Daughter’s Dil..!!

May 2010

It was my father’s twenty-fifth work anniversary. Being very much connected and involved in his work, it was a very big occasion for him. For him, work is worship, now you probably know better, what it meant to him. He planned to throw a grand party on 23rd day of May, 2010 and I had my exams till 19th of May, 2010. So, I wasn’t able to decide on what could be the most apt gift for him. I came home at six in the evening on 19th May and finally I was all free and hence my entire focus was on “What to dedicate (gift) him on this occasion?”. I had just one thing in my mind, it had to be something that he would treasure for an entire lifetime and that meant it couldn’t be any materialistic article, as with time, they turn obsolete and so it had to be something that had a personal touch and symbolic of a daughter’s love and what he meant to me. More so, because I had till then not been so expressive when it came to my dad. That’s the general case with many kids, isn’t it? They open their heart out in front of their Mums and keep calm and shut when exposed to Dads. Does that mean they love their Paa’s any lesser? Definitely, not. They have a special place in the same corner of the heart where mum resides.

Once I came home after the exam was over, the entire evening was spent thinking of ‘that special gift for someone very special’. Finally, I decided I will write something for him. Since, I had never been so expressive in front him, that would have been a surprise big enough for him. Although, he knew well what he meant to his children, but somehow we had never shown that love we felt and respect we did and vice versa also stood true. We knew it well that he loves us equally and that he would never express in front of us or show it to us. That’s how it is.

So, it was around 02:00 AM when I finally could make up my mind to write something. Hell tired and exhausted due to the exams and lack of sleep, my brain seemed to have stopped working. I just closed my eyes, relaxed and imagined my dad, the way he is, time we spent together in order to be able to make a move, at least because I had to complete it that day itself as the next day was my train. I was scheduled to reach to my dad’s place a day before the ย function and there would be no time left, once I reach there, so it had to be completed by that night itself.

So, relaxed and composed, I started to write. And here’s an extract of what I wrote –


How do I describe the word,

Not with a pen, nor with a sword.

He is the one who takes all the pain,

Not for his own but for our gain.

Nothing does he desire for himself,

All he does is for other’s sake.

To serve others, he thinks is fate,

For him, to help it’s never too late.

Papa, you are so knowledgeable,

All your teachings are unforgettable.

Your thoughts, your principles, your morals,

The basis that all your decisions encompass,

Are too high for us to understand,

Difficult to reach where you stand.

You are our strength, you are our power,

Divine are the blessings that you shower.

You must be willing to know what was my father’s reaction? He had water-filled eyes, tears rolled down his cheeks, he couldn’t say much, nor could I. He just hugged me tight and said, “May God Bless You..!!!” and so am I blessed, to have him as my dad.

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