Second Chance…!!

We talk, We share,

We love, We care.

When we need each other,

we are always there.

But one fine morning,

occurred a sudden happening.

as a consequence of the talk previous night,

the next day we had a fight.

We ought not to, but we fought,

My help, you sought.

 I tried hard and played  my part,

In the hope that nothing could do us apart.

Was there when you needed.

Had all my support for you extended.

But, when it was your turn, you fled

Leaving me with tears to shed.

This wasn’t your first time,

you did the same even before.

I accepted your sorry..n your apology,

Left behind my anger and let go the agony.

Coz I thought you’ve realized your mistake,

and deserve a second chance.

Not coz I needed you,

But I thought you need me.

To Forgive is Divine,

And so I should Be.


You behaved so normally,

Didn’t let me sense any anomaly.

I assumed….

you really have changed

and so I proceeded..

But, you repeated…!!!

I remain shattered,

coz this wasn’t what I deserved.

I was again taken forgranted.

It kills me to know that you don’t bother n let me go,

It kills me to know that you don’t care enough to stop me go.

This seems true from your actions, this is what you do,

I seldom want to believe this, coz I know this isn’t true.

Deep down…somewhere…You care..I know you do.

And that’s reason I forgive you always,

and I always say….

Even if I had a million reasons to leave ,

I ll search for one to stay…!!!

To add to that

Even if you can’t or if you don’t reciprocate,

Atleast don’t make me regret it any day…!!!

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