“A Lively Letter to Life”

Dear Zindagi,

(My Dearest Life)

In today’s tech-savvy world, writing a letter seems to be a thing of past. Amidst the hustle bustle of the fast flying life, the mere thought of communicating with you, my life, especially in the written format is wonderful. We, humans seldom praise you, often curse you; complement you, criticise you; congratulate you, condemn you as a reaction to the day to-day happenings. It is in human nature to be grief-struck and panic while in tough times and forget the world in all good times and be deep immersed in one’s own self. We are ready to curse you for any and every small unfavourable incident but we forget to ‘Thank – You’ for the little pieces of happiness and those small chunks of smiles that you bestow on us. I don’t want to commit any such mistake, or shall I say a serious crime because if I do so, it shall we a well-informed mistake. Ironical, isn’t it?

So, here’s a small listicle of all that I am thankful for  –

  • To top the list are the ones who have given ‘you’ to me, my Life. Yes, you guessed it right, its my parents, the real visible god on earth. Let’s thank them together they let us meet. In the times, when a girl-child born to parents is considered a burden, she is killed well before she takes birth for the only mistake that she committed was being a girl, I was allowed to be born and moreover my birth was rejoiced and celebrated. This indeed is worth being thankful for.


  • Thank you for the wonderful childhood that I experienced in my grandparent’s arms. Maa-Dada (Paternal Grandparents) and Nanu-Nani(Maternal Grandparents) are like the four directions who have guided my path from times immemorial and shall continue to do so. I feel blessed to have their hands on my head always wishing my well-being.


  •  Thank you for the ‘Sizzling Siblings’, the name of my sibling gang as we call it (and I know you know it, Life; the clarification is for the readers. Don’t react strange). The bundles of joy that we have shared together, the good old times we lived together, the memories we created together run like a filmstrip in front of eyes as I write this. Thank you for all the small bunches of happiness that you imparted.


  • Thank you for the wonderful set of friends that you given me who know the deepest of my secrets and who dared to tolerate me in the craziest of the times and worst of my moods. Thank you for the not-so wonderful ones with whom I might not have many good memories but they have been some good lessons.


  • Thank you for letting me have the one who is synonymous to ‘You’, who is my soul-mate, my better half, my love, my ‘life’. He is one of the reasons I look upon you the way I do.


  • Last but not the least, I am thankful to have you, my life. Thank you for all the small teachings, the lessons you made me learn and the joyous memories  of the soulful journey called, life. Had I not had you, I won’t be writing this. Had I not been the me I am, how would I be talking to you in this late hour.So, I Thank You, Dear Zindagi for being what you are to me, for being just the way you are.

A big ‘Thank you’ for making me realise all that I just wrote. All of us know all of it but we forget these small yet important and meaningful things in our daily lives. The slightest expression of gratitude makes me feel the wealthiest, even in these times of demonetisation of our currency when everyone feels poor or say, in crunch.

And, next is a promise I want to make to you, that this realisation is not just for the sake of writing and not just till the time I write but I shall put the best of my efforts to keep reminding not to curse you but to count each small blessing. That’s the secret to what people call, ‘Happiness’.

Each day,

I’ll say,

“Today I count my blessings,

and not the troubles

that cross my paths.

That shall be the beginning,

to impart smiles

and spread happiness.”

Much Love,


P.S. – “I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

P.P.S. – Dear Zindagi is an upcoming bollywood movie starring the romance king “Shahrukh Khan” and the cute “Alia Bhatt”releasing on November 25th. Have a look at the teaser –



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