The proverbial-myths I’d like to break.

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

A different perspective towards life..!!

An Attic full of Stories.

This is one of those times, where I feel strongly about something. Some sayings, some beliefs are downright stupid and mislead people! Don’t believe everything you read, experience is what counts and with what little experience I’ve had, this is what I’ve realised over time!
These are just my thoughts. Uncensored!

1. Honesty is the best policy.
Whoever said this, did not take into consideration that if everyone adopted this policy, then it would all be chaos.
TOTAL honesty is the worst idea ever. There are situations where THAT honesty hurts feelings, creates barriers and destroys relationships.
Don’t agree with me? Try telling your kid that his sibling is your favourite child. Or better, try giving your friends a list of their habits that annoy you.

2. Always respect your elders/ with age comes wisdom!
Respect only those who deserve your respect. Age is not synonymous with WISDOM.
Respect your parents, respect…

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  1. shreyans says:

    if you don’t tell your friends about their annoying habits then that is not dishonesty, it shows that you care about them. I don’t know the exact definition of honesty, but i think that it means not going behind somebody’s back, so i think you are quite honest in the instances you are quoting.
    the second one is absolutely true, and respect comes automatically, it can never be forced..
    some thought provoking points you shared..good post…

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