“Jug?”..She’s the water in it too..!!

#DearZindagi Activity of Blogadda asks me to write about the special person who is like a lifeline for me, who is truly a saviour in times of need, whom I can rely upon in the hour of need, with whom I can trust my life with.

The Special Someone,

That Special Person,

whom I can entrust,

sharing secrets is a must.

Who’s my core,

if I am the crust?

Each person around me knows, every kith and kin of mine knows the answer to the above mentioned riddle. It’s none other than my all time favourite, whom the world calls my best-friend, the words we have never addressed each other with.

We became friends by chance but we are friends by choice. It all began with sharing the same desk in our new school. Who knew then, th
at we would soon be sharing our lives, knowing each other’s deepest secrets, secret admirers, and admire secretly.  It was destined for us to meet and destiny played this fortunately for us.

  • She is the one who can bring me smiles amidst the shedding tears and make me cry hard through both her laughter jokes and serious talks.
  • She is the one who can handle me at my worst. She perfectly knows the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ to handle me.
  • She has been the happiest seeing me rise high and the first one to grab hold of me whenever I fell and fill me all the positivity and guide me towards the next course of action.
  • She is my personal guiding light, fitness guru (always telling me what to eat and what not to), punching bag (on whom I punch all my troubles and sorrows), advisor on all matters whatsoever.
  • She is more than a friend..She’s family.

Though we were in a long distance friendship soon after we developed that bond of being fond of each other. I suddenly had to move out and initially it became difficult for us to lead our lives normally but subsequently we accommodated. All thanks to the advancement in technology which shortened our distances. After all, they say, when the two hearts are fond of each other, distances never really matter. It stands true for us.


You know they say girls have stomach ache if they hide things. For us, it wasn’t that stomach ache problem, but not being able to discuss the matters with each other and not being updated about the other felt so much abnormal. It felt like a vacuum was created in our lives. Being together for most part of the day and suddenly losing touch disturbed us. Such was the extent of our sharing and caring. Itis customary for us to take each other’s opinion before taking the ultimate decision. Gradually, Real time ‘Face – to – Face’ talks were replaced by virtual ones. We missed each other’s presence but were able to maintain  the ‘essence’ of our friendship and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

So, ain’t I justify myself in saying, “She isn’t just the jug, she’s the water in it too.” Oh Dear! I can’t imagine my life without ‘You”.


P.S. – “am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.




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