Memories with ‘Music and Dance’..!!

December’ 2020

Aman and Akshay had planned a family holiday together since it had been a long time since they last met. They were known to be partners-in-crime, ‘chuddie-buddies’ and BFF’s. Neither did they claim it, nor was it so much in vogue to display the bond one shared in those times, unlike today where social media platforms know more of your bond than you yourself. Nevertheless, the people around knew and understood what they had in common.

Both the families were on the way to their holiday destination. Their kids were beginning to share a good bond and their fathers were re-living their old days. Past reminiscence have their own ways of imparting you happiness, giving you vibrant energy and leaving you refreshed.

“Let me take you a decade before in time, when we were in college”, said Aman to his childhood friend to which he instantly replied “I’m sure you are coming up next to the last fest that we had organised”. They both stole a glance, winked at each other and laughed out loud. It was surprisingly happy to know that they still understood what the other was to say next.

“Yes, the very same fest where we had invited your favourite singer Ms. Anushka Manchanda, only because you being the cultural secretary insisted”, teased Aman.

“And what about the Mr Allu Arjun? Who suggested his name? And we even had a deal brother, one of your choice and one of mine. How can you forget that, dude?

Listening to their husband’s conversation the wives smiled and said, friends never grow up. And the children were also amused to see the friendly side of their fathers. They thought only they had friends and they talk like this but now they realised friendship is ageless and always young. Both of them were indifferent to the world around and immersed in their own.

They furthered their conversation discussing the songs that she sung and Allu’s dancing moves to it’s tunes left the crowd mesmerised. They literally started singing some of their common favourites from college time that she sang listing from ‘Piya kesariyo’, ‘Behke’, ‘Dum maro dum’, ‘Ek main hu or ek tu’, and ‘Apna har din’. The last being their all time favourite and meaningful, they sang the entire song. Their kids joined. The songs energised them so much that they started to imitate the steps of Allu Arjun, the same way they used to do in their college and their wives had to remind them that they were in train. In one of his films, he was seen doing the Michael Jackson step and it subsequently became Aman’s favourite step. Their memories were as fresh as ever. They discussed the happening of the fest as if it had happened the day before.

‘Anushka and Allu’ made “Aman and Akshay’s trip’ said Aman’s wife to which her friend nodded.  Friendship with a tadka of ‘music’ and ‘dance’ is friendship lived and re-lived.

P.S. – “I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

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