#Dad’s Hug – The ‘Best’ Hug Ever..!!

It is a general notion and the saying goes like”Mumma’s Boy and Daddy’s Girl”. Though I am both, but a hug from Paa is a bit more special than from Maa in terms of weightage. The reason being it’s rare with dad while with mum it’s more frequent, so it’s special in terms of volume. With mum, you don’t need occasions to exchange hugs and so should be with dad but somehow it is only on occasions. Sad, but true. And, so they are more special and memorable. Yes, memorable as the prompt in itself could make all those treasurable moments flash beside my eyes when i hugged my dad or vice versa.

The reason that you hug your dad less number of times than your mother doesn’t signify that you love him less or for that matter if he doesn’t hug you as often as your mother, it does in no way mean that he loves you any less. Hugs express love and not define love. I exchange hugs with my Mom way more than with Dad, and vice versa but that does not all mean that we do not love each other. It’s just that with dad it’s a little different. His way of showing love is different and special in his own ways. To name some, the way he ensures you have healthy and hygienic food, the way he shares his favourite dish with you as it is your favourite too (after all you have his genes) , the way he ensures you sleep well, the way he keeps awake till you sleep the day before your exam, the way he feels proud of your results, the way he must have carried you to the city zoo, fair, or market, the way he came out of the movie hall having you in his arms as you got scared of the dark or some fighting scene, the way he dropped you to the school, and the way he held you in his arms the day you were born, with a tear in his eyes and a smile on his cheeks.

Out of the many times I have hugged my dad, the ‘best’ was the one on my wedding day. Though words left unsaid and unuttered, the communication was complete. I could sense his fear, his anxiety, his concern, his happiness, his trust and an assurance that he will always be there just the way he has always been. I am sure he felt the same pain that I did while leaving the home that I belonged to and he understood that I wanted him to let me stay with him some more the way I could understand that even though he wanted the same but he could’t let me.

A ‘Hug’ is squeezing someone in your arms expressing affection and love but this hug expressed beyond any words or emotions could ever do. Undoubtedly this is the “Best Hug” that any ‘father-daughter’ duo could ever dream off or experience.

Though I have never hugged him on any Father’s Day (as I said it is on occasions and this wasn’t one amongst those) , but this Father’s Day, I wish I could do so. I long for it. I miss you “PAPA”.

A request to all darling daughters reading this to hug your father on this day, if you usually don’t. Please don’t miss this golden chance. A hug from your side to your dad would convey mine to my Paa.

A big thanks to those who do and to those also who read but couldn’t do.

P.S. – I am participating in the ‘#HugYourDad’ activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

*Do have a look on this video, it’s heart-touching, heart-warming, and heart-melting.*

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