Mum- The only God I’ve seen :)

Girl, she is my Mum too.. ūüėõ So, Reblogged..!!!

Poetry, Metaphors and I

Believe in God?
Bingo! Even I do.
Ever seen God?
Again a yes?
Wooaah!! Bingo again!
My God loves endlessly, cares boundlessly and works passionately. I call her Mum though, but she’s my living god.
God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made Mothers.
So rightly said.
Mum- The first teacher, the first friend, the first love, the first *everything*. And she’s the only *first* that guranteed lasts till the last.
She’s always been there. There to hold me when I’m falling and pull me when I’m draining. Also, she teaches me to stand by myself and be independent.
She’s always made me smile through my tears. Also, I’ve learned that you don’t need reasons to be happy.
She’s the only control to my angry brain that wanders in the evilish side. She never lets the hurt reach the heart.
She’s taught me to be strong in the toughest time…

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