J is for – Joyful walk to remember..!!

In response to – A-Z Challenge

It was mid January, midnight twelve that they went on a walk besides the Singapore Lion Fountain, beginning from the Lion Statue,crossing the MarinaBay Sands, Singapore Flyer and finally witnessed night life at Clarke Quay before returning to their hotel.

It was a starry night, soft breeze blew carrying the chill of the river and the dim lights romanticize the environment further. Amidst this kind of a natural set-up, anybody was bound to fall in love and so did they. After spending half an hour or so, they slowly walked towards Marina Bay Sands where they and planned to see the Light and Sound show. They made sure that they reached there well in time as the show starts sharply as per the show timings and they had so much about the show that they didn’t want to miss that at any cost. Hence, they rushed.

Once at Marina Bay Sands, the show had just started when the reached and now they were able to make out why all of them suggested them for the show and warned them not to miss it. The melodious sound of the songs and the varied colours of laser lights worked in such symmetry that one was bound to be awestruck. It was so well synchronised that it left them spell bound and speechless.

After a few minutes, when the hangover of the show was over, Garvi insisted Rishi to take some pictures and he followed. They also requested some folks around to click pictures of both of them which they could take back as some wonderful memories to cherish.

Further, they started walking slowly, holding hands and talking softly, they reached ahead of The Singapore Flyer where they saw some photographers with their professional cameras taking pictures from various angles, And, of course oh her insisting for pictures, he asked the photographer, “Do you mind clicking a picture for both of us?” He agreed. And, as Garvi said, “This is just so awwwweeesomeee”. They smiled at such an expression.

Moving ahead, they headed to Clarke Quay, while on the way witnessed certain swings, talked to kids, saw a live band performance, etc.Such wonderful attractions even at half past two in the night were not a usual sight and hence were so appealing and amazing. While on the way, they decided to sit for a while at the river – side and have some rest and chit-chat. Also, because it being a few kilometres run, he felt that his beloved must have been tired by now. He was concerned. And, moreover it was too romantic a place to be missed. They sat down and talked for around half an hour before they finally decided to move.

Finally, from Clarke Quay they boarded a cab and went back to their hotel gathering some wonderful memories for a lifetime. This walk couldn’t have been better as it included fun, thrill, excitement, romance, love, and almost everything.

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