"Maa – A child’s everything"

One of my favorite amongst the ones I have ever written for you Maa..A tribute, a dedication to you on your birthday.. Love you Maa.. :*

Pen Stroke

MAA, aself explanatory word that includes the world in it…yes I use the word “MAA” and not Mother even while using english as the mode to communicate because the feelings and emotions the wordMaa arouses in me, Mother doesn’t though it means the same. Nevertheless, this is not aMaa vs Mother kinda thing, it is just to write something about the one who is so divine and pure, as no one else can be, about the one who replaces God on Earth. She is the visible God. Respect Her. Value Her. Treasure Her.
She is the one who carries a baby in her womb for nine long months, goes through a hell lot of pain happily in order to let the civilizations flourish, so that life could exist. For the entire world, even for the child himself/herself, the age is counted from his/her birthday but for a Mother he/she is…

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