It is what we think that makes us..!!

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Jennie was  a small girl of three years, cheerful and cute. Vidhi was her cousin who was working. Both of them shared a wonderful bond and some kind of a connection that brought them so close. Jennie would not have anything to eat from anyone easily, except from Vidhi, for whom it was never a task big enough to make her have something to eat or drink.  Jennie wouldn’t listen to anyone if she wanted something there and then but it was Vidhi who could make her understand that wait for some time and later her wish will be fulfilled. Her mere saying this was enough. She would listen and follow. She trusted her. She knew if Vidhi Di has said, it was bound to happen. Vidhi took care of Jennie’s home work, her rhymes, etc. and on the contrary Jennie cared for her in her small little ways ensuring that she always kept around her once she cam back from work.These are small things but they do count. These were the things that served as a base for their relation to grow stronger day by day.  After all they say, “Big things come in small packages.”

There were times when Vidhi was low, upset or tired and all that she needed was a smile from Jennie. Hugs and kiss from her were cheery on the cake. It was around mid june when Vidhi had real tough time both professionally and personally. Things weren’t working the way they should have been or say as Vidhi, like any normal girl would have ever wanted things to work. Her family insisted on her getting married while she needed her own time and place which was difficult for her family to understand. Gradually, she started to grow dull and pale. Tension and  sleeplessness started overtaking her. She couldn’t really focus on her work, howsoever hard she wanted to. Lack of sleep and over-thinking started impacting her work. Her time spent with Jennie also started to decline, although not deliberately but she didn’t even realise how time flew away sitting alone. Jennie couldn’t express but could sense it.

One night Jennie saw Vidhi crying, her head put inside her pillow. She went to her and asked her about what had happened to her. She had her own innocent ways. She started guessing the problems she generally faces, like, if she needed a chocolate or someone scolded her or if her favourite doll was broken. She tried to make her happy in her own ways by saying she would lend her her chocolate or barbie or for that matter she would scold the one who scolded her. She just wanted her Didi to stop crying and smile. Finally, Vidhi realised that life had been such a mess because she has thought it to be that way, otherwise life was so simple when she saw it from Jennie’s perspective. It is what we think that makes us.Jennie’s efforts paid off well. Vidhi genuinely had a smile on her face. She was thankful to her little adorable sister. . She hugged her tight and it was after days that she slept peacefully.

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