Start a new Life

#Start a New Life – An initiative by

Jessy just cleared her Class 12 boards and was preparing for her PMT(Pre-Medical Tests) Entrances. After a detailed research about the institutes, their course curriculum, duration, key aspects, and many such related searches she was finally able to decide as to where she had to go and which institute she had to join. Further, she had to communicate this at her home in order to make further arrangements regarding her shifting and settling. She did the needful. Her family agreed, although she had put in her heart and soul in order to convince them to let her go out and stay alone. For them, a child always remains a child. Although difficult, but it was worth it. They weren’t against her studying away from them but they were concerned about her well-being, health, safety on all grounds including physical, moral, emotional and mental. But, Jessy assured them that she would be fine and take care of herself. So, the day had finally arrived when Jessy had to bid bye to her parents, her siblings, her family from whom she had never been too far for too long. Nevertheless, she was all prepared and determined enough to go as she had made her mind to leave for the sake of her studies two years ago when she made the choice of subject selection. She was calm and composed all while she packed her bags, put her belongings and was being instructed not just by her elders but younger sister too. Ofcourse, she had it in her heart but she didn’t let that come to her face. Not even a single tear rolled down her cheeks. Moreover, she showed strength and asked her granny not to cry who wasn’t able to control her emotions. Jessy, her father and her elder sister set off towards their destination where she had to live atleast for an year. She kept repeating to herself that she had to so it and she would do it, that is from where she gained strength.Finally, they arrived at the institute from where they collected the necessary details and information for her admission. After having a word with the concerned official, her sister filled in the form, got it signed by her dad and submitted. Finally, she was admitted. Now the next big concern was the arrangements for her staying and food. They enquired at the reception as to where the other outstation students stayed. The receptionist helped them locate some paying guest (P.G.) accommodations, hostels, etc. They checked in a few of them and finally settled down for the one that suited her requirements. Once her belongings were arranged, they left. While at the P.G., she learned to eat anything and everything who previously was a picky eater. Another new improvement was the way she kept her room and clothes. While on the frequents visits that her family made, they were surprised to see a new Jessy who throws no tantrums, neither regarding food nor clothes. Her career decision transformed her for the better, even before her career started. She was entirely a new being and her family was happy with this change. Alongwith being happy, they were more confident and sure that now she could stay and adjust in any part of the world. ‘Home is where Heart is.’

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